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The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 6: Mandy: The Beginning.

Posted: 5 months ago - Sep 20, 2023

The Erotic Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 6: Mandy: The Beginning.


Disclosure: The following erotic story contains descriptions of explicit fictional and nonfictional sexual content The likes of which may stimulate some and offend others so anyone not interested in reading such content or would be offended by it should stop reading and quit this page immediately. Any and all acts described in this story are either fictional or were between consenting adults of legal age to consent in all jurisdictions in which no acts described violated any applicable laws.


A look back on the beginning of Mandy’s erotic adventures when she is discovered by her Guardian Mistress on the streets and taken into groom and mentor. It does not take long for her to realize what her true talents are and for what she craves a taste.




The feeling of creamy cum spurting in my mouth, swirling around my tongue, coating my oral love tunnel, swallowing the love nectar in small batches to extend the experience are all part of an erotic trigger for me. I can experience ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory orgasms in such moments, and the trigger stems back to when I was a very young lady T Girl.


These cum loving, cum needing desires all started after I was discovered by my guardian Mistress and invited to join her at her elegant Chateau in the Northeast . Before my Guardian Mistress found me on the streets, I was nothing more than a hardened, street smart, semi homeless, very, very young lady, without any formal training on any subject, but had showed promise with my intelligence when my Guardian Mistress found me on the street in an urban Southern City, having just outsmarted a street hustler of his pocket cash in a game of three card Monty. 


When she found me back then, I was quite the looker. Very thin with a Junior Miss Beauty Pageant look.  My flawless skin and model like facial features framed with thick, silky brunette hair were obscured by my circumstances which did not give me many opportunities to bathe. I had a classic young hour glass figure, even though I had no tits or bubble butt to speak of, so the package created an alluring effect at a very young age. It seemed that every encounter with a male ended up with them trying to get my clothes off.   As for clothes, I did not have the means to properly display my young body, often wearing overalls an sneakers, dirty hair, no where to go, but I did have my smile It was a radiant smile with perfect, white, teeth. Never could explain how things turned out that I had such a captivating smile, but it is what first caught the eye of my Guardian Mistress , or so I thought at the time. . 


She crossed the street as I was collecting from a reluctant street hustler. She was wearing the most elegant outfit I had ever seen, pulled out a$100 bill, handed it to me and said in a soft tone: “Come have lunch with me. My treat.” No obligations whatsoever.  I want to discuss your future.”   I could have walked away right then, but I didn’t, and my life has been a rocket ship ride ever since. 


During that lunch, she offered to become my Guardian Mistress, to guide my ‘education, grooming, and more’   When she had said ‘more’, there was a gleam in her eye I usually associated with lust filled men who wanted to get at my young, nubile body. At the end of that fateful lunch, however, there was no lingering awkward moment, no inappropriate suggestion, No lecherous stare, no “let’s meet up later in my hotel room” line. Just the $100 bill in my pocket and an envelope.


Truth was that I had no real choice. Her offer to join her as her ward was my last resort opportunity to avoid the orphanage after the authorities recently realized that I had no home and was under age.


 As she left the table, She told me to open the envelope. It contained a first class plane ticket  to a major metropolitan city in the Northeast, a prepaid credit card with $1000 on it, an address. She told me to clean up with the money and meet her at the address in two days. That was it. No instructions . No warnings. Nothing. I was just to figure out the whole airport thing and upon arrival, look for her limo driver who would be waiting for me. I just sat there, a ticket and debit card in my hand, looking up at her when she left the café.  I double checked. She had my official name correct on the ticket. How the fuck did she figure that out. No one knew my real name back then, and there it was, in black and white on the ticket confirmation: ‘Miss Mandy Love’. Moments later I could not see her on the sidewalk. Was this a dream, a scam?


My Guardian Mistress was more than just pretty. At 26, she was a self made millionaire who looked like a stripper in her prime. She was confident, polished, with one of those thin, super model bodies but had tits and ass the likes of which I had never seen on a super model. I was drawn to her, like a magnet on metal, I wanted to be near her, touch her flawless radiant skin.


That first hug when I emerged from the limo which had picked me up from the arrival airport was electric. She had long blonde hair and really, really nice breasts. Not huge, but they were perky, and jutted out from her chest like they defied gravity.  It looked like she was wearing a bra, but I could see the outline of her nipples through the elegant silk fabric, and it got to me. When she hugged me, her perfume scent bathed me like a warm blanket, and her breasts were like soft pillows into which I buried my face. I did not wan to let go.  


She pushed me away and stared. â€œLet me look at you. What a beautiful young girl you were underneath those street cred clothes. I must say. Impressive. The clothes you got with my gift, styling, even jewelry accents, Well above my expectation , and I have very high expectations.” 


  I had used the money she had given me to purchase an entire set of designer travel clothes, and if I do say so myself, I cleaned up well . I had chosen a smart skirt suit set, with a very tight just above the knee skirt which showed off my little budding bubble butt and tiny thin waist. I went bold with a hot pink color for the jacket and skirt. It attracted a lot of attention in the airport, and in the first class cabin of the Airbus 380 Supermax luxury airliner.  The matching jacket was tailored to accentuate my young hour glass figure with broad shoulders, tapering to my 14 inch waist. I wore no stockings but had on cute heeled dress anklet black leather boots. The silk blouse was light pink, had no collar, a little plunge to the front neck line, but nothing too slutty. I bought the blouse because of the innovative closure mechanism at the crotch. The top had just enough spandex mixed into the silk fabric to give it a nearly skin tight look, but the between the legs crotch clasp kept everything in place perfectly. The fabric did not bunch up, wrinkle or come untucked from the skirt and since I had no fat anywhere, the tight skirt just hugged my hips and tapered to my tiny waist without creating any muffin top effect. It almost acted like an athletic top, but with the elegant styling, it worked well with the skirt suit set, or so I was told. My bra was super thin, basically invisible under the blouse but with just enough padding. as I did not want my little nipples to show through the fabric.  I wore a matching panty, but had trouble with what to do with my T Girl clit which barely fit under the small undergarment. My hot pink Maryjane shoes complemented the ensemble outfit with just enough heel to show off my long legs. 


I even splurged with the remaining funds on the debit card to get some accessory jewelry. With my street connections, my money went a million times farther with my street fence friend who told me that he had something special as a going away present, for a price, of course. He got me matching full 2 carat pink flawless diamond platinum stud earrings and a matching 1 full centimeter tall platinum chainmail choker collar with a large, full 5 carat, tear drop  shaped matching pink flawless diamond solitaire pendant dangling from the center. I knew it was all hot and my fence friend told me to be careful for a while, but it made me look hot.  The final bit of money left went to a hair stylist I knew who gave me the make over of my very young life. When she was done, I looked like a late 20 something, and was only a fraction of that, With a flirty, silky soft styled brunette hairdo with highlighted frosted tips which framed my youthful face, I took off for the airport and a new life.


“you look like you just walked off the cover of Teen Vogue. What a cutie!”  She looked me up and down. That gleam in her eye again. She noticed something and leaned in for a closer look. She raised her stylish sunglasses, fingered the platinum choker collar around my neck and read an embossed label in the precious metal. She had a look of astonishment on her face when she read the label outload. HW, is this real? 


I shrugged, truly having no idea.  


“Where did you get this?” 


“An older street friend of mine. He is a little shady, but always looked after me on the street. I think he got a deal on it, if you know what I mean. He sold it to me for $100. Was that a good deal?”


“Baby girl, you are wearing a harry Winston piece which, if real, is worth 7 figures. The pink flawless diamonds alone are the rarest of the rare.”” She continued fingering the solitaire pendant and when the sun hit it, she had to put her sunglasses back on, it was just that brilliant.  â€œWell, we will just have to get that appraised and be sure to let me put it in the safe for you later today. Damn, I really under estimated you. That, right there, could be your retirement.”


“Would you like me to show you around the grounds, or are you too tired from the trip?”


I was on an adrenalin high and had no plans to rest right then, not when this amazing property lay sprawling  out before me.


“Sure, let’s check it out.”


She just shook her head. â€œOK. You seem so energetic. Then, let’s get started.”


I thought she was So Beautiful, and I followed her around like a puppy dog, maybe a clingy kitten, around the mansion on the large estate. She called it a Chateau and at the time, I did not even know what that meant.  As she showed me around that first day, my eyes were as wide as saucers with each room being more opulent than the next, and then she showed me my upstairs suite of rooms with an adjoining bathroom an large balcony. I really thought I was in a dream and remember digging my polished hot pink fingernails into my palms to make sure that I was awake.  She opened the closet and there was an entire wardrobe of clothes, all with designer tags still on them. I looked at a couple an they were all in a size which looked like they might fit me. I did not know anything about girl sizes at that point. I looked at her, then back at the rack of clothes.


“For me?”


She nodded, smiling with my demonstration of raw glee. 


“No way.”




I just stared at her, not knowing what to do. I moved to her instinctively. We hugged for a long time right then, right there, and a flood of emotion hit me. No one had ever been that kind to me before. I could not stop sniffling when she told me that I could stay with her for as long as I wished.  She brushed my soft silky hair from my cheek, and looked at me like no one had ever looked at me before. Like I was not sure what the look was, but I was sure of one thing. I wanted more of it.




I was home schooled, if you could call it that: expensive tutors came to the Chateau an imparted Their wisdom on every possible topic onto me. I finally discovered that I had a photographic memory for everything I studied, which explains how I was able to do so well on the street and accelerate through the most difficult of STEM subjects quickly. I passed the G.ED exams after only a month or so with no prior formal education, and immediately moved on to university level subjects with ease.


My Guardian Mistress would indulge me with some one-on-one time when our schedules permitted, mostly at night. She would let me hang around and do things for her in the evening: paint her nails, brush her hair… God how I loved brushing her long blond hair at night when she got ready for bed. I got butterflies just thinking about it when I would receive her request to join her in her suite of rooms in the evening.


I think it was about a month after I arrived and she had confirmed her suspicions that I was a certified protégé that she decided that my extracurricular training would begin . One morning, a Friday, I believe, she had our maid deliver to my room a box with a pink ribbon on it. The card read “For tonight. Put on everything and meet me at the entrance to my suite of rooms at 8 pm. I will handle your make up so do not put any on before you arrive.’ It was signed with a red heart, her symbol.  My heart jumped.




That particular Friday, a day I will remember forever, we were to relax around the pool, with no academic sessions scheduled.  She wore a bright red sheer micro mini bikini when we lounged around the pool enclosure that morning. Her outfit left nothing to the imagination. I would catch myself looking at her nipples and areoles which were clearly visible through the sheer red fabric of her top which consisted of no more than small triangular patches over the bottom parts of her firm, full breasts, connected to strings which tied behind her neck and between her breasts. The bottoms barely covered her crotch and it seemed that she enjoyed pulling the low cut side tie bottoms up tight, leaving a crease in the fabric that I would later know is called a camel toe. She had no hair anywhere below her eyebrows, and this was strange for me. What I knew about the human body was that hair grew in arm pits, legs and crotch areas for women, and everywhere on men. She was completely smooth, bald and gorgeous, especially around her upper thighs and crotch area. My eyes always seemed to be drawn to the micro mini bikini bottoms with their small triangular patch of sheer fabric with the camel toe between her legs and there was no hint of hair, anywhere. When she would notice my stare, I would look away and blush, but she would ever so slightly spread her legs to give me more of a view of her private parts. 


That day was the first time we had the opportunity to lounge by the pool together and she had not seen me in a bathing suit yet.  I lasted only 30 minutes in my loose fitting, oversized one piece. At one point she looked at me, shook her head and stated in a commanding voice: â€œThat simply will not do.” She reached for my hand an guided me to the cabana structure where she produced a wrapped present for me. It was an extra, extra small version of her same micro mini bikini for me to wear so that we would match by the pool. Mine was hot pink, of course, as this would become my signature color. She knew that I was a T Girl and would show me how to tuck my clit between my soft, young nubile legs to give the appearance that I was a little biological girl. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world for her to show me how to tuck, even to tuck my clit for me. There was no embarrassment, no quiet whispers, just a simple, matter of fact ‘this is how you do it’ attitude.    Thinking back, I did not know how she knew I was a T Girl, but there was no real discussion about it that I recall.


I had no hair at all down there and we matched in that way as well. She brought me to the bathroom connected to the cabana, had me put on the bikini, adjusted the tie straps on top and the engineering of the bikini top was magical. Despite being almost nothing, in terms of being just string and some patches of fabric, she arranged things and before I could process the moment, I looked like I had boobs, even with a little cleavage.  She then reached into my micro mini thong bottoms in front with her right hand, reached around behind me and between my soft, firm ass cheeks with her left hand, pulled my clit through my legs, tucked it deep in the crease of my firm, smooth ass, pushed up my small jewels into me in front, and then snugged the very tight gaff thong bottoms up, between my legs, making sure that the tea bag center section captured my clit length perfectly. She told me to hold it in place as she knotted the side ties, and then tugged up the front of the low cut bottoms once everything was in place and very tight. I looked down and notice that I, too, had a mini camel toe look at my crotch. I was very petite, had no fat anywhere so no matter how tight she pulled the strings, there was no loose or excess skin anywhere, o muffin top effect at the tight strings. My body was responding to the athletic regimen she had prescribed for me and I was tone, slim and had the beginning of muscular definition all over my young body.  She also had been giving me special supplements every week, ‘something to help you develop’ was her only response when I asked what the treatments were for. She made sure to tie the side strings tight so that I had a mini camel toe crease in the fabric between my legs, just like her. My small micro mini bikini was also sheer and before we left the cabana, she pinched my budding nipples to stimulate blood flow so they poked through the thin, sheer fabric. I whimpered, but she smiled. She told me that one never knows who may be watching and that we should always look our best. She pinched her nipples as well and I could watch as they engorged with blood and swelled to over a centimeter in length.  It was exciting to feel her touch on my private parts, but neither she nor I said anything. When she was finished, she brought me around to the full length mirror in the cabana an let me gaze at my beautiful, young, thin, feminine body. She even had me spread my legs to demonstrate that a proper tuck technique would not allow my clit to pop out , even when wearing the smallest of thong gaffs. I so much loved that intimate pool side session, and little did I know that there would be more, much more that night.


We returned to the pool enclosure to continue our bonding experience. She showed me femininization techniques all morning long and offered the advice like it was no big deal and I really appreciated her tolerance. Many have shied away from me when they found out about my transsexuality, but not her.


If I do say so myself, I did look pretty hot in that matching hot pink micro mini sheer bikini, with my budding breasts, nipples that would harden every time I got out of the pool when they were exposed to the cooling air, a taunt, firm soft smooth ass that would catch the eye of my guardian Mistress with sideways glances at me, and long, thin young legs which seemed to go for days.


I noticed that when my nipples would become hard with me in the sheer bikini top by the pool, I ached to touch them, but not knowing how my Guardian Mistress would react, never did so. 


I had tone, firm legs and a firm, cute ass, good posture, and even though I was quite young, my Guardian Mistress would never treat me like a child, always talking to me like an adult , especially by the poolside with both of us basically naked in those sheer micro mini bikinis.


When I returned to my room in the late morning, there was that box. It would have to wait until the evening. 




After a light supper, I returned to my room to prepare for the 8 pm rendezvous with my Guardian Mistress. Upon opening the box, I found several tissue paper wrapped items, pulling them out one by one. It took me a while to figure what everything was, but the pictures of beautiful women wearing the items with each package helped. Turning on some pop music, I began.


I lined things up so I could put them on from top to bottom.  I stripped and paused in the full length mirror. My young, slender, nubile body was ready. I put my hair up in a high, tight ponytail and kept it in place with a long hot pink ribbon with two long tails which streamed down my back, almost to the top of my firm, smooth, budding bubble butt ass .


I clipped on the hot pink satin collar with the dangling hot pink heart right in the center. I fingered the pendant as I looked at myself in my full length mirror on the back door of the spacious walk in closet connected to my bedroom. The pendant was some type of crystal, Swarovski, and I liked it. It brought me back to the conversation with my guardian Mistress a week after my arrival.


Turns out that my street fence friend had, in fact, done me a solid with the jewelry I got from him. Sure enough, the 2 carat pink diamond stud earrings, platinum choker collar neckless with a 5 carat pink diamond solitaire pendant  was an original Harry Winston appraised at $1.75 million to $3.0 million. I was stunned and really could not phantom the implications of it all, but My guardian Mistress just referred to it as my retirement and told me that I would never need for anything, ever again. She, also, told me not to ware it in public, at least for a few years. It had been hot and she had calculated the statute of limitations to make sure that no issues would arise when I wanted to ware it in public.


The next item took some time. It was a bustier / corset with quarter cup bra built in, all in hot pink of course. I maneuvered it into place, placed my budding breasts in the uplifting cups, not even needed as my young breasts were firm and very perky, but still pushed up the cups to cradle my upturned breasts. The laces of the corset were tricky as they were behind my back. I found that I could work my way from the top to the bottom, tightening the two sided continuous draw straps with opposite pulls on either side of my slim waist. When finished, my tiny waist was cinched to an eye popping very narrow section, probably only 12 inches around. It really accentuated my slim hips and broader shoulders into a pure hour glass shape. The corset had straps dangling from it. 2 in front and two in back. I pulled up the hot pink very thin fish net stockings and pulled them up. I loved how the soft, silky fabric made my smooth, thin legs feel as I stretched the lacey material into place. I was surprised that they fit. When I started, they looked like long, narrow balloons, but the stretchy material clung to my thing legs perfectly. Connecting the dangling straps was next and the ones in back were made difficult as it was all by feel. The hot pink, matching thong gaff was beautiful it felt like satin and leather combined. So tight was the thong gaff that it took several minutes to tuck and get things placed just right.  I loved how the back strap threaded through my young firm ass cheeks, with the little whale tail at the top. I tucked my clit which seemed to be growing longer by the day. It was good that I was not excited as I learned that it was getting so big that I simply could not tuck it when it inflated with my arousal. I pulled up my clit firmly and back between my firm cheeks, tucked my jewels up inside me in front and kept everything in place by pulling up the thong panties. With my jewels tucked in front, it gave me a vaginal cleft look that made me look like a young girl. Knowing that my guardian Mistress liked the camel toe look, I gave my low cut panties a tug and created a crease right between my thin legs. I glanced at the mirror and squared up to it. My thin, but athletic young legs had a large thigh gap between them at the top where they connected to my pelvis. The gaff panties with the camel toe crease made the top thigh gap look like a little heart. I smiled at the image.


Putting on the hot pink platform heeled shoes was fun. I had practiced all afternoon and had got really good at balancing, walking and even spinning on the shoes which must have had a 4 inch heel to them. They made me look so tall and my legs so long. The last thing was a pair of fingerless hot pink lacey elbow length stretchy arm sleaves. They, too, looked like thin balloons of the type that artists would make into animals at the carnival, but they stretched.  They were tight and with my middle finger through the single loop, they remained in place after I pulled them up.  The lacey pattern on them was rose buds just before they bloomed. Maybe it was a symbol of some kind . I looked up at the reflection in my full length mirror again and stopped breathing for a second or two.  I did not recognize the stunning young woman in the mirror, and only realized it was me when I smiled.  I was ready.


When I arrived at her master suite door at precisely 8:00 pm, I knocked gently. The doors opened automatically after she activated the enter switch. I loved that aspect of her master suite. Everything was electronically controlled, even her double door entry way.


I walked through the doors and they closed behind me. I finally turned the foyer hallway and there she was. Hers was a completely matching outfit to mine, but hers was all in red. I paused for a second on the scene by the pool. Maybe our theme was for me to be in hot pink, and her to be in red. I smiled at the thought. Her tan skin contrasted so nicely with the bright red fabric, I just stood there, mouth slightly a gape, mesmerized by her appearance. There was a spot light just above where she was standing and it gave her a back lit look of being a Goddess. That she was my Goddess was no question.


Her nipples were hard and erect, pointing right at me in the middle of her breasts supported by the quarter cup red bustier / corset. Her waist must have been cinched to 22 inches and her hour glass figure was much more pronounced than mine as her breasts were full and pushed up and out from her chest. Her blonde hair was flowing around her shoulders and the pendant dangling from her red collar looked like a massive dark red ruby. In her heels, she towered over me. I was now a little nervous .


She beckoned b with nothing more than the extension of her right, open palmed hand, and the following words: “here kitty. Your real training starts tonight.”


As I walked to her, I found myself under one of the recessed spot lights and in a demonstration of my practiced skills, twirled on my heels for her. She nodded approvingly. â€œYou look so good in the outfit, and love that you have been practicing in the heels. Now come here so I can show you some makeup techniques.”


She lead me to her bake up desk, sat me down and began an exotic make up session, transforming me into a kitty, of sorts. Long, luscious eye lashes which extended past my eyes on either side, dark eye liner and ark pink eye shadow. She thought about adding more, but stopped. â€œYour young skin is so perfect, I do not thing we need anything else.” She paused. “Well, maybe one thing more.” She turned my chin to her and applied some hot pink lipstick which had a peppermint aroma to it. Then she pointed to the vanity mirror to allow me to see the reflection in the make up desk mirror. She was right. I did look like a cute kitty with all the eye make up. All I needed were some whiskers and kitten ears, but that would be for another night.


“Now, just one last touch.” She opened a velvet padded drawer and pulled out a crystal bottle. She unscrewed the top and put a drop on the tip of her index finger”. Just a dab here and there of this special perfume and you will be perfect.” She stroked my slender neck on each side, drew the finger down from my collar to between my breasts, and then on each nipple. She added another drop and put it on the insides of my small wrists and showed me how to rub it in. “Whenever I smell this scent on you, I will know that you are ready for one of our special training sessions. Do you understand?”


Figuring that this was an odor trigger for her, I memorized the scent, an nodded in silent acquiescence . She later gave me a bottle of the rare perfume. In time, I learned to manipulate her , to the extent that was even possible. On days we had special training sessions scheduled in the evening, I would walk around the Chateau in nothing but a hot pink spaghetti strap halter top which barely covered my budding breasts, had been cut off at the bottom so it worked like a skin tight crop top, no bra, of course, with matching low cut short, shorts which really accentuated my camel tow and highlighted my tiny bare waist. I wore my hot pink heels, put a dab of the heavenly scent right on my nipples which caused them to get hard and poke through the fabric of the crop top, and make sure to visit her several times in her office in the afternoon to get a book, address some academic issue with her, to retrieve some document, whatever to annoy her and get her to recognize that I was wearing the scent. If she ever inquired why I was wearing the scent when it was to be reserved for training sessions I would walk to her desk, push her in her chair back a bit, straddle her lap with my long legs, put my tits right up close, and whisper in a kitten voice, “You told me once that ‘one never knows who is watching so we should look our best’ and since today is a ‘special’ training day, I wanted to not only look my best, but smell my best to let you know I was ready for you, whenever, wherever you want me. I would lean in and just brush my lips against hers, seeing if she would take the bate. Sometimes she did and would initiate a session right there in her office, starting with a deep tongue kissing experience. I loved kissing her, me wiggling on her crotch like I was giving her a lap dance, followed by instructions for me to crawl beneath her large Oak desk and service her. Sometimes, most times, she was too busy, gripped my nipples through the sheer fabric of the crop top, pinch and twist them really hard to make me whimper, spank my soft, firm ass a few times an tell me to stop being such a ‘minx’, that we had plenty of time in the evening, and to stop flirting, always with a wink at the end to let me know that she appreciated my ambitious attempts to brighten her day. 


After applying the perfume to me at her vanity station, she admired her handiwork. â€œJust beautiful, perfect for your first time.”  I was not sure what she meant, but would find out soon enough.


She took my left hand an guided me back into her bedroom suite part of the master set of rooms. Soft, sexy music was playing on the built in surround sound speakers and candles were lit all around the room which smelled like vanilla.


She sat on the side of her bed and gestured for me to join her. She guided me to kneel on the plush side carpet next to the bed and between her legs.  I had seen her in her micro mini bikini while we lounged around the magnificent swimming pool enclosure on the estate, but now, with more on, she somehow looked even sexier. Her body was truly gorgeous. Not an ounce of fat on her anywhere and her sinched waist in the corset creating a V shape to her upper torso kept me staring at her mid section as I knelt, and then up at her jutting breasts with hard nipples as I raised my face to meet her gaze.   She was simply magnificent. 


I had no idea what to expect as I knelt down before my goddess. The lights dimmed just a bit with the flick of her finger on a control tablet.


I marveled at her body.  I could see the shape of her mound in front, and from what I could tell, she had a perfectly smooth, bald crotch area. I traced with my eyes the exposed skin above her stockings and below her corset, broken only by the red low cut thong panties which, as expected, were pulled up to create a camel toe crease between her fit legs. I mimicked her grooming techniques and always made sure that what little hair I might have anywhere, was shaved off so that I remained smooth and silky to the touch everywhere.  Anyway, that night, she caught me staring at her crotch. I blushed, but I just couldn’t look away as I knelt between her beautiful legs on the floor beside her bed.


For the first time, I felt a tingling in my clit. While it was tucked, it wanted to be released. This was not just a vague Feeling, it was localized. I looked at my Guardian Mistress with total adoration, and was now staring at her girl parts, and feeling something stir in mine, although they were T Girl parts.


Maybe she was flattered, maybe she was just horny, or maybe this was all part of the training. In any event, she took my hand and put it on her breast. My heart almost stopped. It was so soft. Softer than I had ever imagined, but still firm, round and warm to the touch. I could just see her light brown aureoles above her bustier, and I could see her nipple get hard on the breast I wasn’t touching. More importantly, I could feel the other nipple rise under the hand that was touching her. I was touching my Guardian Mistress’s breast! I thought I was in heaven. That tingling in my clit was definitely getting stronger, and it felt real good.



As she guided my fingers to splay out and then contract in again so that just my small fingertips were caressing the skin around her nipple and her nipples themselves. It was magical, engaging in this intimate massage with just my small fingertips. Her nipples got hard, really hard.


Finally, she broke the spell of the moment.  â€œDo you ever… touch yourself?” she asked in a soft, almost whisper of a voice.



“Touch… touch myself where?” I stammered.



“There’s something I do to relax at night,” she said, “after I turn the lights out.” She hesitated. “Sometimes, actually, most nights. I would like to teach you how to relax me in the same way. Would you like that?”




“Yes, I think you are ready to begin your special training.” She smiled down upon me.


“ If I ask you to do something, and I tell you exactly what to do, will you do it for me? Just the way I want?”


I stammered a yes, then swallowed, and said I would do anything. Anything for my Guardian Mistress . â€œI promise. Cross my heart.” I even crossed my chest, making sure to hit both of my stiff nipples which were hard with excitement on my budding breasts. . 



“Okay. I’m going to trust you. But this is our secret, okay? You must keep our special training sessions just between us, do you understand?“


She had me at “our”.



She stood up with her legs straddling me and guided my trembling fingers to the sides of her thong panty which matched mine. With a gentle push of her fingers on mine, I figured out that she wanted me to remove her panties. I locked my eyes on her thigh gap, the space between her legs at the top of her thighs, curled my fingers under the side straps of her panties, and I gently pulled the thong panty down. Then it happened.


“Oh, My, God.”  When her panties were half way down her firm thighs, I saw it.


“you have one too!” I exclaimed when I saw her T Girl clit swing free from its confines between her legs as she stepped out of her panties which, I would later learn were a specially designed gaff garment to make her look like a woman, just like the panties she got for me which made me look like a girl.


“Yes, baby girl, I am just like you.” She gently stroked my soft silky brunette hair as I was laser focused on her clit which seemed to engorge right before my eyes. I was beyond excited, happy, scared, nervous, and more, with my clit stirring in my small gaff thong panties which matched my Guardian Mistress. It seemed that she wanted us to match in every way, including our evening play outfits.


As I was mesmerized by her clit which was becoming larger and larger right in front of my face, she softly stroked my cheek and cupped my chin.


“So, do you ever touch yourself?”


“No, I mean, yes, but wait, where? Where should I touch myself?”


I had never masturbated before and my verbal fumbling made this abundantly clear.


“Oh, baby girl, we need to do something about that.”


She sat back on her bed, put her legs on either side of me, gently guided me to scoot forward with her hand on my chin, and then angled up my face to look at her. She was beautiful, radiant, and loving.


“”you need to learn how to please yourself baby girl by touching your clit. Watch how I do it an try it on yourself.”  She used her glossy red fingernailed digits to encircle her now hard and long clit, gently using her thumb to rub the head, and then slowly, watching me watch her hand, she stroked up and down her clit, twisting her hand along the shaft which was ridged, pausing to rub right under the head which looked like a little helmet. â€œNow you try it baby girl. First, take off your gaff panties.”


I looked down, lifted up my tight, smooth ass from my heels and pushed down my thong gaff panties. I was so focused on her clit that I had not noticed that mine was straining to be released. When my panties were half way down my thin thighs, my clit popped up and was hard. It was not anything like the size of my Guardian Mistress’s, but she later told me that my 10cm were very special and definitely well above average for my age.  She also told me that my diet included some special supplements to enhance my breasts and clit so that soon, very soon, my breasts would grow bigger and my clit would, when excited, would also grow longer and thicker. I carefully stepped out of my panties and put them with hers on the side carpet.


“Watch again.” She again encircled and stroked her clit by twisting her hand up and down her shaft, which seemed to become even harder as she did so. She had to hold her clit down as it seemed to want to point up at the ceiling.


I reached down with my right hand and encircled my clit with my soft, small fingers and replicated what she was doing to herself on myself. It was electric.   


“Now, you must do as I instruct, understand?”


“yes, Mistress.”


“You will feel very excited, but you must control it and not get too excited too soon as you stroke your clit. You will learn that I must be pleased first and only when I tell you you can let go of your control, may you rub your clit until your excitement overwhelms you with a blissful peaceful feeling. Do you understand?”

Yes, Mistress, whatever you say Mistress, I will do anything for you, I love you Mistress and will be a good girl for you.”


She then, again, cupped my chin and guided my lips to the head of her clit. “I want you to lick and suck my clit like an ice cream cone, and as best you can, open your little mouth as wide as possible and see how much of my clit you can fit inside your pretty little mouth.”


“Yes, Mistress.” With her guiding my lips, I extended my small pink tongue and licked the head of her clit. It was soft, but hard, warm and throbbing with her heart beat. She guided my mouth and tongue with her hand cupping my chin. She guided me to lick all up and down her clit shaft, to lick her jewels, an even try to fit one at a time inside my small mouth, to lick and suck the flesh right under her head, to use my tongue to tease the little hole in the head, and finally, to open wide and see what I could fit inside my small mouth. To my and her surprise, I was able to fit the entire head of her clit inside, the ridge lodging behind my teeth and temporarily locking it into place. It could not go any further, but she was pleased. â€œNo teeth baby girl, wrap your lips around your teeth so that you do not scrape my clit with your teeth.”


I nodded as I could not speak with her large clit head filling every millimeter of my oral opening.


“Use your tongue with my clit head inside your pretty little mouth baby girl, flick the skin right under the head, flutter your tongue all over and try to swirl your tongue all around the head to make me feel good. Now, stark stroking your clit with your right hand as you use your left hand to keep my clit inside your mouth.” I could hear her start breathing more heavily, and she then let go of my chin. She petted my silky soft brunet pony tail high atop my head, fingering the pink ribbon . Then, she pulled on the two strands of ribbon so she could control my head as she leaned back on a pillow. 


I started stroking my little clit and it was amazing, so amazing. I started to get really excited and she noticed this. 


“Baby girl, when you get really excited before I tell you that you may release control, you need to stop stroking your clit, count to 10, and then start again but whatever you do, you should not loose control of your excitement until I tell you it is OK for you to continue.”


I was breathing heavier myself now: “Yes, Mistress.” I had pulled my small mouth away from her clit just long enough to say that and then went back to suckling, licking and engulfing her clit head in my small, young, eager mouth. She really liked it when I used my small tongue to lick the underside of her clit head when I was able to fit her clit head all the way in my small mouth, and I could hear her start to moan. I stopped.


“Is there something wrong Mistress? Am I doing it wrong?”


“Oh, my wonderful baby girl, no, no, nothing is wrong. Just the opposite. When I get excited, I will start moaning like that and you should consider it a good thing, to try to get me to moan, to focus on my clit where I moan the moats. You are such a good girl.”


She then slipped down the side of the bed just a little so that her clit was more in line with my mouth, and I resumed my suckling, licking, stroking up and down her long clit with my left hand, full mouth sucking, and even tried nibbling on her sensitive skin under her clit head. I could feel her guide my head with the pink ribbon. It excited me that she was using me in this way, guiding me, teaching me. She really liked it when I nibbled so I continued this, but Oh, My.


“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.” 


“Baby girl, are you excited?”


I just nodded my head but did not want to pull her glistening clit head from my mouth. I used the slippery liquid from my mouth to stroke her clit with my left hand as I resumed stroking my clit with the soft fingers of my right hand.


Her moans were getting louder and louder, but she would stop each time I stopped stroking myself to count to 10. At one point, I could get in only 5 or 6 strokes before I had to count again, and this level of excitement must have excited her as her moans resumed as soon as I stopped. 


“Baby girl, You are such a good girl. You are going to make your Mistress cum soon. When I cum, you will taste something in your mouth and I want you to suck hard and swallow everything that comes into your small mouth, never stop sucking and do not stop stroking my clit with your left hand until I tell you to stop.” She was panting now.


She let out a low, guttural moan, “Baby girl, you may release your control and continue to stroke your clit until you experience your bliss. Oh fuck, yes, oh baby girl, I am cumming, I am cumming, oh fuck yes.”


I had never heard her swear before and it was a little exciting, to say nothing about how excited I was to stop with my counting to 10. 


I felt the first rush of liquid shoot out of the little hole in her clit head and it went right to the back of my throat, but I was ready an kept sucking. When the next shot hit my mouth, I was able to not only swallow it quickly, but my excitement spilled over and I felt something I had never felt before in my life. My clit was also squirting liquid and it was the most amazing feeling ever. Her clit kept squirting shot after shot of cum into my little mouth and I soon was overwhelmed. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth and onto my cheek and chin, but I kept sucking and stroking not only her clit, but my own. It was glorious and a feeling I wanted, no, needed, more of.


Her moans began to soften and her clit stopped squirting cum into my small mouth. I was able to catch up and swallow all of the salty, sweet liquid in my mouth and then, as instructed, sucked really hard and got some more to come out of her clit. She took over the stroking and engaged what I would later learn is a milking technique to force all the cum out of the shaft and into my mouth.


“yes, baby girl, keep sucking, suck hard, oh yes, suck it right out of me.”


My clit had also stopped squirting and my right hand was covered in slippery white liquid. Out of curiosity, I lifted my right hand to her clit and started stroking it with two hands, twisting them in opposite directions as my small hands slid up and down her shaft, my cum coated fingers leaving a film all over her clit shaft. 


She finally opened her eyes and watched in amazement as I continued dutifully sucking and stroking as I had been instructed to do.


“Ok baby girl, now lick the fingers of your right hand and lick all up and own my clit shaft to clean off all the cum.


I quickly brought the fingers of my right hand to my mouth, sucked each finger individually, and then licked the palm and back of my hand. I then licked and sucked all up and down her clit shaft which was not as hard as it had been. I could even fit almost half of it in my small mouth with it not fully hard. When I was sure that her clit shaft was as clean as I could get it, she reached down and pulled me up onto the bed with her, lying back and having me straddle her. She pulled my face down, noticed the cum on my cheeks and chin, and then, like a mother kitten, delicately licked all the cum off my face, and then poised her lips right in front of mine.


“Are you ready baby girl, do you want to kiss me?”


“Oh yes, Mistress, so much!” The excitement in my voice evident, my nipples never harder, my clit now fully hard again.


She allowed our lips to just gently touch, and then I felt her tongue extend and part my lips. I was not sure what to do at first, but quickly realized that following her lead would be the best way to learn. I extended my tongue and met hers, licking and sucking her extended tongue like it was a small clit. She liked this and I continued it for several moments. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and it seemed like our tongues were dancing together in my mouth which was full of her tongue. It seemed that her tongue was extremely long and at one passionate moment, she grabbed the back of my neck, entwined her fingers in my silky brunette hair, pull me to her and pushed our lips together hard, cocking our heads to either side so she could explore with her tongue, tickling the entrance to my throat with it.  I gagged and she giggled. 


“Baby girl, you will get used to things going down your throat so relax and concentrate so that you do not become overwhelmed with your gag reflex when I push my tongue into your throat.” She resumed our deep kissing, several times arranging our heads so that she could not only tickle the entrance to my slender throat, but extend her long tongue into my throat , my entire mouth full of her wiggling organ.


I broke our kiss. â€œHow is it that your tongue is so long Mistress? I know you are larger than I am, but my tongue does not stick out nearly as far from my lips as yours does. Is there something wrong with me?”


She hugged me as I straddled her, wiggling my hips and looking into her eyes. She stroked a stray strand of hair from my cheek and put it behind my left ear. â€œOh, baby girl. There is nothing wrong with you at all. As part of my profession, I thought it would be a good idea to have my tongue surgically extended. Now, I think I can extend my tongue 11cm out beyond my lips. In my profession, I have found that there are parts of the human body which enjoy being massaged with a tongue and some of those places are hard to reach unless you have a very, very long tongue. I developed my reputation around this aspect of my therapy sessions.” To show off, she extended her tongue and touched it on the skin at the top of her nose, just between her eyes.  I was mesmerized.


“What human body parts?” I moved down to her right nipple and started suckling, nibbling, licking, flicking and sucking her hard, erect nipple. She moaned, stroked my head and pushed me into her breast as she continued. ,


“A woman’s pussy and anal star have special places inside that are very sensitive. They are called G Spots and are impossible to reach with a regular tongue, but with mine, I can get a woman to orgasm with my tongue in her pussy or anal star. They just love it when I push my tongue in their tight anal star and play with their anal G Spot. Men, too, have an anal G Spot, and they, too, love it when I push my tongue deep within them, find their anal g Spot and get them to orgasm. I can get a man to orgasm merely by massaging his anal G Spot without ever touching his cock. It is a very, very valuable skill to have and distinguished me in the profession.”


“Can I get my tongue extended too.”


“She giggled. Not yet, but you can make that decision for yourself later. She guided my chin up from her right nipple to her mouth and started kissing me again. She fluttered her long tongue at the entrance to my throat. I gagged just a little.


I pulled back. â€œPlease do that again. I want to practice.


She gently caressed the sides of my angelic face pulled me to her, lined up our lips, and whispered, “Open your mouth wide. As wide as you can. Like when you were putting my large clit into your mouth, and relax.”


With her hands on either side of my head, she twisted our faces so we were almost at 90 degrees, pressed her lips to mine, allowed me to open wide, and then she put her lips completely inside my small mouth, extended her long tongue and found the entrance to my throat. I gagged a little but she held my face firmly in her hands and would not let me pull back. She fluttered her tongue, flicked and massaged the entrance to my throat. My saliva was gushing. Then she pushed her tongue as deep as it would go given how our mouths were mashed into each other. A full 5cm of her wiggling tongue pushed down my throat. Again I gagged a little, but again, she held my face firmly in place. She then started darting her tongue into and out of my throat, in a tongue fucking movement . She continued this until my gagging stopped and I just relaxed and started wiggling my tongue on the underside of hers. It was only 30 seconds, but it really turned me on.


“Breathe, baby girl. Breathe.”

 I had not noticed that with her long tongue deep in my mouth, I could not breathe. I took a breath and again, opened my mouth as wide as possible and pushed back against her lips. She, again, extended her long tongue and throat fucked me with her long oral appendage for another 30 seconds, me wiggling my small tongue on the underside of hers. I was so aroused that my hips started small circling motions, my pelvis grinding on hers, my clit rock hard and poking her in the tummy just where the corset ended and her bare skin was exposed. My precum was making my small clit slippery on her smooth skin as I humped her.  She was caressing my smooth, firm skin of my ass, from my corset to my thigh highs and began to move her hips in rhythm with mine.


I pulled back to get a breath, and then pushed back, coaxing her tongue to dart in and out of my slender throat again. It was so sexy feeling her long tongue plunging in and out of my little mouth, effectively, an 11cm clit fucking my oral love tunnel. Like playing with a new toy, I could not get enough.  


She pulled back, noticed my slippery clit rubbing her bare skin. . Oh, my, you are so excited, aren’t you, my baby girl.”  I nodded my agreement but did not want to pull away from our kissing moment, and then it almost happened.


I stopped humping my clit into the soft skin just next to her hard clit..“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.” My eyes were closed and I struggled to compose myself. I had almost cum on her belly.


Realizing that I had used the technique she had just taught me to avoid cumming all over her belly, she stopped her gyrating hips and slapped my right ass cheek hard. Her eyes narrowed. â€œYou must never please yourself without me being present during your initial stages of your training. Do you understand?”


I nodded and continued kissing her, pushing my small tongue into her mouth, flicking her tongue and nipping the tip of her tongue with my teeth. My small tongue darting in and out of her full, red lips seemed to please her as she moaned into my mouth. I even nibbled on her lips a few times and she seemed to like it more than my nipping at her tongue. I wanted her tongue back in my mouth, my throat. It was so arousing for me to receive her attention like this, especially with her caressing my ass. My grinding on her tummy continued.  She slapped my left ass cheek hard to focus my attention. I looked into her eyes and felt the sting on my two ass cheeks. I stopped humping and looked pleadingly up at her.


“At this stage in your training, you will learn that you should only please yourself when you have my clit in your mouth, and you will never allow yourself to release control until I permit you to do so when my love cream is shooting into your mouth. Do you understand my good baby girl?”


“I pulled away from our kissing just for a second, “Yes, Mistress. I am never to please myself unless you are present and your clit is in my mouth, and I am not to lose control until you are shooting your love cream in my mouth, is that correct?”


She caressed my ass cheeks she had just spanked and her touch was electric. I could feel my skin heating from the slaps, but it felt sexy to have her caressing the area with soft fingertips.     While the slap stung, it also felt good and my clit twitched when she spanked me.


“You are so bright my lovely baby girl. You will be so much fun to train.” She cupped my face and guided my lips back to hers for another deep tongue kiss.  â€œnow control your feelings, control your hips, your humping motions as the stimulation of your clit will cause you to orgasm, unless you have it under control. I nodded.


My breasts were pressed into Her’s and felt her nipples get hard as our kissing continued. “Why do our nipples get hard when we get excited?” I asked in a little sex kitten voice.


“It is how we know we are excited. Here, feel them with your mouth.” She guided my mouth to her golden pink right nipple. She nudged me further and I opened my small mouth, extended my little pink tongue and flicked her nipple. It was hard, erect and begging to be suckled.   I leaned down further, my pink hair ribbon draped around my cute face, tentatively extended my small tongue again, flicked, and flicked the right nipple again, then closed my entire mouth around her nipple and sucked while looking up at her. She gave out a sigh and threw her head back onto a pillow, reaching up to keep my head in place just above her right nipple. â€œyes, suck, suck hard, flick the nipple, bite it gently,, yes, bite it…. A bit harder now, yes, just like that, now suck hard again. Now nibble, yes, nip at it with your teeth, yes, oh, god, yes, more!” Her hips were slowly gyrating and her hands were gripping my small ass, pulling it down onto her hard clit, causing our clits to rub against each other, with oozing precum allowing our clits to slide and tantalize each other. 


“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10”


“Good girl, use the technique to keep yourself on the edge, but do not let go, do not release control.”


I was still grinding my pelvis on her tummy and felt her clit harden as I played with her right nipple. â€œYes, now bite it, bite it hard. Oh Fuck yes, that is perfect, now just suck, flick it with your tongue, yes, just like that.”


Soon her clit was positioned between my legs,, sliding up between my small ass cheeks. It felt so sexy to have her long clit slide up and down my crack, depositing small amounts of precum along the way, making my ass crack slippery. I moved up a bit and offered my small, hard right nipple to her mouth. â€œMistress, would you suck on my little nipple so I can learn what it feels like?”


“Oh, baby girl. You are so cute!” She extended her long tongue, flicked my nipple, and then pulled me up just a bit more to enclose my hard nub in her mouth. She licked, sucked and nibbled on it . I loved the feeling, and it was making my clit twitch more. I lifted up my chest a bit and her mouth engulfed my entire right breast flesh in her mouth. She reached up with her hand and cupped my other Brest, pinching my other nipple. “Oh Mistress, Oh Mistress. Please stop, you are going to make me cum. I can’t hold it. Oh it feels so good.”  She then bit my right nipple hard and pinch/twisted my left nipple, held the pressure for 3 seconds. I screamed out in pleasure as a wave of full body preorgasmic shuddering crashed over me.


She quickly released my tiny breasts and pulled me up so that my knees were straddling her chest, my inner thighs on her breasts.  Without saying anything, she reached under my twitching clit which was about to explode, put her middle finger in my winking anal star, wiggled her finger as she pushed up and buried it in my anal star made slippery with her precum, and used her finger in my ass to pulled my clit to her mouth. Oh my, heaven. She sucked my entire clit and jewels into her mouth, reached up and forced two fingers into my mouth, all just before my cum started spurting into her mouth with my climax. I fell over the top of the climax when I felt her tongue fluttering on my entire clit length. I just focused on grabbing her wrist and made love to her fingers in my mouth, sucking, flicking and nibbling on them like small clits penetrating my small mouth. It was all I could do not to bite them hard when I clinched in a full body orgasm when the top of the climax wave. There was no going back now. My whole body tensed and I involuntarily humped my clit into her wet, warm mouth. She sucked hard and I came harder than before, with several small spurts of my cum shooting directly into her closed mouth.  I could feel her tongue wiggle on my clit shaft and her finger wiggle in my tight anal star. Her tongue on my jewels, everywhere, felt so good. â€œOh Mistress, Oh Mistress, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh Mistress.”


She just kept sucking hard, continuing to wiggle her middle finger in my spasming tight anal love tunnel, while pushing up to keep my clit buried in her eager mouth. As my hips involuntarily gyrated , my hands pushed more of her fingers into my mouth, I just could not get over the euphoria of the moment. For about 30 full seconds, my clit twitched and spurted cum into her mouth which sucked it all up, my entire body shaking with her finger still wiggling in my back door passage, her other hand gently caressing my ass cheeks made hot pink by her spanks. After about a minute, she gently withdrew her finger from my ass, pulled her fingers from my eager mouth, pushed my thighs down and I crawled backwards on her body until my face was right next to hers.


“That was your first blow job Mandy. Did you like it?” She was smiling.


“Mistress, Oh, My, Mistress. It was the best thing I have ever felt. My whole body froze and I could not breathe. Is that normal”


She giggled. â€œWell, it is if it is done right. 


Uhm, well, why, why did the feeling of your teeth biting my nipples, the twisting and pinching of my nipples, the sting of your spanking my ass cause me to cum, and your finger in my, uhm, my ass, feel so good ?”


“She hugged me to her breasts again, letting my face nuzzle in her cleavage. â€œBaby girl, some of us have what is called a pleasure / pain nervous system which allows us to mix pain an pleasure or pleasure and pain to achieve orgasm. You surprised me with your ability to mix the two feelings. You are so young, so inexperienced. You are just a natural, and you should feel very pleased that you have discovered this now. You can develop this ability to mix the two sensations so that you can be in the best possible position to be the best sex therapist you can be. At times, you will give pain, you will take pain, you will give pleasure or you will take pleasure, all based on your client’s needs.  I am so proud of you have no idea.”


“Can you mix the sensations Mistress?”


“Yes, and in some future session, I will focus our activities on this aspect of your training.  We will take turns exploring you’re and my pain / pleasure thresholds.  I have a favorite toy to administer nipple sensations, clit sensations, spanking sensations, tongue pulling sensations, anal star stretching sensations, all with the goal of increasing the feelings when you finally climax. Do you think you would like that?”


I wiggled my hips, poking my clit which was again hard into the soft flesh of her tummy alongside her hard clit. â€œYes, Mistress, I think I would like that, if you would help me.“


“Of course, baby girl.” She guided my chin back to her lips and resumed our kissing session now that my pent up energy was spent, for the moment. 




 Yes my beautiful girl.”


“You just told me that I should never cum unless your clit is in my mouth and your cum is shooting into it. Did I just do something wrong?”


Her lips were poised just a fraction of an inch below mine.  â€œNo, you did not do anything wrong. You did just as I instructed you to do. In our sessions, some times, things will happen quickly and you need to understand that to achieve the most pleasure out of a moment, you will need to adapted. Right then, it was important that I allow your energy to erupt into a very strong orgasm so that you understand that there are different levels of orgasms. Taking your clit into my mouth, stimulating your T Girl pussy, allowing you to relax and tense up at the same time was very special. It was your first blow job and you should be very proud of how energetic your orgasm was. I got a full mouth of your delicious cum, and loved it. Here, taste your cum on my tongue.”

 She pulled me down and slid her tongue into my slightly parted lips, not stopping until our lips connected and we locked. It was a deep kiss, and I could taste my cum on her tongue, in her mouth and on her lips. It did taste yummy.


The blow job seemed to energize her and her hips were humping up into me. Her clit was very hard an sliding between my ass cheeks again with a bit more precum oozing from her clit tip to make things even more slippery. At one instant, in the middle of a deep kiss, with her tongue fluttering at the entrance to my small throat again, her clit head pointed right at my cute, small rose bud anal star which was fully exposed and winking after having just been finger fucked. I stopped our kiss for a moment.


“I liked it when you said the word ‘fuck’ when you were cumming into my mouth. I know what that word means. If I were a good girl, would you fuck me someday with your clit? Your finger felt so naughty, so sexy in my ass. I want more.”


She opened her eyes and lovingly responded: “Of course baby girl, when you are ready, I will take your cherry, make love to you, fuck you with my clit to make you scream in ecstasy.”


“Promise Mistress?”


I promise, you little vixen.” She laid her head back as her hands guided my mouth to her left nipple for more attention.  â€œYou are not ready now, but in a few years, maybe less, you will be.”


We made out like that for what seemed to be an hour, but was probably 15 minutes, switching between kissing and me suckling on her nipples. Our hips were grinding against each other, with me gyrating in such a way to cause her clit to again, slip up between my ass cheeks.  At one point, the tip of her clit got especially slippery with her precum and was poking into my small puckered anal star which was excited, winking with anticipation, slowly spreading open with the insistent pressure of her clit head poking into it . I reached up to hug her into a deep kiss, wiggled my hips again and pushed my little tongue as deep into her mouth as I could. Then it happened


The slippery head of her clit with precum on it nudged its way forward, pressing into me, and me pressing back on it, feeling a tightness as my puckered star started to expand under the pressure.  Her hands were instinctively guiding my small hips to keep my anal star centered on her clit head. 

 She tried to pull me up, to avoid contact with my winking star, but I locked my arms around her neck, sucked her tongue into my mouth, nipped her tongue with my teeth, and then pushed back hard . I released her tongue.


“Would you like to fuck me now Mistress? Have I been a good girl for you?” I pushed back hard and I hissed in a breath of air as the pain shot into me with just part of her clit head penetrating my very small, tight anal love tunnel outer ring. Just an inch but Oh, My God. The sense of surrender, of complete surrender and submission crashed over me like a wave.  Was it pain or pleasure I felt? The sensations seemed to blend when just part of the tip of her large clit entered my anal star ring. I was panting and paused on my kissing efforts.


“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10”


“oh my, you almost came again as my clit entered your tiny, tight anal star? So much energy, so much sexy sensation. You must be very excited. Ride the feeling. Isn’t it a lovely feeling to control it, to edge your orgasm, but not let go? You have been the best baby girl I could ever have wanted, but no. I will not fuck you tonight. You are not ready. Your cute little ass is not ready. I need to train you for that, to make sure you are prepared.” She pulled back and the head of her clit slipped out of my star. I was panting as I rested my head on her breasts, not sure where this was going to go, but loving every second.


“I will be a good girl for you Mistress. I want you to fuck me. It hurt a little, but it also was a good hurt, like when you spanked my ass.” I wiggled my hips and trapped her clit head against my anal star again, pushing back onto it, trying to get it to poke into my star again. 


My dirty talk and humping back on her clit head got her really excited and her clit was involuntarily humping into my ass, making small penetrations into my star with each hip thrust. I pushed back as well as I could but she was only allowing 1 inch to penetrate me . I felt her soft hands caress my smooth, firm little ass cheeks which were heated up with her spanking. In a moment of lust, she grab my ass with both hands, and pushed down as I humped back onto her clit. Holy fuck, her entire slippery clit head which was about 5cm long poked into my anal star ring. White lightening of pain or was it pleasure hit me and I grunted in a voice I did not know I possessed. , I tried my best to keep the head in my star, and focus her upward thrusts to the center of my anal star. Her fingernails dug into the tender, young firm flesh of my ass cheeks and the additional pain / pleasure was exquisite. I had never known of such things.  â€œOh, Mistress, Oh Mistress. Fuck me, Fuck me Mistress. I am all yours. You are going to make me cum again. Oh, Mistress.”


“Control, Mandy, Control. Hold off your orgasm.

 Ride it, but do not cum.”


“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10”


“Oh My god, baby girl, you are really getting to me. We need to do something about that.”  She spanked my right ass cheek again to get me to stop humping back on her clit.  I opened my eyes and stared lovingly up at her. She pulled back and withdrew her clit head from my star. My head fell down onto her breasts like they were pillows and panted. â€œThat was amazing. Can we do it some more?” I could feel my anal star pulsing with excitement, opening and closing involuntarily.


“Later. In a couple of years.” She was panting and trying to regain control 


At the break between two songs, I finally whispered:, â€œMay I relax you again Mistress?” I said with another soft sex kitten voice, thinking that I might be able to cum again myself if I got her to cum with my small mouth and fluttering tongue. 


She had that gleam in her eye again, and nodded. â€œYes, let’s continue your training, and we will return to your cute ass another time.” Another soft slap, this time on my left ass cheek which had reddened just a bit to a Rosey, hot pink color. I looked back and noticed that the hand prints on my little ass matched my hot pink outfit.


“Mistress, you are making my ass match my outfit. Spank me again. Please.” I offered up my cute, firm ass and arched my back. â€œPlease, Mistress. I will be a good girl. Please spank me. I like it when you spank my ass”  


She caressed both my ass cheeks at the same time, and then, without saying anything, just started spanking my ass, one cheek at a time, about 5 medium hard spanks. â€œYou like it when I spank you Kitty. OK then, just 3 more, but you have to thank me afterwards by getting on your knees and being a good girl for me.”


Three more spanks on each ass cheek, but these last 3 were hard, very hard and stung. I could really feel my ass heating up, but the sting and sensation of her fingertips caressing my flesh afterwards was so, oh so arousing for me.


Finally, feeling her clit get even harder when she was spanking me, I knew we needed to relax her. She pushed me back onto the floor beside her bed and we resumed exactly where we had left off. Her legs were off the bed and I nuzzled between them, trying my best to pull her firm ass off the bed more so that her clit angle was better for me to pull the tip into my mouth. Her clit really was hard and wanted to point up at the ceiling.


I opened my mouth wide, curled my lips over my teeth, and pulled the tip of her clit down. My small tongue flicked and fluttered around her clit head, and her moans resumed. A drop of liquid oozed out of her pee hole and I eagerly licked it up like a kitty with cream. I savored the taste I started with both my small hands encircling her clit shaft, rotating them in opposite directions like she had shown me before as I slid them up and down her long shaft. I was able to work 6cm of her clit into my mouth this time and the tip of her clit hit the roof and back of my mouth. There was no going down my slender throat, not like her slippery, pointed long tongue. 


I continued licking and stroking her hard clit with my mouth and left hand, while I started stroking my clit with my right hand . She guided my head with the pink hair ribbon, and at times, grabbed a fist full of my pony tail  to position my mouth where she wanted more attention, and then just used the pink ribbon. I became very excited quickly and had to start the sequence of counting to 10 when I thought I was going to lose control. My Guardian Mistress took longer this time to cum and I must have been on the edge of my blissful feeling for 30 minutes, stopping my stroking many, many times to count to 10, but never stopping my sucking and stroking of her magnificent clit. 


I got an idea . I took the precum from my hard clit and lubricated the fingers of my right hand. I then licked those fingers to get them even more slippery, and while I continued to flick and flutter my tongue on her clit head in my mouth, I reached up, under her jewels, found her puckered, pink anal star and pushed in a finger . She started moaning louder again and I watched as she gripped the bed sheets with her hands. I inserted a second, then a third slippery finger into her rose bud. More moaning.


“Yes, baby girl. Use your fingers in my star, oh fuck yes, more, you little minx!”


My right hand was getting more slippery from something dribbling out of her anal star which smelled like coconut. I took advantage of the lubrication and pushed a fourth finger into her back door love tunnel. She was thrashing on the bed. I could barely keep her clit head in my mouth. 


“Do it! Do it you little minx! Push it all the way in. Oh fuck Yes.”


I folded my thumb into the palm of my right hand, pointed my digits into a cone shape, and pushed hard, my little fist nuzzled up at the entrance of her anal star which I could feel was quivering with excitement. She pushed back right as I pushed forward, and my whole hand popped into her ass.


“Oh, fuck, Yes, you are going to make me cum, oh yes, fuck yes. A little deeper, yes, right there. Now twist your wrist. Fuck yes. Feel that? That is my anal g Spot. Massage your knuckles all around that area. Yes, like that. Oh yes, fuck yes.”


I twisted my right wrist buried in her pulsating ass right where she showed me and closed my lips around her big clit head while fluttering my tongue on the skin right under her clit head. The combination of sensations for her were explosive. I focused my tongue on the flesh just below the ridge of her helmet as best as I could. I feverously stroked her shaft with my left hand, and then the volcano erupted . Her anal star gripped my wrist like a vice as her orgasm began. Her cum shots into my small mouth were powerful, stronger than the first time she came in my mouth. Her cum was a little more watery, than before and easier to swallow down my throat. It was like sucking on a bottle. She was really excited, almost ripping the sheets with her grip. She wrapped her legs around my upper torso to pull me into her crotch, but I was going no where, especially with her anal star gripping my wrist. I sucked, sucked, and sucked some more to drink down her love juice which was leaking out of the side of my small mouth as she was thrashing around on the bed too much to keep things sealed in my little mouth.


After 60 seconds or so, her clit stopped twitching, her cum shots were no more and her pulsating anal tunnel had lessened its grip on my wrist. I gently pulled my fist from her beautiful, hot pink anal star with a slow, twisting motion. She moaned as the wide part of my fist pulled out, leaving her star partially open and winking at me. I quickly wrapped both my hands around her hard clit shaft. I used counter motion twisting movements of my hands on her shaft as I stroked her from the base to the tip to milk her of all her love juice. I had not even noticed that I had cum on the floor in front of me without even using my hand to stroke my clit.   I reached down, scooped up my cum and added it to her shaft, making it even more slippery than before. 


I just milked her for what seemed like 5 minutes until her clit started to soften.  With no more cum coming from her pee hole, I then sucked and licked her entire clit shaft to clean it of all my cum and her cum which had dribbled down her shaft. It was all so delicious.


 With her clit now soft and a fraction of its erect length, I pushed the entire clit into my small mouth, clamped my lips around the clit base, right next to her jewels, and started sucking really hard as I stroked the skin right under her jewels, occasionally cupping her heavy jewels in my small hands. 


She finally relaxed her legs, releasing me from their hold, reached down and pushed my head away.  â€œToo much, too much.” She was glowing in her orgasmic aftermath.


After catching her breath, she propped herself up on her elbows and beamed at me. â€œIt has been a long, long time since anyone has been able to get me to climax that hard. Oh My, you are such a quick learner. That was amazing.“


“Did I do it right Mistress?”


Her gorgeous eyes said all that she could not with her mouth. I knew to crawl back up on the bed and into her waiting arms. She allowed me to cuddle up with her in her bed. It was bliss in so many ways that night as we cuddled after taking off our play date outfits.




Our ‘special’ training sessions became a weekly event . Every Friday evening , we had a training session to teach me how to please her and please myself. Sometimes the sessions were academic in nature and I learned all about the human anatomy. Sometimes they were just animalistic like, with her being a little rough with me, positioning me on the bed with my head over the edge, her straddling my face with her thighs, her hands encircling my tiny waist, and thrusting her large clit gently into my little girl mouth, as if she was fucking me. I was getting a little frustrated that I could only take her clit head, and a bit more into my small mouth, but she assured me that I was doing well, very well an beyond her expectations in each of our ‘special’ training sessions . The evenings always ended with me either on my knees, her large clit head pushed as deep into my young little mouth as possible, and her cumming on my fluttering tongue as I came in my hand. Many times, I would orgasm without even touching my clit, the feeling of her cum spurting in my small mouth was just so exciting for me . 


Sometimes, we would end our special training session with me on my back, head off the bed, her hands encircling my tiny waist to control me, her clit lined up to my small mouth, hips thrusting forward, face fucking my little mouth, with her lips wrapped around my clit, or her long tongue deeply buried and wiggling in my anal star until I was allowed to cum with her cum flooding into my eager, waiting mouth. She would suck me into orgasmic oblivion. I especially like our reversed position, I would learn that this position is called ‘69’, as her lips were so soft on my clit, her tongue so talented, that only when she was about to cum, would she begin to insert my clit into her mouth. Most times, I would just moan with extasy with her clit in my mouth and her tongue fucking my anal star with deep, wiggling tongue thrusts as it would take only seconds to withdraw her long tongue, insert my clit into her warm mouth and allow me to spurt my love juice into her mouth when she was cumming into mine .


 One time, while in our 69 position, she must have been really excited. She left her clit in my mouth for a long time to let me milk it and all the while, she took my entire clit and jewels into her mouth and delicately, but continuously, massaged it with her long tongue. I climax 5 times in a row with her fingers wiggling in my anal star the entire time. Her continuous tongue massaging of my clit deep in her mouth was heaven. I did not know what to do except keep suckling her clit which seemed to get harder when I would cum in her mouth, it was so wonderful. Somehow she knew how to keep my clit hard and excited, with my orgasms hitting my little body one, after the other, after the other, about every 60 seconds. It took me a long time to come down from that experience, and it gave me the understanding of how my body could experience multiple orgasms in a row if my clit was stimulated properly, my ass was being penetrated, and there was a large clit with cum oozing out of it the entire time in my mouth. 


It got to the point that I did not even need to count to 10 as I was learning to control my desires and to edge until I felt her explode with shots of cum in my small mouth. The cum shots became my trigger and I could not even cum without them, but I could come many times so long as I was milking her clit. It was so much fun, I looked forward to each Friday night like it was Christmas, not knowing what I would learn about next, what present my guardian Mistress might give me, and how many orgasms I would give her, and her to me.




One particular Friday a year or so later, we were having a light lunch together in the opulent dining room and she raised the subject of evolution. We chit chatted about Darwin and all that stuff, until she looked me square in the eyes. â€œ I want to talk about your evolution,, your sexual evolution, my baby girl.“


“I sat up in my chair . “Yes, Mistress.” She had my attention I thought she was going to make a comment about the fact that I was in my hot pink halter crop top and low cut short, shorts with my 4 inch heels. My usual Friday outfit to tease her with my young, firm and becoming very athletic body. The special weekly treatments she was giving me were having a dramatic effect and not only were my breasts filling out and creating enticing cleavage in the unique crop top, but also my clit was growing longer and longer when aroused. I think my clit was now about 15cm long and 3.5cm thick. I was so proud to show off for my Guardian Mistress during our special training sessions that I was becoming the beautiful young T Girl that she said I would become.    


That day, I had not even bothered her yet in her office yet to see if I could coax her into an afternoon quick session to distract her from her work. So what could this be about.


“I know that in our ‘special’ training sessions you have been getting frustrated with the size of your little mouth..” I blushed. â€œI want you to know that you will, over time, evolve, and you will be able to handle larger cocks and clits in your wonderfully eager mouth and into your slender throat. You will need to learn these skills as you are destined to follow in my path and become a professional therapist, sexual therapist.   Right now, however, you cannot. Your little mouth and slender throat cannot open wide enough for me to teach you these skills, but it is time that you learn these oral techniques. My long tongue has been training your throat not to gag when entered or tickled and you show great control of your gag reflex now. I am very proud of you for learning this skill so quickly.”


“yes, Mistress. I want to learn.”  What I did not tell her was that I had been practicing with long 30cm sausages and figured out how to adjust my jaw to take not only the thick, long sausages into my mouth, but also down my throat. I had been waiting for the right time to demonstrate my new skill for my Mistress, but had not yet had the opportunity. That she thought I could not take her clit in my small mouth was the perfect set up for my surprise later. 


“All to say that I just wanted to make sure you are not getting too frustrated with your learning curve.  That is why I have arranged for an extra special session next week and why it will begin at 6 pm instead of 8.”


My eyes lit up. I was glued to every word and nodded. â€œWill we have our session tonight?” I wanted to demonstrate my oral skills with her now, to surprise her with how far I had come with my training.


“yes, but I will get to that. For next week, I have arranged to have several boys visit us next Friday night. They are all good looking, all very clean, healthy, athletic an very virile.” I felt my tucked clit twitch. I knew what virile meant and licked my lips. My nipples hardened and poked through the fabric of my crop top. She noticed.


“What they do not have is a clit my size. They will be much, much smaller, and you will be able to practice your oral techniques with them, use them as if they were subjects in a laboratory experiment, like in your science course work . The idea will be to give you the opportunity to experience what it is like to take an entire cock in your young mouth, maybe even into your slender throat. You need these skills and right now, this is the best way I can assist you with your,” She smiled, “evolution in your sexual training.” She took a sip of her wine and waited for my response.


I looked down. For a moment, I felt very vulnerable â€œDoes this mean I do not please you in our ‘special’ training sessions Mistress??


“oh, baby girl.” She got up and sat down in the chair right next to me. She reached out and took my hand, brought it to her lips and kissed it gently. â€œYou are becoming everything to me, for me. I find that I am rearranging my schedule just so that our Friday night sessions will continue uninterrupted. You do not know, cannot know, how powerful that statement was for me to make. I used to think that I needed no one, required no one in my life, but I am now not sure. Thoughts of you permeate my conscious mind. I do not make a big decision without thinking about how it might effect you, us.” She kissed my delicate hand again, kissing each individual finger, then extending her tongue and flicking the inside of my palm. 


I shivered when her long tongue licked my palm. My tucked clit twitched in my gaff.  â€œMistress, you mean everything to me. Without you, I have no idea where I would have ended up. Whatever you think is appropriate for my education, my training. I trust you.” Love you, will do whatever you think is best for me.” 


I took her hand holding mine, folded all of her fingers other than her index finger into her palm, and extended my small pink tongue and flicked her fingertip a few times. I then pushed forward and sucked her finger into my warm mouth all the way to the second knuckle. I held her arm and fluttered my tongue on her finger, and then pulled back, sucking hard along her finger, leaving just a glistening sheen on it as I made a popping sound when my mouth pulled back far enough for her finger to escape.  She squirmed in her seat again. A good sign.


She smiled and brought her hand and mind to her cheek.  â€œYou little minx. You know how to get me so aroused. Anyway, you please me very, very much during our ‘special’ training sessions and you should not, cannot, think for a nano second that I want anything but the best for you, for us. The experience you will have next Friday night will propel your practical education in ways that I cannot. . It is just that you are so petite, so wonderfully young, your mouth so deliciously small and delicate, your tongue so lively, but small.” She looked off as if contemplating the best way to continue the conversation.


“I am just thinking about your future as a sex therapist, and want to make sure that your training progresses at a rate comfortable for you. Turns out, you are brilliant, much smarter than I, and I, as your guardian, your Mistress, your mentor, want to make sure your experiences are equal to your intellect.” This is why your training sessions today will be in two parts.  Our training session tonight will introduce you to another source of educational materials – erotic porn.”


“Two parts?”


“Yes, the other part will become evident later today, but I do not want to spoil the surprise.” She was smiling broadly now, that charming, beautiful smile of hers.


“I think I understand Mistress.“ I looked down and licked my lips.


 â€œI trust you Mistress and would do what ever you think is best for my,” and I smiled, “evolution, my sexual evolution. For next week, do I know any of these boys?”


“I do not think so. They are all members of a travelling soccer team, all late high school age, and do not attend the social events we do in this area.     So, no, I am sure you do not know them. Also, I would like to keep this anonymous so you will not use your name next week at any time. I have told them that…” She paused and looked into my eyes.


“Well, I told them that I hired a young therapist for the evening to assist them with their concentration. I plan to introduce you as a therapist, of sorts, a sex therapist who specializes in helping athletes concentrate on their sport by distracting them for an evening. This type of group therapy I have found to be not only very effective, but very, very lucrative. I know that you might be nervous, but your so beautiful, so young, so perfect, they would not realize that you are anyone other than who I represent you to be. You just need to engage your acting skills to play the part. It should be fun, to say nothing about the academic aspects of the learning experience. This event will simply accelerate and facilitate your exploration of all things sexual. I want you to treat this like a live science experiment and you are the researcher, the boys the laboratory animals, and I am your lavatory advisor, making sure the experiment goes well. Do you understand? â€


“Yes, Mistress, I understand.” A girl’s reputation was important, even I knew this, and liked the idea of the session with several boys being anonymous, and the idea of being free to experiment with my oral sex skills was getting me turned on. My climax trigger of a warm, cock in my mouth shooting cum all over my tongue while I please myself, and being able to replicate the trigger many times had me squirming in my seat to readjust my straining clit.


“I am a little confused about one thing.“


“yes, baby girl.”


“Our ‘special’ training sessions are just the two of us. How will it be with several boys at the same time? How does a girl take care of many cocks at the same time?”


She smiled. â€œWell, there are ways, but that will not be for next week. For the group therapy session, You will focus on your oral skills only, and I will ensure that you will be with each boy just one at a time.” She seemed to squirm in her seat a little. I was getting to know her very well and knew that this talk of me taking on several young boys one, after another, after another, after another, was turning her on. â€œHow many boys will there be?”


“Not exactly sure. Maybe 10 or so. You OK with that baby girl?”


“If you think it is OK, then I am sure it will be fine.” I absentmindedly picked up a carrot stick and started nibbling on it. She almost spit up her wine when she saw me with a long carrot in my mouth. 


“Baby girl, I love you so much. You are just so cute. Next week’s group session will be fun. I want you to have fun, and know that I will be right there with you to handle things so that everything goes smoothly.“ She leaned in and touched her lips to mine. This moment was special, for sure. She never kissed me at the dining room table. I was not sure if she was initiating a session with me right now, or what.  I just tentatively extended my small tongue to her lips, licked, and ever so slightly p ushed my tongue into her mouth to coax out her tongue to meet mine. Her tongue was warm, wet with anticipation and slipped into my small mouth in a loving open mouth kiss. Playfully, I nipped at her tongue and then sucked hard and drew all 11cm of it out of her mouth and into my small mouth, giving it a mini blow job as I pushed forward and back, reaching up to her neck, entwining my fingers in her golden blonde hair, to pull her to me, to control her head. I could tell that she was smiling, but did not break the magic of the moment and just extended her very long tongue deep in my mouth to let me give her a proper tongue blow job for a full minute.   I showed her that my gag reflex was coming under my control and even tilted my head the way she taught me, so that I could push into her mouth and take her long tongue a about 5cm into my throat. I so loved pleasing her and her moans of pleasure as my small tongue fluttered the bottom of her tongue as she fucked my willing throat with her snake of a tongue. These make out sessions always seemed to get her going.


I broke our kiss. “Until tonight,” I whispered as I bounced up and wiggled my ass at her while walking out of the dining room. â€œSame time?  8 O’clock?”


“yes, baby girl. 8 O’clock, and come in your hot pink silk pajamas. No need for your training outfit tonight.”


My mind wondered with what we would be doing tonight, and completely forgot about her comment about the sessions today being in two parts.




I spent the afternoon sunning by the pool in my cute, hot pink micro mini bikini and my thoughts kept returning to her comment about porn. She had not given me access to the internet yet, and I had not asked, but now that I am going to expand my sexual evolution by researching porn, things might change. I spent way too much time squirming on my towel trying to keep my clit tucked as I simmered in my young, horny, lust filled state.


After sunning by the pool, I decided to have a lazy day in my room, reading some economic text books. A quick shower to freshen up, and I slipped on a gauzy see through silk robe which only fell to my mid-thighs . No point in anything else as it was so private in my section of the upstairs West Wing of the Chateau.  My nipples hardened when they made contact with the soft fabric and my untucked clit was semi aroused with all the erotic thoughts I had been harboring while out at the pool. Strolling out to the balcony to sit and read, I grabbed my sunglasses and thought about what might happen in that night’s training session. I shook the erotic thoughts from my head and just laid down on the chaise when I heard it. There was a knock on the door to my room. 


I wandered through my room to the opulent wooden carved door and cracked the door just a bit to see who it was. I chose not to put anything else on because, really, who could it be? It was Serena, our maid. I had forgotten that Friday was cleaning day. She was a young woman, probably 27, but could pass for 19 wit her flawless skin, strikingly hour glass figure, slim but muscular body kept very lean with all her physical duties around the property, small, but very perky C cup breasts with nipples I could see through her uniform from time to time, a face like a super model which she always kept made up perfectly while on duty and a sparkle in her eyes. 


My Guardian Mistress Took Serena in when no one else would after she fled persecution in her home country Columbia. Some sort of rigged beauty contest in which Serena would not go along, or maybe she refused to be a drug mule at a beauty contest in the USA. All bad stuff and she needed to get out of there fast and My Guardian Mistress was the only one who would support her immigration VISA application .  Since then, Serena was indebted to my Guardian Mistress in ways I could not truly understand, but certainly appreciated as I became enlightened about the Columbia situation.


Serena was in her usual LaPerla designer made uniform, and looking particularly gorgeous today. The uniform was a typical French style maid outfit: a black skin tight semi sheer mini spaghetti strap dress which flared at her hips, only covered half of her tight, beautiful firm ass with lacey ruffles around the hem, had a semi sheer white apron in front, tied around her waist with a bow in back right at the smallest part of her petite, feminine hour glass figure. The dress barely covered her breasts and nipples which were pushed up and out with a corset / bustier she wore under her dress. The corset cinched her waist to an impossibly small 50cm and really accentuated her hips and broad shoulders for such a petite woman. She wore a black leather very low cut thong style panty which just covered her outer labia lips and her clitoral hood. The panty had just strings on her hips and through the crack of her ass. The thong panties had a cute whale tail just at the top of her ass crack and I had noticed on more than one occasion that she would make a point to bend over when cleaning my room so that I would notice it and how her firm, muscular ass cheeks would flex as she would reach for something high up on a shelf. She had garter straps on the corset connected to her black thigh high fishnet stockings in front and back clearly visible as the hem of the dress barely came down to the thigh gap at the top of her muscular thighs, Her usual black patent leather shiny 4 inch close toed heels with gold buckles and spikes were striking. Despite her wearing stilettos most of the day, they never seemed to slow her down no matter what the cleaning task. The heels made her legs seem much longer than they were, and she knew it. Her black soft leather choker collar with her name “Serena” in gold script lettering on it around her slender neck was so sexy, I thought. , I loved that she always wore a pair of gold dangling earrings which not only matched her collar and heels, but also dangled almost down to her collar bone. I would watch as they tickled her neck and thought that she purposely shook her head while I would watch her clean so that the dangling earring show would hypnotically capture my attention. 


She wore white fingerless lacey elbow length gloves which contrasted well with her black, lacey uniform. The brown soft, smooth skin of her shoulders, upper back and chest with alluring cleavage made her outfit just that much more provocative. She wore a white ribbon in her luscious, thick, black hair which was always put up into a high pony tail. My guardian Mistress ran a very strict household staff and they were expected to present the Chateau in its best light no matter when or where they might be as her sex therapy clients could come over at any time. Serena was the quintessential image of a short, super model in a designer, skin tight, sexy maid’s outfit, but she was actually tasked with the responsibility of cleaning the massive house and did a great job with only herself and her very young daughter Jasminea who was my age. I often thought of Serena as she was just so pretty, no, more like gorgeous and I would try to offer to help her with chores just to hang around her during the day.


Today, when Serena saw me behind the door in the sheer short robe and nothing else, I saw her nipples harden and start poking through the semi sheer fabric of her lacey, skin tight dress. She tried to hide them with the feather duster in her hand, but she knew that I knew. Her glossy red lips puckered as if to pout. 


“Cleaning today Miss Mandy?” She dropped her eyes to my budding breasts which were just visible around the edge of the door . With all the special treatments my Guardian Mistress was giving me, I had full B, almost C cup breasts with cute nipples which hardened into golden pink erasers when aroused. 


“Oh, yes, uhm, I had forgotten. Of course. Come in.” I moved back and opened the door completely so she could enter. 


She stopped when she noticed that I was naked under my robe. I was back lit by the light coming from the balcony and My hour glass silhouette in the semi sheer robe did not leave much to the imagination. I started blushing as my nipples hardened and clit began to tent the front of my robe, but quickly recovered as I turned. â€œI will be on the balcony reading. Please carry on.”


“Yes, Miss Mandy. I will start with the bathroom. Just let me know if you need anything.” There was a mischievous, but sexy tone to her voice today. More so than I recalled from our earlier brief encounters. And her eyes. They seemed different today. Some sparkling glitter in her eye shadow, I think.


I wandered back out to the balcony to leave her to it. After a while I needed to go to the bathroom, returning into the main part of my bedroom, I could see the hand carry case of cleaning supplies, but not Serena. I could hear someone moaning, the noise coming from the bathroom.


Tip toeing to the edge of the door, which had been pushed slightly closed, I spied on Serena. She was sitting on the vanity surface opposite the main bathroom counter.  With mirrors on both walls, it was an infinity visual effect and Serena was in the middle of the view from my vantage point. In her black and white outfit, White fingerless gloves, brown skin, she contrasted well in the all white marble, plush, spotless bathroom.  Her legs were wide apart, heels resting on two of my vanity stools, her ass on the marble vanity counter top. She had pulled her dress up to her waist, and her thong panty to one side. She was gripping her multi-colored feather duster, and it appeared that she had affixed a black dildo to the end of her feather duster handle, slowly inserting the dildo end of the duster handle into her completely bald, smooth hairless female pussy. It appeared that the dildo was about 15cm long, with realistic veins and a prominent helmet around the head. Her outer labia lips were curling in with each penetration thrust, and curling out as she withdrew the cleaning device turned sex toy in her obviously tight pussy.  With her other hand, she was rubbing her clit which had popped out from under its hood to play. Her moans coincided with each penetrating thrust of the dildo deep inside her. The dildo was glistening with her love juices. Her head was leaning back on the mirror, her eyelids fluttering, her perfect makeup a piece of art. She was biting her lower lip and I was mesmerized. 


The most amazing part of the scene was that she had in her teeth, my tiny thong gaff from the previous day! She was breathing in my scent with each inward plunge of the dildo. I quietly watched her as she methodically plunged the 15cm dildo into her wet pussy again, again, and again. 


I quietly waited, wanting to see more, my own clit tingling and rock hard at the sight of the young woman getting off on my soiled thong gaff underwear in her mouth! It was like she was trying to French kiss my panties. It was hod.


My excitement ramped up even more as her moans began to incorporate ever so soft whispers of ‘Oh Miss Mandy, yes, yes, more Miss Mandy.” 


Her fingers were sliding all around her hard clit, making random patterns as she stroked the duster handle deep inside her cunt . Her juices clinging to the dildo as she withdrew it before plunging it back inside her wet pussy. My eyes were drawn to the point right where the dildo was penetrating her cunt. It was so sexy to watch it disappear into her wet, warm love sleave. 


My fingers reached down between my legs and I rubbed my clit, so turned on watching her. 

Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back in lust, I pulled off my robe and hastily crept into the bathroom. I stood in front of her, between her legs, and gently placed my hands on her thighs. She opened her eyes in immediate shock and I brought one of my fingers to my lips silently indicating for her to be quiet. She smiled immediately. I think this is what she had hoped would happen. How could she not. Her smile was a knowing smile, an experienced smile, a sly smile, a lover’s smile.


She reached up, pulled out my panties from her mouth and tossed them into the dirty clothes hamper. A perfect swish. She grabbed my hands, brought them to her inner thighs, slid both hands slowly up towards her stuffed pussy, she didn’t stop until she guided my right hand to the handle of the duster, right above where the 15cm dildo stopped, and my left hand to the junction of her pussy and the dildo. She coaxed me to lightly stroked her pussy lips which were covered in thick , creamy golden white cunt lubrication. 


We said nothing to each other. With our eyes locked onto each others, I very slowly slid a fingertip up and down her outer labia lips, marveling at how her small cunt lips stretched to accommodate the medium sized dildo, all the while, never breaking eye contact with her.   I enjoyed spreading her slick juices all over her pink lips, to feel the dildo slide into her, to feel the veins of the dildo impact my fingers as the toy was plunged into her cunt. I barely realized that it was I, now, who was plunging the dildo deep into her pussy.


“I was not sure where this would go, could go, but she picked up on my moment of insecurity.


“Miss Mandy, you always ask if you can help with my chores. Well, I could use your help right now. Would you help me?” it was a quiet, kitten like voice. Shy, demure, and almost pleading.


I was so stunned. â€˜What about my Guardian Mistress? I, I, I am not sure.” My voice was cracking a bit.


“You know that the Mistress knows everything that goes on in this marvelous home. I know that your education is to expand tonight.” I paused for a second. She must know. â€œGuess who sent me to your room today with the express request to help you with your, your ‘special’ education?”


My expression softened. Of course, I thought. This was the other part of the training session for today. I just nodded. She guided my right hand to start pumping the dildo into her and then leaned her had back, letting out a blissful sigh. My left thumb found her clit and I started a figure 8 motion all around her clit making sure to rub firmly as my finger traced the middle of the 8 right on her clit head.


“Oh, yes, Miss Mandy, yes. You are such a good girl, yes, push a little harder. Twist it as you push it in, Oh Yes, my God, yes. You are going to make me cum. Not so hard on my clit. Softer. Right on the tip and then around the base. Draw little patterns around it like letters or numbers. Make sure that I do not know what you will do next and it will drive me, and others, wild. Oh yes, yes, just like that. Yes. Oh fuck, yes. May I cum Miss Mandy?”


Again, I just nodded, unable to speak clearly, but on the inside I was screaming ‘oh fuck yes, this is a fantasy come true. Cum for me Serena, cum!”


Serena reached up, flipped down the thin semi sheer fabric of her dress covering her nipples and used the fabric to cup and lift up her beautiful breasts. She then pinched and twisted her dark nipples, and then I found my voice.


“Cum for me Serena, Cum now!” I pushed and twisted the feather duster turned dildo deep into her cunt.


She pinched and twisted her nipples hard and then started to shudder.


“Oh My god, Yes, Yes, I am cumming, Oh Miss Mandy, I am cumming!”


I just pumped the dildo into and out of her pussy with ever increasing speed. I kept my thumb on her clit, working the pleasure marble until I noticed a steady stream of her cunt cum juices start to dribble out of her pussy which was stretched to the limit and stuffed to her inner depths. The entire dildo was in her cunt and part of the feather duster handle. 


“Kiss me!” she hissed in between panting breaths.


I leaned in and our lips met. It was a gentle kiss with her body spasming in orgasmic bliss, but it was a loving kiss, a sweet kiss, a kiss which should have happened long ago. I crashed into her, put the dildo handle between my knees and pressed forward. The feathers of the duster tickled my ass cheeks and it would be a moment I would remember forever.


I leaned in so that our nipples pressed against each other’s. Our kiss intensified. With my knees gripping the duster handle, it was like I was fucking her like I was a man. She reached around, grabbed my small, firm soft ass and pulled me into her. I reached up with my hands and cradled her face as we kissed.    Her pulling my ass caused the duster handle to be shoved deeper inside her pussy and she moaned in my mouth.


“yes, Fuck me Miss Mandy. I have longed for this moment. To be your chamber maid, to let you do whatever you wished you could do with me, my body. Yes, fuck me,” her tongue now a swirling dynamo of energy in my small mouth.


Her tongue was not as long as my Guardian Mistress’s, but it was soft and hard, wet and warm, tender and forceful. I loved kissing her.


She kept a firm grasp on my small ass but let me take over the pace of fucking her. Right then, I wanted a larger clit, but loved the sight of the 15cm silicone dildo plunging into and out of her pussy. 


She reached down and started to stroke my rock hard clit which with the ‘special’ treatments, was now about 15cm long and seemed even thicker than its 3.5cm girth. I loved how my clit was growing longer with each month as my body filled out, responding well to the ‘special treatments I was receiving each week.


“Mistress had this dildo made especially for you, or should I say, about you. It is you, you are fucking me.” Her eyes closed an she leaned her head back against the mirror as her body shuddered in a post orgasmic tremor. I looked down and yes, the dildo did look just like my rock hard clit which was up, erect and pointing right at Serena. My puzzlement was but a second. 


She groaned. â€œYes, Miss Mandy Yes.”


I took control. She saw in my eyes the gleam of lust and groaned in response, opening her legs further. I continued to slide the dildo into her cunt by pumping my knees. My fingers teasingly worked their way up to her breasts to fondle them to pinch her nipples. We got into a rhythm and I could tell that her second orgasm was building. I leaned over and took her left nipple in my mouth, her right nipple in my fingers and simultaneously bit and pinch/twisted her nipples. Another instant orgasmic shudder, more cunt juices dribbling from her cunt, and more moans as she caressed my soft hair, pulling me to her breasts as I suckled on her nipples .


She had not forgotten my clit an was stroking it with feather like fingertip gestures . It was driving me wild. If I had been with My guardian Mistress, I would have started counting to 10.


“I, I’m not sure Mistress would like this. I am not supposed to cum without her, uhm, her clit in my mouth. I , I..” Serena put her finger to my lips.


“Do not worry my love. This is part of your new education. You are free to cum now, Cum when you want. Cum when it feels right. Do you like what I am doing with your beautiful clit?”


She was so sexy, so experienced. When she knew I was about to cum myself, she pushed my hips back, pulled out the feather duster / dildo, dropped it to the floor, and guided my clit into her pussy which was wet and slippery. In just moments, I was jewels deep in her velvety warm love tunnel. It was just so incredible. I could not stop it. We came together in a thunderous moment of silent screaming, our tongues in each other’s mouth, her legs wrapped around my tiny waist, her heels digging into my ass to spur me to fuck her harder . I pounded her as best I could and I felt her love juices flush out her cunt and bathe my clit and jewels, comingling with my spurts of cum juice bathing the inside of her pussy, both juices dribbling down my inner thighs. This was heaven. We just continued. I was not going soft anytime soon and it was pleasing to feel her tongue in my mouth as I climaxed, like having a small clit or cock in my mouth which was my trigger.


We both just gyrated our hips for 10 minutes basking in the afterglow of our orgasms, hissing, caressing, fondling each other’s body 


“You are such a beauty. Your young body so perfect. Flawless. I have wanted this for so long. This is what it will be like from now on Miss Mandy. Go with your feelings, your emotions, your instincts. I will be here for you, whenever you need me and always willing, always wet for you.”   In a shy voice she said: “Am I your first?”




“Your first woman, that is?”


I just kept a slow circling motion with my hips. As I did this, she tightened her cunt muscles around my clit and it felt like a glove, very soft, slippery but tight.  My clit was still rock hard with the excitement of the moment. 


“Well, my Mistress, uh, well, you know…..”


She cut me off. â€œYou like it when I tighten my pussy for you Miss Mandy?” She squeezed her Cagle muscles even more and it was like I had never pumped that medium sized black dildo which was a mold of my clit into her pussy at all. â€œI will be like a virgin for you Miss Mandy!” I nodded and leaned in for another kiss, forgetting about her question for the moment.


She pushed me back. â€œI know you and your Mistress have been together, but I also know that you cannot take her like you are taking me, with your young, wonderful clit. So hard, so responsive in my pussy, so wonderful. I want it in my mouth, everywhere.” Her eyes were sparkling and I felt it harder and harder to push into her tight pussy.


”I will be Like a virgin for you Miss Mandy. You will see. Always like a virgin, even when your clit gets larger and larger, bigger than my personal Miss Mandy dildo, I will always be like a virgin for you.” She used her heels again to kick my ass into her, and once I had penetrated her tight pussy with our pelvises smashed up against each other, she started wiggling her hips, rubbing her clit on my skin just above my own clit which was jewels deep inside her very tight pussy.


“Make me cum Miss Mandy, make me yours. I will do anything for you, to you, I will be your special girl with a real pussy, always wet, always tight for you. Yes, Miss Mandy, make me cum again.” She was thrusting her hips back and forth with my clit buried deep inside her. I watched as her eyes closed, her mouth opened and she started to shudder again with another orgasm. “Your clit is just the right size. You are hitting my G Spot with each thrust. Oh fuck, yes, each time you push in, your clit tip is rubbing my g Spot and, Oh, My, God, it is amazing. Right there. Stop. feel that textured flesh inside my pussy with your clit tip. That is my G Spot. Work it, rub it, pound it, but whatever you do not stop.” Her eyes fluttered close and her body tensed up.


“Fuck yes, Miss Mandy, your clit is perfect, just perfect. I never, never thought it would be this good. Oh fuck yes. Work my G Spot again and again. This is how you will get girls and women to cum with your beautiful clit. Oh yes. Oh Fuck. fuck me, Oh My god, yes, I am your, all yours, your personal fuck toy whenever you want. Oh My god this is amazing!” her fingernails were clawing my ass as she pulled me into her.


I pushed my small tongue deep into her mouth and we kissed as she spasmed with her climax for what seemed like 60 seconds. She was squeezing my clit so hard that she literally pulled another orgasm out of me, milking my clit of my cum as I erupted deep inside her, her legs wrapped tightly around me, our tongues dancing a lovers dance.


I finally broke our kiss and resumed our gentle back and forth stroking motion. I looked down. Her breasts looked young, very young, with large dark aureoles and chocolate nipples which seemed to tighten and pucker under my gaze even though I had suckled on them before. I leaned forward and kissed each breast, coating each nipple in saliva, blowing across the flesh of her breasts. I moved to one nipple again and drew the hard nub into my mouth, pulling very gently and rubbing my teeth over the flesh. She moaned and put her hand on the back of my head and arched her breast into my mouth. I transferred my attention to her other nipple, sucking and pulling on it with my teeth.

Moving my fingers from stroking the sides of her breasts down to her clit. I started to gently circle the little clit bud again with the pad of my longest finger on my right hand, slowly increasing the pressure, she clutched tighter to my head, pulling me to her breast, begging me with her action to suck harder, to bite harder. She moaned again and tried to wiggle her hips into my pelvis as I continued the long, slow stroking of her pussy with my hard clit, making sure to focus my clit tip right on her G Spot. 


I increased the pressure on her clit, circling with my finger faster and faster. Her heart was racing so fast, until she started to pant like a dog, and then she stopped breathing altogether. I pushed her over that wonderful edge of orgasm again by pinching her clit and biting her nipple at the same time while pounding into her G Spot with my clit. She was like a toy and I could not get enough. 


Easing off the pressure on her clit and moving away from her nipples, I looked down at her wet, glistening pussy lips encircling my clit. Her cunt was exuding cream, a wonderful glob of her cum pushed out of her opening as I withdrew my clit so that just the head was still inside her. The girl cum rested on the base of my still hard clit. Her breathing finally returned to normal and she just looked at me with cute, soft “I love you” eyes.






Yes, you are my first.” I whispered in a shy kitten voice.


“Looks like you have something to clean up.” I pulled back from her embrace. My clit popped out of her cunt and I  stood between her legs. Like so many times before with my Guardian Mistress who did this with me, I pointed to the marble floor in front of me. â€œNow!” I commanded in a voice I did not know I possessed.


“She looked a little stunned, but quickly understood. She was my toy, not the other way around, and got onto her knees. I grabbed her high pony tail an guided her mouth with glistening lips to my clit which was covered in her cunt cum. She needed no further instruction. She licked her lips and then engulfed my entire clit in her mouth, with my clit head going part way down her throat. I felt her wiggling tongue on my clit. It was heaven. I could feel her suck, suck hard, and knew that I was going to cum, again, this time into her mouth. I kept pressure on her pony tail to drive my clit into her mouth and she did her best to give me the best, first female to T Girl blow job I ever had. It was glorious and just looking down on her in the sexy maid’s outfit, I lasted only 5 minutes. Her expert oral skills were on full display and when I came, I just held her head to my pelvis as a signal that I would cum into her throat. She started humming and this hastened my orgasm. It was wonderful and I came hard, despite just coming twice before, or was it three.  Her tongue teased my pee hole and when I could not stand it any more, I pulled her head back by the pony tail. I stepped back, my clit expertly cleaned by my personal maid.


She looked up from her knees and licked the cum around her lips. â€œmay we go to your bed Miss Mandy?” It was a command or was it a request. It mattered not. She stood, grabbed my hand and led me out of the bathroom to the opulent four poster bed. 


Standing at the side of the high profile bed, she turned her back to me, “Un zip me please, Miss Mandy.”


I moved to her and unclasped the clip at the top of the zipper, pulled down the pull tab and watched as the stretchy fabric released is grip on her body. She wiggled a bit and pulled her arms from the shoulder straps. She wiggled some more and pulled it down, past her hips and let it fall to the floor like a puddle of silk.


Putting her hands on the bed, She looked back and winked. She arched her back, straightened her legs and stuck her ass out at me.


“Please, Miss Mandy, I am all yours, take off my panties. They are your prize, your trophy.” She wiggled her hips in a seductive manner as she looked over her left shoulder at me.


I moved to right behind her and curled my index fingers under the side straps of her tight, thong panties. They were so soft, but strong. I had forgotten that they were even on when I was fucking her. I slid the down her hips and watched as the string between her firm ass cheeks slid down. I bent down and pulled them all the way off. She stepped out of them, one foot at a time. I stood back up and she just staid in position, hands on the bed, legs straight, ass pushed out and making small circling motions to entice me. I tossed the elegant, but wet with our cum juices, panties onto my night stand. I would enjoy thinking about them as a trophy later. Turning my attention back to Serena, I then noticed it.


Right where her thong panty whale tail had been was a tattoo. It said “Property of Mistress Mia Love’.  My mind was racing.


“Who is Mia Love?”


“Your Mistress, of course.”


Holy fuck. My Guardian Mistress had never told me her name. She was always to be referred to as “Mistress” and I never questioned her. No I learn that she has my same last name “Love’. I got dizzy for a second.


I had heard about sex slave relationships and wondered. â€œDoes my Mistress own you?”


Serena dropped her head to her hands and still looking at me, still wiggling her amazing ass at me, responded: ;”Well, sort of. She saved me when I was most vulnerable, most in need of help and she was the only one. I am devoted to her. She is my Mistress and in loving dedication to her, I got the tattoo to show her that I will always be hers. So, in many ways, she owns me and I would be proud to hear her call me her sex slave, but that is for her to say, not me. I love the thought of her looking at it while she fucks me from behind.” Serena was making small, sensuous circles with her hips and she spread her legs a bit so I could see her pussy better.  


“Mistress fucks you?”


“Of course, silly. Often. She has a massive clit and she loves it when I cum almost instantly when she enters me from behind with me on all fours, wiggling my ass like I am doing with you right now. My trigger is feeling her jewels touch my ass. I always cum in our sessions the first time I feel her jewels resting against my female clit.”


She continued. “All her clients love to think of me as a sex slave and I feed their fantasies with the Tattoo. So, yes, I guess, I would consider myself to be owned by her.”


“Do you know my last name?”


“Of course, silly. You are Miss Mandy Love.”


“how is it that we have the same last name? Do you know?”


She crawled up onto the bed now and flopped into a pile of pillows on my back on her back


“Like me, she rescued you when you were most in need, you know, after your Mother died. She is your Aunt, your Mother’s younger sister. Didn’t you know that?”


“No, but everything makes sense now.”


“Good, now get up here. We are not done with your lessons today.” Her smile was wicked.


I crawled up on the bed and noticed that as I approached Serena, she spread her athletic legs wide. Her outer labia lips parted and I could see her flower in full bloom . She had such control of her Cagle muscles, that she was winking her glistening love tunnel at me. Her outer labia lips were still glistening. Was it my cum, her cum, more of her cunt lubrication dribbling out? It was so sexy. She opened her arms and invited me to crawl up onto her.


“You are just so beautiful Miss Mandy. I love your skin. So soft, so supple. So delicious.” She cupped my chin and pulled my lips to hers for a kiss. It felt so natural, so perfect, and yes, so delicious.  I noticed that she was looking down between my breasts at my rock hard clit resting on her tummy.  She licked her lips.


“Instinctively, I crawled further up her torso and straddled her head with my knees on pillows.


“Suck it’.”



She cradled my jewels with her right hand, grasped the base with her left and guided it to her wet lips . She extended her tongue to provide a landing path and pulled my jewels forward to coax me to thrust into her mouth . She started to suck at the tip. The movement of her hands on my jewels and shaft were so soft, so delicate, yet continuous.


“I hear that your clit sucking skills are amazing. I only hope that this comes close to what you do for our mistress with that beautiful young mouth of yours.”


She reached between my legs and cupped my ass with her right hand to pull me into her mouth further. Within seconds, she had me completely in her mouth. I could feel her tongue flutter on my clit shaft, her lips around the base of my clit and the tip of my clit working its way into her throat. She was about my height, maybe a bit shorter, with very petite features. Even my 15cm clit was too much for her mouth and I could feel her throat open to accommodate my clit head, and more. She used a swallowing technique and it was very sensuous as she continued to fondle my jewels and the flesh between my jewels and anal star. 


She pulled back to speak. â€œMistress told me that you liked a tongue in your tight little ass. Is that right?”


I did and just responded by moving further up so she could begin to kiss my anal star.


“yes, Serena, I love a tongue in my ass. Kiss me. Kiss me there with your tongue!” I grabbed the head bord of the four poster bed, raised up to my feet, and squatted over her face. She pried apart my firm ass cheeks, and extended her tongue, pointed it into a spear and began probing my anal star. Yes, I loved to have my back door love tunnel kissed and probed with a tongue. I started a low moan when her lips made full contact with my outer ring. She started to French kiss my ass and my clit could not have been harder right then, right there hovering above her beautiful face.    


“I know that I do not have as long a tongue as Mistress does, but maybe you will like this.”


She spread my ass cheeks and while she French kissed my puckered anal star with her lively tongue, she continued to stroke my clit shaft which was oozing just a bit of precum again. She used the precum to lubricate    my shaft and the combination was amazing. If I had let her continue, I would have cum in her mouth, but I wanted to deposit more cum in her pussy. I stroked her black, thick hair a few times, and then grabbed a fist full of it to pry her mouth away from my anal star. Her wiggling tongue was pushed out, seeking mor of my young anal love tunnel, but I wanted to fuck her in this missionary position. I wanted to feel her breasts on mine, her arms around my back, holding my ass, her legs wrapped around my small waist, her lips on mine as we kissed.


Holding her hair, she knew that I was in control and stopped her stroking of my cleft shaft. As I reversed crawled down her torso, she snuggled down in the pillows and fondled her nipples as I put my knees between her thighs.


“What else did Mistress tell you about me?”


Serena responded by lifting her head up and licking my right nipple. “that you love nipple play. The harder, the better.” Right then, she bit my nipple, hard. I squealed in response.


“yes.” I cupped the back of her head and pulled her into my breast so that she could suckle more. She teased, nipped, nibbled and bit each of my nipples until they were, again, fully engorged with blood and ready for more. My clit was humping into the soft flesh under her corset and I needed to be inside her.


“Serena, I want to practice feeling your G Spot with my clit. Tell me when I am rubbing it with the tip.”


I put my hands on either side of her upper torso and used my clit contraction muscles to position my clit at her entrance without using any hands.


“Nice clit control.” She was watching as I lined up my clit with her pussy by working my clit muscles. â€œ   Now, always be patient. No woman ever wants to have a cock jammed into her at first. That is the stuff of pornos. At first, gently slide it in, let the shaft lubricate with my pussy juice. Only when you are fully wet, should you go all the way in, and once in fully, hold it there for a second just to let me feel full, feel the girth of your clit, your length, let me revel in the feeling of being taken, controlled, fucked.”


I did as she instructed, and her moans of approval told me all I needed to know about how much she enjoyed my clit length and girth in her petite pussy.  I then withdrew just a bit and worked the tip of my clit on the flesh at the top of her love tunnel. 


“Yes, right there. Oh, yes, fuck yes, right there.” I had found it again and would never forget where it is.


I hooked my arms under her knees and then put my hands back on either side of her small waist cinched by her corset. This had the effect of rotating her hips up and changing the angle of my clit into her pussy. The reaction was immediate. 


“Wha, what are you doing? Oh fuck, oh fuck I am cumming. How did you know.”


I just bounced her ass up and down while pinning her knees up with my arms. My clit was at a perfect angle to rub and massage her G Spot and she immediately started to cum, her love juices dribbling out of her pussy which was spasming with orgasmic contraction after orgasmic contraction.  I did not stop. I kept bouncing her ass on the bed, allowing her ass motion to force my clit tip onto her G Spot. The second orgasm hit her and the surprise on her face was precious. 


“Oh My.” Was all she got out before another full body orgasm caused her to go stiff. I continued, never relenting on my clit tip rubbing of her G Spot. I wanted to know, needed to know, what her limits are.


“Fuck, what are you doing? What ..” Another quick orgasm, another squirt of her girl cum on my clit. I was smiling broadly now.


After about 60 seconds of her full body spasm, she relaxed a bit and just let her knees push farther back so that she was doing the splits with her heels dangling in the air, my arms locking her legs in place.


“I am all yours, totally, completely, all yours.” At that, she started spasming again with her fifth back to back orgasm. My clit was perfectly positioned on her G Spot and the bouncing effect forced the massaging to be a bit more powerful than even I thought was possible.


She was just smiling, a big, beautiful smile. She reached around and cupped my firm ass cheeks in her hands and squeezed and caressed the young, soft skin of my ass. She knew not to pull me in as I was already in the perfect position for a rolling multi-orgasmic session. She no longer moaned or squealed when she came for a sixth time, and her pussy barely spasmed, but the squirt of cunt juice told me what I needed to know. 


I lean in for a kiss as her seventh in a row orgasm hit. 


“Fuck yes miss Mandy, I am all yours, Fuck me, Fuck me Miss Mandy.” That was all she could say as my tongue flooded her mouth with twirling and fluttering moves.  She reached up and pinched my nipples hard.  And then whispered into my small mouth:


“I was excited to learn from mistress that you enjoyed nipple play.” She used her sharp, pointed fingernails to rake my nipples, and then squeeze them, then sharply pinching them with the pointed ends of her nails, but finally had to drop her hands and grab the duvet cover again as her next orgasm gripped her entire body. 


I just kept bouncing her ass with my clit in the G Spot rubbing position and she came 11 or 12 times in a row, her cunt contractions and pussy juice squirts at the apex of each climax being the only way I knew she was having another orgasm.  She had turned into jelly and could not even kiss me towards the end of the multi-orgasmic back to back to back string of dopamine releases in her brain. She just kept on saying ‘I am yours, Miss Mandy, I am yours, all yours.” What a power trip it was to make her come so many times in a row. No way could I come that many times.


Finally, I needed to catch my breath. As athletic as I was, I was still human and the focused exercise movement was building up lactic acid in my muscles. Good thing she finally spoke again.


“P, please Miss Mandy. A break, please. I need a break. So many, oh fuck so many. Never before, ever, you are so amazing.“


I then just pushed my clit in as deep as it could go and released her knees so that her legs could fall. I just started giving her soft kisses on her breasts, nipples, neck, ears, cheeks and lips. Soft baby kisses, and whispered “Serena, you are such a good girl. Such a good girl for me. Yes, you are mine and we will have many, many more sessions like this.” I paused at her lips and she extended her tongue to draw me into a deep, gentle, caressing kiss, her arms wrapping around my back and holding me tight to her, our breasts lining up and pressing into each other.


“Teach me. I will do whatever you want, whatever you wish, whatever you think will be good for my future career. I will be the best student.”


“You, my darling, are something special. Very special. I know why Mistress, your Aunt, has chosen to be your Guardian . I have never, ever experienced anything like that, I mean never. Oh my, you are so amazing and your clit is so perfect for me, my pussy, and more. I will be happy and sad when your clit grows to its full size with the special treatments you are receiving. For now, however, I am just going to enjoy it, love it.”


We just laid there for several minutes until her strength returned.  I just rocked my pelvis back and forth, making sure to let her feel how hard my clit still was deep inside of her.


Pushing me off her, Serena pushed me onto my back. “Lay on your back. Its my turn!” I marveled at her energy.


Doing as I was told, I settled on to the bed, my head slightly propped up against the pillows, smiling at the view, My rock hard clit resting on my tummy. 


”hold it up Miss Mandy.”


Serena stood on the bed, giving me an erotic dance as she lowered her hips, her heels on either side of my thighs. She squatted down with her pussy hovering over my clit which was pointed directly up at her, me holding it up at the base. I was speechless as I watched her cunt drop down and envelope my clit in one sliding movement without any hesitation, her legs almost doing the splits, her knees pointed out. She groaned with pleasure as her cunt expanded to take its fill of my clit right to the base. Then she slowly lifted off, plunging quickly back down. She repeated this pile driving motion over and over. I had grabbed her calves as she looked lovingly into my eyes. The pile driving motion was different, less feeling and more erotic sensation. The slapping sound of her wet pussy hitting my pelvis filled the air for several minutes .


“ I will be a virgin for you again Miss Mandy.” At this, she clinched her Cagle muscles on the next pile drive and my clit nearly bent in half as it forced its way into her tightened cunt with all her weight falling on me. It was now more than erotic. The tight friction of her love tunnel was squeezing my clit and it was as if every nerve ending was on fire as my clit jammed into her oh, so tight cunt.


I took her hands as she lifted off again for another pile drive. I felt the beginning of an orgasm as the sensations built up around my clit head. What ramped up those feelings was her cunt juices, white and creamy, dribbling out of her cunt and down my clit shaft. The more she drove herself up and down, her creamy juices began to pool on my tummy.  Her cunt lips sucked on my clit like she was giving me a blow job, but her mouth could never squeeze as hard as her pussy was with her trained Cagle muscles.


Edging closer to her own orgasm, Serena wiggled and circled her hips in a cork screwing motion as she would lift off and drop down, moans coming from her lips with each descent. Her grunts and moans were getting louder and coincided with my building orgasm. The scene was just so fucking sexy, her tits bouncing in her corset, holding hands with me to stabilize, and us both never loosing eye contact with each other.


Finally, she dropped to her knees and ground her clit into my pelvis, opening her cunt to take me as deep as she could.  With her bucking and grinding her pelvis with me deep inside, she cooed, “Cum for me. Cum for me Miss Mandy.” 


That was it. I was pushed over the edge and I came hard, panting and moaning at this new sensation. Serena at the same time climaxed as she wiggled her pussy around my cleft shaft, cunt juices spilling out of her cunt onto my tummy. We just wiggled and ground into each other for what seemed like 2 full minutes as each of us milked every ounce of orgasm out of the moment. 


Slowing her movements, Serena was breathing hard and started to slow down.


“Oh fuck Miss Mandy, you’ve surpassed yourself this time! That was amazing and I didn’t think I could cum again, but wanted your cum in my pussy.”


“Oh Serena, you are the amazing one.” I softly stroked her thighs and gazed at her flushed body covered in a sheen of sweat. She rocked forward, releasing my clit from the wet, warm clutches of her pussy. My clit was covered in her and my cum as it slapped onto my tummy.  


“Look at that! More to clean up! I want to lick and taste our cum.” Serena crawled backwards and grabbed my clit by the base to lift it up and tilt it towards her open mouth. She closed her eyes and engulfed my clit into her warm mouth. I could feel her tongue twirling, and licking the cum around my clit like a kitten lapping up cream. She worked my clit deeper and deeper until her lips were at my jewels, her tongue fluttering my clit base. Then she moved to my tummy to lick up all her and my cum which had dribbled out of her pussy and had pooled there. She was meticulous with her cleaning and I just softly stroked her thick, luxurious hair as she performed her duty to clean me up with her tongue.  Her tongue was so lively that if I had softened at all after my orgasm, I stiffened up again. She noticed and looked up at me with a gleam in her eye.


I whispered in a husky voice, “I need to taste you!” I pulled her up so that she was on all fours above me and then crawled out from underneath her. I rotated so that we were in the 69 position and again crawled underneath her, with that beautiful glistening flower of a pussy right at my lips.  I could see her hard clit, red after all the attention it had been receiving for the past 1.5 hours. Her labia lips puffy, and red, but glistening with her pussy juices still flowing, and just a drop or two of my several loads of cum oozing out of it. Serena let out a purring moan as she knew what was coming next.


 â€œI am going to suck all of my cum out of your delicious pussy, and then kiss you with it.” Serena moaned again.


“Oh, my god, Miss Mandy, Yes, taste me. I will be a good girl and squeeze all of your cum out of my pussy.” 


I stared up at her gorgeous pussy. Serena had a perfectly bald, smooth, brown pussy with pink lips and this was my first chance to see it in the 69 position. . Her puffy vulva was smeared with my cum. Her pussy gaped open just a bit from my clit fucking her just moments ago, but she had amazing control of her Cagle muscles. She was making her pussy love tunnel wink at me. It was so sexy. A white glob of my cum dribbled out of her pussy as she squeezed her Cagle muscles and several drops landed on my lips as she lowered her pussy to my face. I was giddy with excitement with the thought of licking my cum out of her soft, wet pussy . She hovered just above my lips, the steam of her hot pussy was intoxicating. I savored the moment. It would be my first opportunity to suck my own cum out of a woman’s pussy and Serena’s was gorgeous.  I wanted, no, needed to begin my French kiss of her most intimate body part. 

er pussy was such a pretty sight, pink, and looking like a flower from a Georgia O'Keeffe painting I had seen in one of my art history text books. That artist must have loved pussies. But I could see why now. I hungered to taste this one, adore it, make love to it with my small mouth and eager tongue. I licked my lips, tasting my salty cum infused with her spicy musk. Her pussy lips were flush from all the fucking they had just endured, but looked incredible.


Then her cunt pressed on my mouth. â€œMandy,” she whimpered as my tongue slid through her cunt, sucking my cum out of her spicy depths. “Oh, yes, Mandy!”

I didn't answer her, too busy savoring my first cum taste out of a woman's cunt. I reveled in the feel of her shaved vulva rubbing on my lips, and the silky feel of her folds on my swiping tongue. I trembled, my own clit twitching in sympathetic envy. She grasped my clit, lifting it. Her lips nuzzled at it again. I groaned as her wet lips slipped over the crown of my clit to engulf it into her warm mouth. Pleasure shot down my shaft. My clit tensed while I moaned into her juicy pussy. I plunged my tongue deep into her cunt, searching for more of my salty sweet cum as she sucked my entire clit into her mouth and down her petite throat.


My French kiss of her pussy was delicious and sensual. Her cunt was just the right size to lock my lips to it and create a perfect seal so that as I sucked hard, all of her girl juices and my cum was pulled into my mouth with no dribbling around the corners of my lips.  I could feel her contract her well trained Cagle muscles and with each contraction, I received another tasty portion of my cum. We just continued devouring each other like this for 10 minutes or so, her milking and making love to my clit with her mouth, and me deep French kissing her labia lips which were becoming more lubricated with her arousal at my tongues proving of her depths.


She really was quite fit as I would not have thought she could cum again, but I could feel the tell tale signs of another orgasm building within her as I reached around her hips with my delicate fingers to caress her smooth, firm ass cheeks, and pull her onto my mouth. I could feel her circle her hips and hum on my clit as her state of excitement increased.  Her back arched and her hips started that tell tail circling motion which told me that she was really aroused. I could feel her hard nipples trace random patterns on my tummy as she sucked my clit deep down her throat again, and again.


Her tongue lashing of my clit was amazing, but I had cum so many times, I did not think I had recharged enough to cum again. Serena’s pussy, however, was the energizer bunny and just kept cumming, and cumming. After another 2 minutes of my French kissing my cum out of her pussy, there was no more to pull out of her. I then concentrated my tongue fluttering on her hard clit nub. Her moaning increased immediately. I used a figure 8 pattern on her clit and within 60 seconds, was rewarded with another mini squirt of her cunt cum into my mouth as her body spasmed in a medium sized orgasm. I thought she would bite into my clit as her jaw clinched with the apex of the orgasm, but she just pressed her teeth hard right on my clit shaft at the base without breaking the skin. It was an amazing deep throat moment for me and I wondered how long she could keep my clit in her throat, pressing her teeth into my shaft.   I actually thought it was arousing to feel her teeth on my clit and made a mental note to explore this sensation with her another time.


Finally spent, at least for the moment, she rolled off me and just laid on her back, her head resting on a plush pillow. She was breathing hard and looked like an angel in her black choker, tightly sinched corset, garter straps connected to her fish net stockings, still with her stilettos on. She brought up one knee and looked like a centerfold model, her cunt all glistening with her girl cum still oozing out of her. She beckoned me to her with her open palms.


I twisted around and crawled up to rest on my side next to her. We just looked into each other’s eyes for a minute, before she leaned in for a tender kiss. I reached over and pulled her to my naked body, our nipples pushing into each other, my clit still hard and poking her in her tummy. She cupped my firm ass cheeks and pulled me into her.   We caressed each other but I knew that she was thinking about something else. Finally, I asked.


“What are you thinking about Serena, right now, this instant?’


  â€œYou, my love.”


“What about me?”


“That your session will not be complete until we go around the world.”


“World? What do you mean?”


“You may be brilliant, but I still have several things to teach you.”




“You will see, but I just want to hold you for a few minutes.” We tenderly kissed and caressed each other as we both came down a bit from our multi-orgasmic highs. 


She broke our make out session to look at me. â€œGoing around the world means, at least for a woman, that she will take a load of cum in each of her love tunnels. I have tasted your delicious cum in my mouth, more than once. My pussy has enjoyed your hot, creamy love juice several times as well. Now, for your final lesson of the day and to take me around the world, you will cum in my cute, tight ass, while I beg for it.” My clit twitched at the thought of my clit in her ass which was wiggling in my hands as we caressed, side by side. My eyes must have been sparkling.


“the thought of fucking my ass excites you, No?”




There are many, many positions in which you will be able to fuck my anal love tunnel, and we will explore all of them in time. For now, for today, I want to give you, for your first anal experience, a classic.“


She pushed me back and half rolled onto her tummy. She then lifted up to her hands and knees, spread her knees on the duvet cover, and started wiggling her firm, smooth ass. She reached back and slapped her right ass cheek with her right had five times really hard. I watched as she closed her eyes to absorb the pain / pleasure of the ass slaps.  She then crossed her hands below her face and lowered her face to her hands, never loosing eye contact with me. She blew me an air kiss with her lips and then started the lesson.


“Fucking me in the ass is the ultimate surrender, the ultimate submissive position, at least it is for me. I want to be dominated, to be used, to be treated like a sex toy when I let you into my ass, but you have to be careful. You must always make sure your client is ready. If they are not ready, you can do some real damage to their back door tunnel. If you can, if the circumstances are right, always start with a little pleasure and pain to let your client know that you are in charge, in control, and that they must obey you. I want you to spank me. Spank me hard or soft, on both of my ass cheeks. Take command of me. Pull my pony tail to force me to arch my back and present my ass to you. Be my lover, my Mistress as you transition from a giver of pain to a giver of pleasure. Crawl behind me and feel my hot ass cheeks with your soft fingertips. Caress me, love me and then pull them apart to kiss me. Using your tongue will allow me to prepare for your clit. Make your tongue into a pointed spear and lick all around my anal star, then flutter your tongue, and finally push in to make full contact with your lips. I want to feel you French kiss my ass and make love to my star with your tongue. I will loosen up and start moaning for more. Continue this until my star opens up for you, starts to wink, then push your small tongue as deep as it can go. When you think I am ready for the next step, use your fingers. One or two to begin with to further open me up.  Later I will show you how to fist my ass, but I just want you to get used to the feeling of how my anal star will loosen up and be prepared for you. After that, you will know what to do. My moaning, my hip motions, my alluring spreading of my knees to welcome more of you will tell you that I am ready for you, for your clit to penetrate my ass. I will guide you, show you how to find my anal G Spot. You will work it like you worked my pussy G Spot and you will make me cum without touching my pussy, if you concentrate on my motions, my moans, how I react to your penetrations.” I was enraptured with her mini lecture on the fine art of ass fucking, and my clit could not be harder.


She turned her head so that she was resting her chin on her hands and just kept wiggling her cute ass for me to start. I was behind her in 2 seconds. I reached up and grabbed each of her elbows, forcing her head to fall onto the duvet cover. I pulled her hands to behind her back and told her to be a good girl and clasp her hands together, not to release her hands until told to do so, and to refer to me for the rest of our session as her ‘Mistress.” The sound of the word “mistress” was erotic to me and I loved it when she responded. â€œyes, Mistress Mandy,” a sexy tone to her voice.


I released her hands and reached up to take a fist full of her pony tail. I pulled hard and lifted her entire torso off the bed. She screamed in surprise at the 1000 points of white hot pain in her scalp as I pulled her up. My spanking of her ass started immediately. My small hands could not spank as hard as hers, but they still made loud smacking sounds as I made contact with her firm ass cheeks. She was so tone, that her flesh barely moved when I slapped it, but it did redden a bit with the continuous slapping all around her cute ass. I think I may have given her 25 slaps on each cheek before whispering: “Will you be a good girl for me Serena? Open up your legs, your heart, your ass for me!”


“Oh, yes, yes, Mistress Mandy. I will be a good girl. I am all yours. “ She spread her knees so that her reddened ass was at the same height as my pelvis. â€œI am yours, my ass is yours. Take me. Fuck me. Fuck my ass, Please Mistress Mandy, fuck my ass.”


I released her hair and she fell back onto the duvet cover, turning her face so she could watch me out of the corner of her right eye.


I leaned in and caressed her ass flesh. It was warm, even hot in some places, and when my delicate fingers caressed the flesh, she got goose bumps all over. I rubbed them away and then put my small fingers between her ass cheeks to pry them apart. I was so excited. I pushed forward and watched as her anal star was pulsating with equal excitement. I extended my tongue and pointed it at her star. First contact was interesting. Musky, salty, a combination of our mixed cum had coated her anal star area and I licked it all , circling her star with my tongue. I knee walked up a bit more to make sure I could push in closer, and then pushed my small tongue into her star. She opened for me. I was not sure if she had control of her anal star or not, but my tongue pushed in and it was magical. Feeling her outer ring give my tongue a mini blow job was so sexy. I pushed further and made contact with my lips. As she had instructed, I pried apart her cheeks a bit more and sealed our kiss with my lips. My tongue started a series of circling and darting motions around and into her star. She started moaning, and the moans were genuine. She started to circle her hips, but I wanted more of my tongue in her has so I gave her a sharp spank on her right ass cheek to let her know that I was not yet done French kissing her. It was lovely, feeling her star capture my tongue and squeeze it, suck it into her back door love tunnel. I was so mesmerized by the sensation that it took her whimpering to bring me back to the moment. 


I pulled back and noticed that her star was now pulsating open and closed wit more excitement. I licked two fingers and pushed them inside only to hear her moan even more, but this was a guttural moan, coming from deep within her. I put 2 more fingers in her ass and was now        slowly, gently fucking her ass with all four of my fingers. I contemplated accelerating things by fisting her ass right now, but knew that there was plenty of time for that in later sessions. What was more important was the controlled patience she was teaching me. Things could happen quickly, but they often are much more erotic when things unfold slowly, sensuously.


I pulled back and watched again her star, now more dilated, wink open and closed. She was ready and her hip circling indicated that my timing was right.


“Pull your ass apart for me Serena!”


She unclasped her hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart for me. I thought she was going to rip her ass crack she was pulling so hard.


I pushed her ass down a bit more and lined up my clit to her winking star. This was it, the moment of truth, my first ever ass fucking about to begin.


I spit some saliva into my hand and rubbed it on my clit tip to lubricate it. Then I pushed forward to insert the tip of my clit into her star. It was tight, warm, magical. I heard her guttural moan again. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. She responded quickly and thrust back, taking half my length inside her anal star in one go. She hissed out a breath.


“Yes, Mistress Mandy, Take me. Fuck me. I am all yours. Fuck my ass. Please Mistress Mandy, fuck my ass. I am ready for you. So ready.”


Her pleas were rewarded. I pushed forward and buried the rest of my 15cm of clit into their warm, tight ass. Another hiss of breath from her. I just remained there, feeling how tight her ass was around my clit, how her anal tunnel pulsated around my clit.


Her hip circling told me that she was ready for more. I pulled back and allowed my clit to slide out of her. It was covered with her anal lubrication juices. I pushed back in and then began a rhythmic thrusting motion, allowing her hip circling to cork screw my clit into her ass. I pushed her hands away and she immediately got up to all fours. She looked over her shoulder and winked. â€œyes, Mistress Mandy, Yes.”


I pulled her hips again and started to search for her anal G Spot. After 5 minutes or so, I would notice that at a particular length of my clit in her ass, she would moan more powerfully. I concentrated the tip of my clit on that internal anal flesh and hit the jackpot.


“yes, yes, that is the spot, my anal G spot, yes, right light that. Bit harder, yes, yes, not so deep, yes, right there. Oh fuck yes, right there.”


I worked that spot for 3 full minutes and began to feel her preorgasmic moans coming from deep within her. These were different than when I was hitting her pussy G Spot. More basic. More deep. More passionate, if that is at all possible. I started circling my hips to rotate my clit tip around the anal G Spot and then it happened.


“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I am cumming, cumming, oh fuck…”


Serena’s body jerked and spasmed as her anal only orgasm hit. Her star gripped my clit hard, and squeezed in a pulsating pattern. To make sure she did not buck me off, I reached up and pulled on her pony tail again to force her back on my clit. Her back arched and she ground her ass back into me. She moaned louder, almost a scream as I pulled hard and her climax apex hit.


“god Damn it, fuck yes, oh fuck yes, deeper, harder, more.”


I may not have known a lot about anal fucking, but I did know that you do not stop a good thing. I kept working her anal G Spot despite her pleas to fuck her deeper, harder. Maintaining the same pressure, the same pattern drove her wild and after a 60 second, screaming orgasm, she finally fell to the bed after I released her pony tail. She was spent this time and just laid there without moving, my clit still buried deep in her ass The moment was just so sexy that I then, with great enthusiasm and passion, started deeply stroking my clit into her ass. It was my turn now and I wanted to complete my trip around the world.


It took me only 2 minutes of deeply fucking her loose anal tunnel, with her almost passed out and laying flat on the bed, and I was at my final point of no return for the session. The cum pressure shot down my shaft to the tip of my clit, and then started spurting into her ass. It was glorious. 


Things started to get very slippery with my cum shooting in her anal tunnel and it made it easier to slide in deeper and deeper. 


“Oh yes, oh yes.” Was all she could utter in her mid-orgasmic stupor.


She started to whimper as I was jewels deep in her ass and pounding hard, compressing her ass flesh with each hammering thrust as I rode out my orgasm.    I reached up to her shoulders to get more leverage to penetrate her deeply. My fingernails dug into the skin of her shoulders. She would have marks there later.


I just continued with an ever slowing pace with my penetrating thrusts into her ass. Finally, with me barely moving in and out of her slippery anal love tunnel, she feebly reached back and pulled me onto her back. 


“Stay inside and lay on me. I want to feel those nipples on my back.”


I, too, was spent, and laid down on her back, my nipples just above the top of her corset so that they were flesh to flesh. I relaxed and let my full body weight rest on her, my clit still hard and deep in her star.


“You are so fucking amazing. That was one of the best anal orgasms I have ever had, and that is saying something my love. Just rest now. Lay on me. You learned quickly so quickly. You are a natural.”


“thank you, Serena. Thank you for helping me, teaching me, loving me.” I kissed her shoulder and laid my head to rest on her right shoulder.


That was the end of the beginning of my new sexual education. 




I arrived at my Guardian Mistress’s door precisely at 8 pm that night, as usual. I was not in my training outfit, but rather in my hot pink silk pajamas, as instructed by my Guardian Mistress, my Aunt. My nipples a bit more engorged as I had been pinching them in anticipation of our session, wanting them to look alluring for my Mistress.


When I walked into her bedroom chamber, I noticed the clicking of my hot pink 15cm stiletto heels on the marble floor, the same soft candles were burning, the sexy music was still playing, and she was in her bright red matching silk pajamas, in her 15cm stilettos, but she did not greet me. Instead, she purred, “ Here my love. Come taste this.” She handed me a flute of bubbling water. “This is Crystal Champagne, the best of the best. Perfect for our session tonight. Sip it, do not drink it fast . enjoy the fizz on your tongue, and tell me what you think.”


I extended my fingers and cradled the beautiful champagne flute in my hand. I will never forget that moment, the first time my lips touched the chilled liquid, the rush of sensation as the bubbling alcohol filled my mouth, the cooling effect of the liquid passing into my throat and down to my tummy. It made my cute little nose wrinkle for a second and I shuddered when the alcohol effect first hit me.   â€œDelicious. Is it your favorite?”


“It is my only, and it will become your only cocktail as well, of that I am sure.” She noticed that I had sipped down half my glass. It was yummy. 


“Now go a little easy on this, we have all night. I have many different examples of porn we will watch tonight and I do not want you too tipsy.”


“What’s ‘tipsy’?”


She giggled. â€œIt is when you drink too much champagne too quickly. You will see. Now come here so we can begin.”


I moved to stand just in front of her. She had moved to the middle of the plush couch in her boudoir. Without spilling a drop of champagne, I crawled up to straddle her thighs, took a sip of champagne, and leaned in with glistening lips to kiss her. I always loved to start our sessions with a make out moment or two. I just could not get enough of her lively, long tongue working its magic in my small mouth.


“I understand that your education took an interesting turn this afternoon. What did you think of the experience?”


Knowing that the goal was, and always is, to exceed expectations, I chose my words carefully. â€œThere is a lot of material out there to learn, especially when you include the international aspects of it all, but I think I made a dent in the material with my first around the world session. I will, of course, need to introduce weekly sessions of this new material into my schedule, with your permission, approval and blessing.”  With that said, I took a long pull on my glass and drained the rest of the champagne in my glass. â€œI want to feel tipsy!”


My Guardian Mistress giggled, hugged me and kissed the top of my head. â€œI love you, Mandy.” It was the first time she ever told me that. I was instantly warm throughout my entire body. I snuggled into her arms, our slippery silk pajamas sliding against each other. I could feel her hard nipples under the soft fabric and just raked her right nipple with the fingertips of my left hand.


“May I have more champagne Mistress?”


She just hugged me tighter and purred, “Of course Mandy. Tonight will be fun an the more the champagne, the more fun with the porn. Go get us two more glasses.” With that, she drained her glass and handed it to me. 



I walked over to the champagne cart and refilled the exquisite baccarat glasses with the golden nectar.  I returned and sat in her lap, my back to her front, my ass on the couch between her legs, feeling her hardening clit up my back, us both facing the large 2 meter wide screen which emerged from its case from the ceiling. With her lazily playing with my hard nipples through the hot pink silky fabric of my pajamas, the high definition 4 K projector clicked on. 


That began our first of many sessions in which we analyzed all sorts of pornography.  Girls with girls, boys with girls, she-males with girls (hat was my favorite), boys with boys, multiple girls with one boy, multiple boys with one girl. Anal, oral, bondage, spanking, toys, everything, even one very hot scene of a young blonde girl with her large black great dane dog. How that actress got that 35cm dog cock into her small, young pussy must have been movie magic, especially when the dog’s baseball sized knot finally forced its way into her young, elastic cunt, eliciting a scream of pain and pleasure from the actress and a shuddering orgasm which rippled throughout her entire body. The dog loving young girl was on her hands and knees, small tits dangling beneath her, the dog cock making visible lumps in her flat tummy each time he humped into her, and her shaking with orgasm after orgasm as the dog filled her up with his cum. My clit twitched as the camera moved to focus on the young girl’s face as she climaxed again and again with the dog’s head looming over hers and to the side. At one point, the young dog lover turned her head, and the camera zoomed in as she sucked the dog’s long tongue into her small mouth, giving it a mini blow job as the great dane continued to pound her pussy and fill her up with his cum .


“That’s hot!” was all I said when the young blonde climaxed again with the dog tongue in her mouth, the dog’s knot buried in her tight pussy, and her back arched to allow the camera to focus not only on her mouth sucking the dog’s tongue into her mouth, but the junction of his hips on her small, trim ass which shook with each penetrating thrust of his hips down onto her.


I was mesmerized by each new scene. I was equally mesmerized by my Guardian Mistress’s fondling of my growing C cup breasts with 1.5cm nipples which get bigger when I am aroused. 


My Gordian Mistress    knew that I had all the sex I needed for the day in the session with Serena, so it was just lovely to cuddle an fondle each other’s breasts.  At the end of the 3 hour session, I asked, begged, in my best baby girl voice: â€œMay I relax you Mistress. I can feel how hard you are and my mouth is watering for your cum. Please, please may I relax you. I have been practicing and want to show you something.”


I slipped from her arms and using the slippery effect of our silk pajamas, worked my way between her parted legs like I was sliding down a piece of playground equipment.  Without waiting for her permission, as her mouth was full of champagne, I pulled the top of her silk pajamas down to expose her 25cm long, beautiful thick clit. It was true, my mouth was watering at the thought of trying my experiment.


I nudged her legs apart with my head and pulled her clit down so that it was at a better angle to take in my mouth. I pulled her down on the couch and with me on my knees, I got into position.  I had been practicing my deep throat technique and now was the time to put things to the test.


I licked my lips, extended my tongue, curled my lips around my teeth, and worked my jaw into a new position to allow my mouth to open wider. I pushed forward and felt the hard, but soft skin of her helmet hit my tongue. My clit twitched at the feeling as this was my first ever trigger, but my clit was not important tonight, not after this afternoon’s session. 


I pushed forward and kept my jaw in the extended position and then felt her tip hit the back of my mouth, at the entrance to my throat. I pushed harder an the tip of her large clit nudged its way into my young, elastic throat. I paused, took a deep breath, and pushed harder still, using almost all my weight to push forward, and then, centimeter by centimeter, the spongy tip of her clit threated its way down my throat. I could not breathe or speak, but did notice that she had put her right hand on my head to help push me down. Then I felt her grab a fistful of my silky brunette hair and force my face down hard. I was at the perfect angle to take all of her 25cm and kept pushing, feeling the white hot pain / pleasure of her pulling on my hair.  All those evenings of playing with the 30cm long sausages was paying off. My gag reflex was down to almost nothing, and I kept pushing. I got about ¾ of the way down and needed a breath. I pulled back and she allowed me a breath before I felt her tug on my hair again.


“Mandy, you are such a good girl and you never cease to amaze me. Be a good girl and take it, take it all and show me what a good girl you are. Show me what you have been doing with your free time.”


That was all I needed in terms of incentive. I returned to the ¾ length mark, and pushed past it, not stopping until my nose rested on the soft skin of her tummy. I could only stay in that position for a couple of seconds, as I needed another breath. When I pulled back, I noticed the thick, heavy throat saliva on her clit shaft. The extra heavy, slippery fluid would help for the rest of my blow job session. I had tears streaming from my eyes when I finally looked up at her, hoping, praying, for her approval. 


She wiped the tears from my eyes with her thumbs and looked at me lovingly.


“Oh my baby girl, you are so perfect. That was amazing and well ahead of my schedule for you. The way you worked your jaw to take it all, very innovative, and I could feel your tongue all the way down working my sensitive skin areas. Just perfect. Now, that you have me so aroused, finish the job. I want to cum in your throat and kiss you with cum in your mouth. “ She had a sly smile as she sipped another portion of champagne.


I smiled, a proud smile, and pushed forward again, not stopping my bobbing until she tensed, came in my throat and I had a full load of her delicious cum in my mouth. I swallowed most of it as it was just too much, but kept some in my mouth and crawled up onto her lap after milking her shaft for every single drop of cum she would give me.


Our kiss was passionate, sensuous, tender, and loving. A kiss I would remember forever.




The next week was a blur of academic studies and nervous anticipation of the Friday night to come.


When that special Friday finally rolled around, I never did bother my Guardian Mistress that afternoon in her office in my cute, hot pink Friday outfit. I was too consumed with other thoughts.


The light lunch that Friday was short, almost no chit chat, other than my Guardian Mistress’s comment that she was having a package delivered to my room later in the day, that I should open it at 5 pm and follow the instructions


In  the late afternoon, Serena delivered another box. She winked at me and blew me a kiss. â€œthat is for good luck tonight my love.”


The box had an outfit in it. The note accompanying the box indicated that I should be ready at 6 pm,, to be clean and smooth all over, use some of the special training session perfume on the usual places, but also on my nipples, to thoroughly cleanse my anal star , to make sure my makeup looked flowless with a kitty eye style, to wear no jewelry,   and to meet my Guardian Mistress in the Great Room of the Chateau to expand my ‘special’ training. . Spurred on by curiosity, I quickly opened the box. 


Inside was a small, petite cheerleading outfit, of sorts, all in hot pink , of course. The collar was leather and had a ring dangling from it in front, like the type to which one would attach a dog leash. The top had very skinny long sleeves, a high neck line with a very high crop top bottom hem. The top barely covered my growing C cup breasts and was made of semi sheer fabric. The top also had individual breast sleaves for each of my budding breasts to lift them an create the perfect amount of cleavage without any bra to present a sensuous look.  The fabric was semi sheer so that in just the right light, you could see through it to my prominent nipples and areoles . I Did not think it would fit me, it looked so small, but the fabric was stretchy and it did fit, albeit it was skin tight. 


The skirt had typical cheerleader pleats, but was low cut and very short. The top of the skirt had a wide band that acted like a very, very tight corset as it was very, very narrow at the hips, accentuating my tiny waist. The good thing was that the skirt had a very small, tight fitting thong style liner so that once in place, pulled up as high as I could, the skirt remained in place, accentuating my tiny waist, tone, flat tummy, and curvy hips. It took me 5 full minutes to pull on the skirt, it was just that tight. The stockings were low knee highs with a rubber friction band at the top to keep them in place. They only came up to just above my knees. The heels were a bit higher than I had ever tried before. Probably 18cm with a 3cm platform on the bottom. I had to adjust my full length mirror to see myself as I was so tall in them. They made me look like I was all legs, and the angle of my feet gave my legs that sleek, thin, sexy look and begged the viewer to see just how much up my skirt they could look.


The outfit included a very small thong hot pink gaff, and when I started to dress for the session, I started with it. I just loved the feeling of the thong string splitting my firm ass cheeks as I pulled it up to hold my tucked clit in place. I had to start with the gaff as I did not want to get aroused and have to deal with an aroused 15cm clit when trying to tuck. I pulled my clit back and tucked it high and tight up in my ass crack and then set the gaff to cover it and keep things in place. I tucked my jewels in front, created the faux vaginal cleft right at the top of my thighs, and pulled up the gaff to create a mini camel toe. 


When I looked at myself in the mirror, I did look hot. Something of a cross between a typical cheerleader and a stripper. I practiced all afternoon in the heels an got to the point that I barely noticed they were on as I busied myself with tasks waiting for 5:55 pm to roll around so I could make my way down to the Great Room. 




That night, when I arrived at the Great Room, I heard many young male voices. Apparently, the soccer team had arrived and my Guardian Mistress was entertaining them .


My Guardian Mistress was in a full length strappy, sparkling backless evening gown which, in the back, came to just above her ass crack, yet somehow, was engineered to fit very tightly around her tiny waist and support her full DD cup breasts, with just a set of connection points high up on her back attaching the back part of the dress to a choker like collar. 


 She was radiant, glowing, even. The Queen on the night her protégé was to be turned out. She seemed as nervous as I was, but showed none of the nerves to the boys who were amusing themselves with all the sports memorabilia on the shelves and hanging from the walls. Some of them were drinking the beer she offered and seemed to be flirting with her. She deflected their advances like hitting backhands on the tennis court, with ease and grace.


There were about 10 high school boys mingling around an but they all froze like they were made of stone when they saw me. Several gasped with ‘holy shh’ when my young, thin, nubile form in the super cute hot pink, skin tight cheerleading outfit walked into the room.  All conversation stopped. All eyes turned toward me, and I strode in to the beat of the pop music song like it was my intro anthem. I had not been told to style my soft, silky, thick shoulder length brunette hair with the frosted tips in any particular way, so I just let it hang down, cascading around my shoulders to frame my perfectly made up kitty cat eye mascara face. My nipples were hard and poking through the thin, skin tight semi sheer fabric of the long sleeve crop top. I felt vibrant, like electricity was flowing through me as I walked into the room to the beat of the music, my posture proper, my breasts pushed out and slightly bouncing to my steps, my nipples upturned and erect under my crop top, high atop my 18cm heels.   I caught a glimpse in the hallway mirror and must admit that in the context, I looked like a very young call girl dispatched to a private party at an elegant mansion. 


While all the boys were tall, my heels gave me the height to look them straight in the eyes as I walked by. Out of deference to my Guardian Mistress, none of the boys said anything crude or vulgar, but a few gave a low whistle of approval. There were no introductions, just a set of rules described by my Guardian Mistress. 


“Now boys, we will take things one at a time, and all will be respectful, courteous, and pleasant. I know that your team has not been doing well lately which is why I have arranged this evening to be moderated by this beautiful, young therapist. Maybe a little distraction from your usual routine, a diversion of your energy will help you focus on the field. For the occasion, I have arranged for this, young, nubile, very flexible, therapist to assist each of you with one on one therapy sessions in the private side room over there.”  She gestured to the opulent, well appointed room at the far end of the space. 


“ You may call her ‘Miss Hot Pink’ for the evening.” I smiled at this label.


“She will select which of you will be joining her for the therapy sessions, in what order, whether any of you need more than one session, how long each session will be., and what techniques will be used in each therapy session to enhance your performance.” Some of the boys giggled with nervous laughter.


“You will know it is your turn as Miss Hot Pink will come to you with a leash. You are to clip the leash onto her collar ring, an accompany her to the side therapy room at the far end of this Great Room. I will know if you do anything inappropriate so behave yourself and have fun. Also, note that things will wrap up at or before 8 pm. Miss Hot Pink will determine for herself the order if the therapy sessions are having the intended effect, how long each therapy session will be, what you will discuss, and if the evening will end before 8 pm if she things the therapy sessions are complete.”


She beckoned me over to her and whispered in my ear so that others could not hear. “I know that you might be nervous, but you look so beautiful, so perfect for this experience. As we discussed at lunch last week, it is time your training expanded to include others. I want you to have fun, experience different sizes of cocks, different types of cum tastes, and most of all, give you the opportunity to practice your deep throat skills since your slender throat has only recently been able to take my clit in it. I want you to have fun, but not pleasure yourself. I want you to wait to pleasure your beautiful clit until everyone has gone and we can resume our private session later tonight in my bedroom. You will have 2 hours with these boys. Go as fast as you wish, as slow as you desire. If you like a specific cock size or length, you may focus on that boy for as many times as the boy will cum, but I do want you to experience all 10 of them so you become familiar with a wide variety of cock sizes, shapes, textures, and tastes. In all events, know that you are in control, not them. The leash is just to keep things organized so that all know this is a one at a time experience, and well, it is over the top arousing for me to watch my baby girl be led on a leash in that smoking  hot cheerleading outfit.  This is a cock sucking experience only. They are not to try to fuck you. The boys are not to take off your skirt or top, but, if you wish, you can let them play with your nipples, caress your body. Do not let any of them kiss you on the mouth or your face, as your makeup should remain perfect for the entire 2 hours as I will be recording it all in high definition 4K video, so feel free to experiment with dirty talk with each of them. Watch their expressions.  Learn what will get them off, what will get them hard. Be a little girl for some, a mature experienced woman with others. A shy demure innocent virgin with a few, a sexy call girl with amazing oral skills with most. Your acting lessons will come in handy. Always take their cum shots in your mouth. Do not let them pull out and spray their loads where they want, as typical males will tend to do. In any event, you will need the nutrition as two hours of cock sucking might be physically demanding so I will expect your dinner to be liquid protein tonight. They are not to know that you are a T Girl, but exploit their misconceptions if you wish. Tell them how wet your pussy is for them, how much you would want to fuck them if you could, you know, the usual blah, blah, blah. As far as they all know, I hired you for the evening to boost their morale as their soccer team has not been doing well of late. They have all been tested and are STD free so do not worry about that.” She paused. â€œAny questions?”


I thought for a moment. “Just one.”




“is there a safe word for the evening or should I make one up?”


“You are so bright. No, there is no safe word set. If you think things are getting out of hand with any of them, press this button in this mini remote.” She handed me a small electronic device which clipped to the inside liner of my skirt. “One press of this and our security personnel will be there in seconds.” 


With that, she produced a shiny silver leash and handed it to me. â€œWhile you may start with whomever you wish, I quite fancy that one over there. The tall blonde one, if you needed a suggestion.” She winked at me and gave me a hug.


All eyes were on me as the very well dressed, good looking boys sipped their beers and watched me flirt my way over to one of the best looking ones. The crowd parted and a smile grew on his innocent looking face. In my 18cm heels, I was as tall as he was, despite my petite frame and young girl looks. 

Without a word, I just held up the leash, he opened his palm and I placed the leash in his hand which was cold from the drink he was sipping. As I handed him the leash, I leaned in to whisper, “You are my first so be gentle.” He blushed red with excitement. He was cute, but fumble, so I guided his hands to my collar so he could leash me. I thought it most appropriate to jus take his arm and walk together to the side room. He had leashed me and I wanted others to see the protocol. I was not to be dragged or dishonored in any way.


I did not want to know their names and could easily distinguish them as there were only 10 so I said nothing as we walked through the threshold of the doorway into the elegantly appointed side room. My Guardian Mistress had been thoughtful. There was a bottle of Crystal Champagne in an ice bucket for me, hand towels nearby and the plush chair in the room had been moved so that it was in the center, with a pillow just in front of it.   I saw that there was a note by the champagne. â€œA full sip, but just one, after each” was all it said. I smiled, a knowing smile.


he was tall, about 185cm and had a very fit, muscular physique, as did all the boys . He had soft, thick, blonde, well groomed hair but what I would remember about him were his eyes. They were piercing blue eyes which sparkled.  He moved towards me like he was coming in for a kiss. “No kissing. Sorry. My rules.”


Looking like he was lost, I guided him over to the chair. I could see the tent in his slacks already. â€œJust have a seat and give my leash a little tug to let me know you are ready.” My brilliant smile caught him off guard and he just stared. â€œHow old are you?” 


“old enough to give you the best blow job of your life. He blushed bright red and looked down.


He eased himself into the plush chair with wide eyes on my body. He had already undressed me with his eyes, but there was no need. What little I was wearing did not cover up much, but I realized that the outfit was much, much more alluring than just being fully naked.


I stood before him, gyrating my hips to the soft pop music playing on the house sound system, bringing my delicate fingers up my flat tummy, one hand at each breast, finding and fingering my nipples through the fabric, and then pinching them, all the while maintaining eye contact with him. The tent in his pants was as big as it was going to get. I twirled, stopped with my back to him, bent over, flipped up my cheerleading skirt to expose my cute, tight young girl ass, gave it a spank or to, and then twirled again to face him with a sexy smile on my young face. . 


I was ready. â€œgive it a tug, big boy.” I handed him the leash again which he had absentmindedly dropped. 


He was just marveling at my young, girl body as I danced an erotic dance for him, and then it started. He tugged the chain.


Slowly, I danced over between his legs and then sank down to my knees on the pillow. I maintained eye contact with him as I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly.  I pulled his pants down just a little so that he could keep his pants on, but I could nuzzle my way between his legs. I traced a finger along the hem of his boxer shorts and his cock was now really tenting them. I chose to pull down the shorts as well so that I could get a good look at things. After all, this was an academic exercise for me.  His cock was about 11cm long and maybe around 3cm thick. Perfect, I thought. Something I could easily get into my mouth, maybe my throat a little, just like my guardian Mistress’s tongue.  I was pleased to find that he was well groomed with no pubic hair at all. Just skin, his balls, and a rock hard cock that wanted to point up his muscular stomach. 


I had been reading up on the best blow job techniques to please my Guardian Mistress and watched lots of She Male porn for tricks and tips. Maintaining eye contact seemed to be a standard arousal technique, as was licking my lips, making little cooing noises, knowing where to touch with my fingers, what to penetrate with my fingers and tongue, , what to lick and what to nibble, telling them that they had a big cock no matter how small it might be, and making sure to act like you adored sucking their cock. I must have looked so adorable to him, me all perky, eager to suck his cock, so cute in my hot pink cheerleader outfit, the leash still attached to my collar, falling between my budding breasts, my hard nipples now poking through the semi sheer fabric of the crop top betraying my level of arousal.


 I grabbed his cock at the base and started giving it soft, baby kisses all over its head. He was ready, so ready. Precum was already oozing out of the pee hole and I extended my small pink tongue to lick it up. â€œyum. You taste so good.” While I was acting a bit, his precum actually did taste good. A salty sweet. I licked my lips and resumed the kissing. His cock was now almost constantly twitching as I circled his shaft with twisting fingers of both hands working in opposite directions, sliding up and down his short shaft, but still 2 of my small fist lengths.


“Do you like the way I kiss your cock? Little baby kisses with my baby girl mouth?”


Remembering what my Guardian Mistress had told me, I got into character. 


“May I play master. May I take your big, hard cock in my small girl mouth.  Please, Master, may I?”  I was using a baby girl voice for him as I wanted to watch the effect. It was immediate. Who knows, maybe he had a thing for his kid sister. 


“Yes, oh yes please,” was all I got out of him as his eyes were wide with excitement as I extended my tongue, flattened it and started to lick his cock head like an ice cream cone.


“Yum, Oh, yum. So delicious, so soft but hard. Are you going to be a good boy and cum in my mouth?” I slowly stroked his shaft with both hands, twisting in opposite directions up and down. I was using feather light touches of my fingertips.  I licked from the base to the tip, closing my mouth around his pee hole to suck down another, larger, precum drop.


Still holding eye contact, I opened my mouth wide, curled my lips around my teeth, and extended my tongue to give his cock a landing pad runway into my small, wet mouth. I closed my lips around his cock and started flicking the skin just under his head with my active tongue.  â€œHoly fuck,’ was all he said before his body went stiff. I barely got half way down his shaft with my mouth and his balls tensed, drew into his body and I felt a surge of cum flood into my mouth. I locked my lips around his shaft, stroked his length and sucked for all I was worth. It was a big load. At lease 7 spurts and I struggled to swallow all of it as fast as it was flooding my small mouth. The taste was that same salty, sweet and I liked it. Very different as compared to my Guardian Mistress. Thicker, more creamy, more alive with tingling sensation with all the squirming sperm wiggling on my tongue. I kept sucking for about 30 seconds an milked his shaft for any residual creamy goodness, as my Guardian Mistress had taught me to do. Wow, I thought. Over in 60 seconds. Is this what it will be like with others.


‘fuck yes. You were amazing. Your lips, that little tongue. Your eyes. Holy fuck.“


I sat back on my heels and licked my lips again. â€œSo delicious. I want more of that so be prepared to leash me again, OK?” he just nodded his head. “Now unleash me,” I commanded.  


He fumbled with the clasp but got it off and handed it to me. â€œYou may leave now. I will be out in a minute. Be sure to tell the others what you think of my therapy skills.” I winked and gave him a sexy smile. He pulled up his boxers and pants, zipped, buttoned and buckled. I got up off my knees and found the champagne cart. â€œBaccarat flutes” I said to no one. â€œNice.” I poured a short sip and enjoyed the cool, sparkling fizz of it in my mouth. My guardian Mistress was right . it cut through the cum taste well with just one sip. I wanted more, needed more, but did not want to get drunk, yet. So I put down the flute and turned for the open door. Who would be next.


My next target was one of the shorter boys. A blonde with chiseled facial features. Really, I could not find a bad looking one among them, and I did not want them to think that physical size was important, well, at least their body size.


I held the leash in my palm down hand right in front of him. He put up his palm and opened it. I dropped the chain and now, loud enough for the others to hear: “Leash me Master.”  The other boys were stunned, as was this pretty boy, but my eye contact with him helped. I took his arm, pointed us towards the side room, and nudged him to start walking.


The door closed behind me and he, also tried to kiss me. â€œNo kissing. My rules. Tell the others when you leave please.” He nodded. He saw the chair and immediately walked over to it, tugging on my leash as he did so. I spun him around and pushed him back into the plush chair. A sexy little erotic dance, some nipple pinching, hip swaying, ass slapping, a twirl or two, I even sucked a finger into my mouth and gave it a mini blow job right in front of his face, and then I was back on my knees in front of the chair between his legs. He was tenting and by all looks of it, he was a little larger than the first.  I freed his member from his pants and boxers, again pulling things down so I could get a good look. He was about 13cm long, and about as thick as the first. Some lip biting, some lip licking, some soft kissing on his clit head and I could tell that he was already close. I wanted more with this one, and decided that I would just go for it. I slipped the erect member into my mouth and pushed down quickly. I heard a groan and pushed farther. I wanted to see how far I could go before he blew his load. At about 8cm, the cock head hit the back of my little girl mouth. I repositioned my neck angle and knee walked backwards so that I could take more. He was moaning loudly with me stroking his shaft with my left fingers. I pushed more and the tip of his cock slipped past the entrance to my slender young throat . I gagged just a bit, but recovered quickly. I slid my mouth back so that my lips were just on his cock head and fluttered my tongue on the underside of his cock head.


“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming, holy fuck.” Again, super quick, I thought, but again, clamped my lips around his cock head, just under his helmet ridge, stroked his shaft with my left hand in a twisting cork screw motion up and down, cradled his balls with my right, and experienced a huge load of cum. Feverishly swallowing, I was able to keep up with the pace he was cumming, and savored the difference in taste. More salty, more acidic, mor watery, and more volume. I sucked hard for another 60 seconds as he caressed my soft hair, making sure to milk him and then I sat back again on my heels. 


“Remember, Tell them no kissing on the mouth, and not to mess up my hair. I need to look presentable for my next patient.” I winked when saying ‘patient.’  


“yes, Mam.” Wow, my first ‘Mam’. He pulled things up, unclipped my leash, handed it to me,  and left.  Another pour of very chilled Crystal champagne, another luxurious sip, more fizz on my tongue, and this time, more strain on my gaff as my own clit wanted to be released. Interesting, I thought. How aroused I was becoming with these boys cocks in my mouth, making them cum so quickly. My guardian Mistress’s training which created a trigger for me of extreme arousal with a cock or clit spurting cum into my mouth was real. I felt it. The trigger had become part of me. 


The third boy was a gorgeous black boy, with perfect skin and a white toothy smile. This time, after dropping the leash in his hand and allowing him to leash me, I leaned in and whispered, “I wanted you first, but had to follow my random pattern rule of selection for the therapy. Now that you have leashed me, I want to be your perfect young girl sex slave for you master,” licking his ear as I finished the hot breath whisper. Goose bumps everywhere on his neck. 


Once the door was closed to the side room, I wanted to play this one out a bit. He let go of the leash immediately and just sat in the plush chair, looking up at me expectantly.  Damn, no experience with this one. 


“Master, I have been a bad girl. I did not pick you first, and should have. Punish me Master, spank my cute, little ass, please Master.” I thought this would excite my guardian Mistress when she watched it later.   I backed up to the boy, flipped up my short, hot pink cheerleader skirt, straddled his legs, put my hands on his knees, looked over my shoulder, tossing my hair in a flirty gesture, and said: “2 spanks on each cheek please Master. I promise I will be a good girl. I will suck you off, let you cum in my mouth, milk your big, hard cock, please, I will be a good girl.” Again, a baby girl voice as this seemed to really get them excited. I was circling my ass in small movements right in front of his face. The liner of the short low cut skirt was a thong style so it just covered my gaff, but left exposed my tan, firm  ass cheeks, my slender girlish legs accentuated by the knee high hot pink stockings.. I was so glad for the expert tucking advise I had received early on. He had no idea I was not a biological girl.


His spanks were not hard, but they did make some noise. Oddly, my clit strained even more feeling his hand hit my firm ass cheeks. I wanted to rub my tucked clit on his leg, but no. He was not to know that I was a T Girl. When I turned around, his cock was clearly visible in his pants and it took only seconds for him to pull off his pants and free his cock. I did not have to do anything. His cock was magnificent. Dark, long, maybe 19cm, and thick, much thicker than the others so far. I knelt down on the pillow, licked my lips and engulfed   his entire cock head in my wet mouth, swirling my tongue all around, fluttering my tongue on his sensitive under head skin. With eyes locked on each other, I dropped my mouth down and pushed. This one I wanted badly. I struggled a little with his girth. I did not want to scrape his cock with my sharp teeth, but he was thick. I had to work my jaw a little to make sure I opened up my small mouth wide enough to allow him to enter and avoid contact with my teeth. I felt the familiar cock tip hit my throat and just pushed harder. He slipped into my throat. I gagged a little, but his moans increased when I did. Note to self, gagging is a turn on for guys. I pushed further and did not stop until my throat was stretched impossibly large around his shaft and my chin was almost to his balls. I had just achieved a personal best deep throat with a boy. I could not breathe, so I slowly pulled back and noticed that thicker saliva was on his shaft, some strings of which were clinging to my lips as I pulled back to get a breath. His eyes were locked on the scene and I smiled, an open mouth smile, and pushed back down. 


This one had no control at all and after just 30 seconds, just after only the second deep throat moment, with my lips around his cock head, my right hand fondling his balls, ready to bob down for another, he tensed up and came. Damn. His eruption was a torrent of cum blasts in my mouth. The taste was very creamy, salty but nutty, and I loved swallowing it down my throat. His orgasm seemed to last longer and it was just so yummy, I continued sucking on him . I cupped his balls and fondled them as I worked his cock head with my tongue. I pushed my lips into a tight small opening an pushed forward, making his cock force its way into my mouth. It was like fucking a pussy, and his moans were increasing. Not stopping, I just stroked his shaft with twisting, cork screw like motions with my hands around his shaft, , let my mouth fuck his cock head and upper shaft, and within 2 minutes he announced that he was going to cum again. Wow, a back to back orgasm with this one. I locked my lips around his cock head, just under the helmet ridge of his head, cupped his balls with my right hand, stroked his shaft with my left and was rewarded with another series of cum blasts in my mouth. After the second blast, I wanted to try something and deep throated him, quickly dropping my head down and using the slippery cum in my mouth to lubricate my throat. He slid into my slender throat with only a minor gag reflex from me, and I experienced my first cum shot directly into my throat. He moaned loudly, but it was not much of a thing for me. Another note to self: guys like to cum in your throat, but you miss the taste of the cum. I pulled back and took the final, weaker, spurt of cum directly on my tongue. I kept his rock hard cock in my mouth for another minute, swirling my tongue around his head, flicking and fluttering my tongue on the ridge of skin below his head, swallowing little gulps of cum when I could. I contemplated the idea of getting him to com a third time, but decided against it. I could always have him leash me again later, and there were 7 other cocks with which to play


His second cum shots were a bit thinner, but still nutty salty, and I savored each drop, spending more time milking him than with the others. 


“Master, do you think you could triple orgasm for your cute sex slave?”

 I was in uncharted territory, as was he. 


“I , I d,don’t know. You are amazing. I, I never before, ever. I have not come twice in a row like that before. Holy fuck, you are good, so fucking good.”


Rather than force the moment, I just smiled, “OK big boy, but be prepared for your sex slave later. I want more of that creamy cum in my mouth,” licking my lips an giving him a coy smile.


He unleashed me and left. He had been in with me only 5 minutes, but it was more than double the first two so I heard some cat calls when he rejoined his friends.


I really savored the champagne after the double cum loads and debated, internally, whether I got to have two sips of champagne or just one. I settled for one and took my leash out to target my next boy.


The fourth boy was a shy one. He was nervously fingering his bottle of beer as I walked by, eyes down, trying not to make eye contact. He had very feminine features, even some feminine mannerisms if you knew what to look for. It had to be him. I turned, and walked back to him. I held out my palm down fist with the leash to drop into his hand. He just stood there. I winked at him and blew him an air kiss. .”Would you like to leash me?” I said in a sexy, sultry voice. I think this one needs the mature, call girl approach.


“Uhm, well, uhm, are you sure?”


“yes baby doll. I chose you.  I want you.” I leaned in so only he could hear. â€œI need you.” Now I gambled. â€œI want you to be a good sissy boy for me, my good sissy boy.” I tongued his ear with the tip of my tongue. I felt a twitch in his crotch with my right knee pushed between his legs.


I took his beer, put it on the bar cart, opened his hand, put the leash in it and pushed my right leg further between his trembling knees. He had not been hard at all, but with the ‘sissy boy’ comment, I could feel his arousal begin to engorge something between his legs. He was still too nervous.   â€œNow leash me.”


He slowly reached up and clipped the leash on my collar ring. I took his arm and led him into the side room. He needed guidance. Another note to self, some guys need you to take full control, and get really turned on when you do. Some guys like to be sissy boys and to be treated like girls.  I so loved the education the porn scenes were giving me.


I walked him to the chair, sat him down and instead of getting on my knees right away, I sat on his lap. I knew it was a risk that he might feel my tucked clit, but he was so nervous that I needed to work him up. I could not even feel a bulge in his pants at first as it must have deflated on the walk into the room. 


I grinded to the music, and remembering what my guardian Mistress had said in terms of limitations, knew that I could allow him to play with my nipples through the fabric of the skin tight crop top. I needed to get him hard and this seemed like a great way to do it. I took each of his hands and put them on the bare skin of my tiny, thin waist. His large hands could almost encircle my entire waist. He just looked down as his large hands held my gyrating hips. There it is. I could feel him engorge a little.   â€œYou want to be a pretty girl, don’t you my sissy boy. You want to be wearing this cute, hot pink cheerleader outfit.” I grinded some more and felt something in his pants.   


I continued wiggling and grinding on his legs and then put my arms around his neck. “Lift your fingers up to my nipples and play with them. Pinch them, feel how hard they are, twist them gently, make me moan my good sissy girl. Think of your own tits, how much you would love to have tits, to have me suck on your nipples, bite your nipples. How much you want to be a good sissy boy for me, a good girl for me.”


I am here for you and this is your therapy session. You will be a good girl for me. I want to play with your clit, play with your girly body, let loose, let go, be yourself. You know you want it, you need it, you need to be a good sissy girl for me.”


I reached up and pinched his nipples, hard. He moaned in delight. This one was into nipple play, for sure.


Start with my tits an nipples.” My command did not leave any room for doubt on what he should do. 


His fingers, no longer trembling, traced up my tiny waist, up my flat tummy which was wiggling to the music, past the hem of my skin tight crop top an finally reached their target. Hard, erect nipples that wanted attention. With my arms around his neck, my hips wiggling on his legs, I moaned in his hear as he made first contact. 


“finger them, cup my young breasts, squeeze them, pinch my nipples, not too hard, but firmly. Make me moan for you, Show me that you like me, want me, need me to be the good sissy girl you cannot show to anyone else. It is just you and me, my cute sissy girl. My hot breath in his ear and the dirty talk did it. I could feel his boner in his pants now, and there was a reason he was so shy.  Fully erect, he was only 9cm long, if that. A sissy boy/girl clit, for sure. No matter, I said to myself, this is a learning experience and the She Male porn I have watched gave me some ideas to get him off. 


I reached down, removed his hands from my breasts, put them on my shoulders,, “push me down my cute sissy girl, push me between your legs. I am going to eat your pussy, suck on your clit, be a good girl for my good sissy boy, give you the best clit licking you have ever had.” Mine was a sexy, mature woman’s voice and he responded.  I felt him nudge me down and I slid off his legs, and knelt down on the pillow. In seconds his pants and briefs were down around his ankles. I spread his knees, pulled him to the edge of the chair and in one, quick movement, engulfed his entire 9cm thin cock and his balls into my wet, warm mouth. I just kept him there, clamping my lips around the base of his balls, letting my tongue do all the work of stimulating his cock, or should I say clit head. I had plans to penetrate his tight puckered anal star with a finger or two, something I am sure he has done many, many times before with an anal dildo, but never got there. 22 seconds. That was all it took an his little cock erupted in my mouth. I swallowed his cum, more tangy than the others, as quickly as it spurted into my mouth, and did not let up. Remembering that amazing 69 session with my Mistress, I kept my lips locked around the base of his balls and kept massaging his cock with my tongue. 30 seconds later, I was rewarded with another set of spurts. Swallowing again, I kept at it. I was going to give this shy boy the experience of his life. My insistent sucking, tongue massaging and tongue flicking resulted in a third back to back to back orgasm for him just 30 seconds later. I then reached down, massaged the skin between his balls and anal star, working his prostate, His hands were on my head, caressing me, but all I could think about was whether he was messing up my hairstyle. Fuck it, I thought, an continued. I worked my fingers under my mouth and started to massage his prostate more. His moaning increased. Another note to self: guys and sissy boys like this area to be massaged when they are getting their dicks / clits sucked. I developed a pattern and again, just 30 seconds later, was rewarded with another set of cum spurts in my mouth. Less fluid this time and fewer spurts, but I sucked it all in my mouth and swallowed. I pushed the index of my right hand down lower and circled his anal star which was pulsating with excitement. I pushed a finger in and it slid in easily. Yeah, he has fucked his ass with a dildo before. I pushed all the way in to the second knuckle an continued tongue massaging his small cock and balls. Just 30 more seconds and he came for the fifth time. This was a fantasy come true for him. A beautiful girl treating him like a sissy boy, sucking him off, fucking him with her fingers. It would be an experience which would change the rest of his life. Finally, I released his balls and cock from my mouth.


“did you like that my good sissy girl? Five loads of cum in my little girl mouth. You were such a cute sissy girl. Your clit is so yummy. I love tasting your clit juices. So much.” I licked my lips in an exaggerated manner, mostly for the camera, and sat back on my heels. He was spent, having been in a full body orgasm for 4 minutes and having just cum five times back to back.  He could not talk. I just unclipped my own leash, pulled him up to a standing position, pulled up his pants and buckled him back up. â€œNow be a good sissy boy and tell your friends that you just came in my pretty little girl mouth 5 times. They will never know that you were my good sissy girl. They will never know what I know , but will be impressed, of that I am sure.”


Stunned, he just left without saying a word to me. Not even thank you. In fact, none of them thanked me. Another note to self: guys are selfish.


I had to thoroughly wash my hands after that one. Now, about that sip of Crystal Champagne. 1 or 5? I decided on one large sip and headed back out to the Great room.


When I entered, my guardian Mistress beckoned me over. 


“4 boys in 16 minutes. How is it going? And that last one, it took 6 minutes, was he not excited to be with you, the perfect young girl fuck toy?”


Time to impress, and exceed all expectations again. â€œI locked eyes with her, took her flute of champagne, and, as if we were talking about the stock market, replied: “4 minutes a boy, I should be able to go 3 rounds with each, and that last one, he came 5 times in back to back orgasms. I tapped into his inner sissy boy self to get him into it, and talk about sissy boy, he had a small one, so small that I took his cock and balls in my mouth at the same time, getting him to cum every 25 seconds on average.” I looked right into her beautiful eyes as I took a small sip of her champagne. â€œThe Crystal was a nice touch. Thank you Mistress, and with an average of 2.5 cum loads per boy so far, I will exceed my daily recommended portion of protein For the day.”  I handed back the flute and looked into her gorgeous eyes One wink from her said it all.


She wanted to look stunned, but her experience and polished training took over. Exceeding expectations again, are we?”




With that, I was on to number 5. He was very handsome, almost to the point of being beautiful.   Probably the most muscular of them all. Well defined biceps and pecks. A bit more confident than the others, and I liked his light brown eyes, just like mine. He was not shy and leashed me quickly. I squeezed his bicep muscles as we entered the side room and wanted to try something new with him. We walked over to the chair, but rather than letting him sit down, I unbuttoned his short sleeve shirt, and took it off him. He was gorgeous. No hair anywhere with a six pack and large pecks. I eyed him like a piece of meat and he just stood there, waiting with his hands on his hips. I danced over to him, turned around, pushed my ass into his crotch, wiggled, and spun around. I leaned in and extended my tongue to flick his right nipple. Goose bumps all over. Just the effect I had hoped, and the tent in his pants was now very obvious. I sucked his nipple into my wet, warm mouth and suckled it, nibbled on it and gave it a mini blow job. His moans of pleasure were instant. I moved over to his other nipple and repeated the sucking, licking, nibbling, and suckling while thrusting a knee between his legs to rub up against his cock.   I was getting into the grinding hip motion with his nipple between my teeth and then it happened. I never even got his cock out and he came in his pants.  I smiled. Another note to self: guys like to have their nipples sucked.


He seemed embarrassed, but I just kept my leg between his and grinded to make sure that his orgasm was complete. “oh baby, you turn me on so much. I love that you came in your pants for me. You can use one of the towels over there to clean up and don’t worry. I will let you leash me again.“


His sheepish grin told me everything I needed to know. He cleaned up and left, again forgetting to unclip my leash, and forgetting to say thank you. I skipped the Crystal this time and went out to find number 6. Nothing to wash down.


With only 4 left, it was easy. A tall, Latino boy was next and he, too, looked nervous. 


After a quick “Leash me” ceremony, we walked into the side room. Even in my heels, he was taller than I was. His brown skin was soft and warm, his lips full, his grooming impeccable. I really wanted to tongue kiss him, but rules are rules. I sat him down, and after a quick 20 seconds of sexy dancing, this time, I slid my right fingers under my skirt and acted like I was rubbing my pussy to get me wet. 


“You are so fucking hot. Can I fuck you? You look like you have a tiny pussy, just the type I like to stretch out. I guarantee that I will make you cum with my cock. They always cum on my cock.” I liked his confidence.


I moved my right hand from under my skirt, traced the fingers of both hands up my sides and cupped my budding breasts, looking down at them and extending my little girl tongue, like I was trying to lift them to kiss them. No way, but it was all for effect, and the camera.


“In a little girl sexy kitten voice, “This therapy session is all about you, not me. We will not fuck, at least not in the traditional way.” His eyes when wide.  â€œI am to please you, distract you, enhance your performance, you know, be a good girl for you!”


I danced between his legs, pushing them apart with my hips, and then lowered. I was back on my knees, his pants down around his ankles and a beautiful, long 20cm, medium 4cm thick cock staring me in the face. No more seduction techniques, no more foreplay, I just wanted to suck this boy’s cock deep in my throat and all my sexy techniques were making them too excited too quickly. Its thin diameter was perfect on which to practice and I just lowered my head, extended my tongue and guided his cock into my warm small mouth. His moans of pleasure were real and instant. I kept going, no hands. I did not want to over stimulate him. With my hands on his bare, muscular thighs, I dropped deeper and deeper. His thin cock snaked its way past the back of my mouth and into my slender throat . No gagging, given his size, and I did not stop until my chin was snuggled up with his balls. I loved his grooming. No hair anywhere and a musky scent. He must have applied a little perfume, or cologne, as guys call it, on his balls. I liked it so much that I just stayed there, massaging his cock with my wiggling tongue as he was balls deep in my mouth and throat. Just 30 seconds of this treatment and his hands were on my head, grabbing my hair. I pulled off his cock completely, letting the strings of thick, throat saliva break away from my lips and swing back to his cock. 


“Baby, please don’t mess up my hair, OK? Let me enjoy your huge cock deep in my throat and just enjoy it. I want you to cum in my throat with your creamy, tasty shots of hot love juice, but I need to remain presentable for all the others. Got it?”


He nodded without saying anything, and I dropped back down. This time, I used my right hand to cup his balls as I let the tip of his cock hit the back of my mouth, and then nudge its way into my slender little girl throat. It was exhilarating for me as his cock was the perfect size on which to practice  deep throating and I only hoped that he could hold out for a while before he busted his nut. I got into a rhythm of pushing all the way down, holding for 10 seconds all the while wiggling my tongue on his shaft, then lifting up until just his head was in my mouth, I would suck really hard on the way up to capture all the throat saliva to keep things tidy, then with a gentle squeeze of his balls to let him know I was going down again, I would drop down again to snuggle my chin next to his balls, marveling at the feeling of his cock stretching my slender throat. I gagged several times, but wanted to learn about trigger points, and what to do about minimizing the gag impact of the deep throat feeling. Note to self: thinner cocks are easier to deep throat.


Not sure why, but he did not cum as quickly as the others. Maybe he jerked off this afternoon in anticipation of the experience this evening.  maybe his girl friend gave him a blow job earlier today. Whatever. I was enjoying playing and appreciated the fact that he did not blow his wad in 30 seconds like several of the others.  Finally, I wanted to demonstrate some skills. I used my left hand to cork screw his shaft as my mouth would bob up and down, and used my right hand to massage the skin between his balls and anal star.  His moaning increased, but he still was not at the point of no return. Things were getting slippery down there and I had an idea. I took the middle finger of my right hand, pushed it down and circled his anal star. He moaned loudly and when I inserted my middle finger into his ass, his climax was instantaneous. I just happened to be on an upstroke when the first spurt hit my mouth. I sucked hard and swallowed quickly, dropping down to feel what it would be like to have a spurt deep down my throat. Wiggling my middle finger in his anal star and snuggling my chin right up to his sweet smelling balls, I took the rest of his 5 spurts of cum directly into my tummy via my throat. Finally, he calmed down, I withdrew my finger from his ass, and came up for air.


“That was fucking hot Miss Hot pink. Oh My Fucking God, when you fucked me with your finger, I lost it. You are good. Fucking good. I need your contact information. I need to see you again. And thank you. Thank you so much. You would be worth anything. I mean, really, you are the best. I have had many blow jobs but damn, girl, you are by far the best. The way you deep throated me.  Not many can do that and you are so young, so petite. Holy fuck. How did you get my cock all the way down your small throat? Yes, we need to meet up again.“ 


another note to self: guys, real guys, love it when you finger their ass when you are sucking their cock.

I smiled, took a towel and wiped my face around my lips and just kept absentmindedly stroking his beautiful cock. â€œyou have a huge cock, so long, so beautiful, a perfect size for my throat, and your grooming. I love your scent. What is it?”


“Angel for men. I would love to put it on you. I would love to have you sit on my lap and let you bounce on my cock and mark you with my scent, my cock balls deep in your young, tight pussy. Are you sure that you do not want to fuck this love pole?”


I blushed. Not sure why, but I did. Maybe because he thought I was a biological girl and did not want to tell him otherwise. I ended up just smiling: “No, baby, no fucking my tight, young wet pussy today. Maybe another time, though, and thank you for the complement. Want another go right now our do you need a break?”


His smile almost broke his face. He just gestured with both hands to his rock hard cock still in my right hand, and offered in a sexy voice, “This big boy is all yours. Let me cum in that young little slender throat of yours again, but I have a favor to ask.”


“A favor?”


“yeah. You said that we could not fuck in the traditional way. Well I have an idea. See that couch over there? Would you mind laying on it with your head off the cushion for me. If I can’t fuck that tight pussy of yours, let me fuck that tight throat!”


My mind was doing the math and analyzing the risks / rewards of his proposition. I Lov 69ing with my guardian Mistress and she had fucked my face many, many times in this position, but the angle was critical and there is a risk of throat damage if things get too rough. This would be a great way to get in some practice with a cock I could take balls deep. And there was the matter of turning on my Guardian Mistress when she viewed the video later, to say nothing of ratcheting up the learning curve of this academic experience. 


  Rather than responding with words, I just got up off the pillow between his legs, took his hand and led him over to the couch. I laid down, let my silky soft brunet hair flow off the side of the cushion, scooted down so that my head was off the cushion an reached behind me to grab his legs.


“let’s go big boy, Fuck my face with that monster cock of yours! But be gentle. Slow and steady.”


He did not need a second invitation. He lined things up and with me reaching around to his smooth, firm muscular ass, I pulled him into me. The cock was upside down so I could not work the sensitive skin under his cock head, but my tongue could, and id, other things to him that he would remember for a while. His hands were huge and I guided them to my tiny waist. He got the idea and held himself up by encircling my waist with his large hands, and literally pulled my torso onto his cock. It was glorious. â€œbe gentle. Go slow. Fuck my mouth and throat deep, but go slow, OK?”


“Anything you say Miss Hot Pink, anything.” His voice trailed off and was replaced with a guttural moan as he pushed forward and for the first time, slid his long 20cm thin cock into the loving embrace of my slender, tight throat.  I gagged a little the first several times he thrust his hips forward, but I could feel him get harder when I did so.  I did not even try to suppress the gagging sounds after that. Another note to self: guys like it when girls gag on their cock like it is so big, and all that. 


He tried to pick up the pace, but I slapped him on the ass to remind him of his pledge to go slow, be gentle. He figured out with my gentle pulling and pushing of his ass, what rhythm worked best for me. In this position, him behaving as if he were fucking me, his level of arousal picked up quickly. I reached up to cup and fondle his balls, to gently guide him into my mouth by controlling his balls, and they soon retracted up an became tight against his shaft. It was now a T minus 10 second count down to the explosion.  I new he was about to cum. I pulled his hands to my throat so he could feel his cock fucking it, stretching it with my head angled back. I loved the feel of his gentle caresses on my soft skin, and loved even more the feeling of the power I had over him.  I pulled his firm ass cheeks toward my face hard and let him seat his cock deep in my throat. I felt the spurts of cum flow through his shaft. I could feel the pulses on my tongue, on the narrow entrance to my throat. It was glorious. I did not taste anything as he was depositing his entire load directly into my stomach. The feeling of the spurts travelling down his shaft, through my mouth, through my throat, and out of the tip of his cock into my stomach was surreal. In his hysteria, he started pumping my face, but I was already balls deep, so I slapped him again on the ass to calm him down. He seemed to calm down finally when he stopped erupting in my throat. I pushed him back until just the cock head was in my mouth and then milked him hard for 60 seconds to force all the come out of that beautiful, long cock shaft. These cum remnants I did taste and did savor.


“You like that baby. You like fucking this pretty little girl throat with your massive dick? Your cum is so tasty, so creamy, I can feel all the tingly sensation of the sperm wiggling on my tongue. Love it, just love it. “ More for the sound track to the video.


He just slumped down on his knees, right in front of where my head was off the couch. He leaned in and it looked like he was going to kiss me. â€œNo kissing. You know that.” I scolded


“Holy fuck Miss Hot Pink, that was amazing. So, Sorry. I got carried away. I want to kiss that cute mouth of yours, to thank you again for the best blow job, best face fuck of my life. Really, thank you.” He grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it several time. It was cute, and truth be told, I did want to kiss him, but not today.


This session was the longest and I am sure that my Guardian Mistress was wondering what was going on inside the room. I told him to get dressed and return to his friends. This session took more out of me emotionally, and I decided to pour more than 1 sip of champagne to compose myself before returning to the group. My Guardian Mistress was right. I needed the cum in my belly or I would be a little weak from all the cock sucking effort.


I went into the side room bathroom, touched up my makeup, added a layer of hot pink shiny lip gloss, fixed my hair, straightened my crop top which had risen up above my nipples in that last position, and made sure that this little girl fuck toy was ready to continue. Another note to self: guys like to see tits while they are getting a blow job.


When I returned to the Great Room, I walked over to where my guardian Mistress was , talking to the cute Latino boy I had just let face fuck me. 


“I am hearing great things about you Miss Hot Pink. The agency did well to recruit you into their stable of girls. This young man wants your contact information and I, of course, told him that such things are very private, that only you can provide such information, and then, only after consulting with your agency,. I presume that you concur.”


She was the consummate professional, very polished, and so experienced. I needed to show her that I was equal to the task.


“Of course, those are the rules and they will not be broken tonight.” I lowered my voice so that only her and the Latino boy could hear. â€œNo matter how yummy this boy’s cum is, no matter how deliciously long, perfectly shaped his cock is to deep throat, no matter how much I enjoyed letting him face fuck my young, slender throat, pumping load after load directly into my depths, no matter how much I desperately wanted to take off my cheerleader uniform, spread my legs and let him fuck my wet, throbbing pussy until I screamed with a wild, full body orgasm. Maybe he could leave his contact information and if the agency background check clears, there might be another opportunity to engage in more, ‘mind cleansing, athletic performance enhancing therapy’ sessions.”  My eyes were locked on my guardian Mistress as I softly responded. She gave me the best complement she ever could. It was just the slightest of “you got this girl’ appreciative nod.


Now, we have guests to entertain, don’t we Miss Hot Pink? I would not want to delay any of the therapy sessions with such chit chat.”


“Of course. Hmmm, who should be next? There are only 3 more before round 2!”


Number 8 was a dark haired medium build boy. At the leashing ceremony, I noticed that his body odor was horrible. â€œOh fuck’ I thought. This is not going to be pleasant. Another learning curve experience, I guess.


I wanted this one over quickly and to top it off, his grooming habits were nonexistent, with a big harry bush of pubic hair. For him, it was a quick, sexy dance, self nipple teasing display, mouth only around his cock head blow job. His spunk did not taste very good and I knew he would not be part of round 2. The good thing was that he was a 60 second guy, and it was all over in 2 minutes from the time the door closed when we entered, to when he was leaving.  That was the most needed sip of Crystal Champagne all night. I think I actually gargled it before swallowing.


Another note to self: bring mouthwash to cock sucking gigs as you never know about the grooming habits of clients.


Number 9 was classically handsome, and charming. With great flourish, he executed the leashing ceremony, even got me to blush when he used his napkin to wipe off a stray drop of champagne on my lip. The blush was because I knew he thought it was cum.


For his show of gallantry, I wanted to do something special for him. After the door closed to the side room, I led him over to the chair, sat him down and started my sexy dance. This time, however, I pulled up my crop top to expose my budding, C cup tits, and used the   shiny silver chain of the leash to rub and circle my entire breasts.   Yeah, they were not that big, but they were perky, firm, with beautiful nipples, and one would not have known that looking at the expression on his face as I danced, basically topless for him. I knew that there was no kissing allowed, and I was not to ‘remove’ my top, but pulling it up, I could push things right up to the letter of the rule. I put the leash, still connected to my collar, around his head, and pulled his mouth to my left nipple. 


“Now be a good boy an kiss my nipple, worship it, suckle my nipple, tease it with your tongue, suck it, nibble on it, massage it. Everything you do to my nipple, I will do to your cock with my mouth.” I added a sexy, sultry tone to my young voice to sound much older, and it worked. He gave both my nipples great mini blow jobs as I gave him a sexy lap dance on his legs. It was everything I could do not to become untucked as I was really excited and my clit wanted to escape the constraints of the gaff . I almost had a nonejaculatory. Orgasm his tongue work on my nipples was so good. Now that gave me a thought, but I needed to find the right boy.


I returned the favor by giving him the best blow job of his young life. He was about 12.5cm long, maybe a bit less, and about 4cm thick, a bit more at the base of his cock, no hair anywhere, thank God, and he, like the Latino boy, had put on some perfume / cologne on his balls. Another note to self: get some Angel for Men to apply to balls before giving a blow job and make it your signature move so they can smell it after you finish to remember you by. 


Once on my knees on the pillow between his legs, I truly made love to his cock. Soft caressing kisses, fluttering tongue movements, flicking tongue licks, deep throat sessions, ball fondling, sucking his balls into my mouth, fingering his anal star, working the skin between his anal star and his balls to massage his prostate, and setting a new personal record for holding a deep throat position of a full 45 seconds all the while wiggling my tongue on his cock. I was grateful that the beer buzz of Number 9 kept him from cumming too soon. I worked him for 5 full minutes before he scream in extasy with my lips locked around his cock head, my left hand feverously cork screwing and stroking his shaft up and down, and my tongue flicking the skin under his head. His cum probably tasted the best. Something like the cross of orange juice, Red Bull, and salty peanuts.  An entire snack for me and I sucked him hard to get at all of it. 


He was the second boy to actually thank me for the blow job and I could see in his eyes that he truly meant it. â€œYou are welcome, and I must say, yours is the best tasting cum I have ever had. Build up some more as I want to taste you again in round 2.”


“there will be a round 2?”  


I looked at the clock on the wall. Not even 6 pm yet. â€œWell, for a lucky subset of you boys, there definitely will be a round 2, maybe even a round 3!” I winked and got up off my knees. â€œSo go build up another load for me.”


He had on a big smile when he left to rejoin his friends. His cum was so yummy that I did not want to wash it away with champagne, not even Crystal champagne. I just touched up my makeup, reset my crop top, made sure there were no errant drops of anything anywhere, and went to find Number 10.


The last boy of the group was cute, very cute and witty.


“Saving the best for last?” was his charming comment as I handed him the leash and looked into his eyes. 


“Are you the best? I dropped the leash into his upturned palm, but did not let go when he pulled back. Two can play at the charming witty game.


“For you to tell me later, but as a gentleman, it does take two to tango.” Direct. Blunt, Confident. Maybe he would be the one. I really did not understand the tango comment, and would ask my Mistress about it later. What I did get from his comment, is that he viewed the session as a partnership, of sorts, an that to be really good, it would take the two of us. I silently agreed with a nod.


I took his arm after he leashed me and whispered into his ear. I will be a good kitty for you. Ever play with a sex kitten before?


More charm: â€œWell, actually, just moments ago. I would put that lady over there in the sex kitten category, an given how much she was laughing at my jokes, I would say that we were playing.” 


I liked this boy, a lot. 


When the door closed to the side room, it was all I could do not to jump him, kiss him, let him do whatever he wanted with me. My sexual arousal had been building for the last hour and was ripe, ready to pop. â€˜Control’ I said to myself under my breath. â€˜control.’


I sat him down and his charming smile was intoxicating. My sexy dance moves started, and like with the last boy, I lifted up my crop top to expose my tits and nipples. I eased down on his legs to give him a lap dance and his charm shined through again: “Anything I can do for you Mis Hot Pink?”


My sexy young smile betrayed me and as I grinded on his legs, I wrapped the leash chain around his neck.


“As a matter of fact, the girls could use some attention,” and pulled his mouth to my right nipple. 


He cupped my right breast wit his right hand and pulled me closer with his left hand on the small of my back. His lips were warm, soft, an caressing. Light, feather kisses he started with and it was driving me wild. I pulled on his hair and forced him to start sucking, but he resisted. More charm: â€œYou are like a fine bottle of wine. After we open this fine bottle, we need to let it breathe a bit before drinking it, don’t you think?”


I had to admit, surrendering to him, letting him control the flow was intoxicating and I wanted to see where this would go. I threw my head back, arched my back, pushed out my breasts, and cooed, “yes, baby, this bottle of wine is fine and needs to be tasted. Enjoy a long delicious drink at your own pace, but you are driving me wild.”


He proceeded to make love to my nipples, one at a time, and I barely noticed that the hand at my lower back was inching below the waist band of my skirt. His nipple nibbling and suckling was exquisite. I was so close to a nonejaculatory nipple play induced orgasm.


“yes, baby, taste me, drink from this fine bottle of wine, suck it down hard.” Not sure exactly how he took my comment, but his actions triggered my response. He reached down, found the whale tail of my thong panty gaff, grabbed it and pulled it up hard, while simultaneously biting hard on my left nipple and pinching hard my right one.   I am sure he thought that his pull grinded the thong panty into my female clit and into the gash of my female cunt lips. No matter, I opened my mouth in a silent scream of extasy, the silent part was short.


“Oh fuck, oh fuck, you bad boy, I’m cu, cumming, I’m cumming, oh fuck yes, bite harder, pull my panties take me, oh fuck take me.” I was almost out of control. The good thing about his pulling up and tight my thong gaff is that if he had not, my clit might have sprung loose from my gaff and the ‘kitty’ would be out of the bag, literally. He just continued to suckle, nibble and caress with soft kisses my tits and nipples for an entire song. I was in heaven and this had never happened to me before. 


“Ladies first, of course.” He whispered into my left ear with a hot, panting breath.


Finally, as the song subsided, so did my hysteria. I continued a gentle hip gyration on his legs as part of the sexy lap dance but knew that I needed to regain control. â€œYour turn,” was all I said.


I left my tits exposed with hard, erect, blood engorged nipples for his viewing pleasure. Unbuttoning his shirt took a while as I kissed the exposed flesh after each button was un dun. I could feel his hard on through his pants and hoped, oh so hoped, that he would not cum in his pants. I needed a load in my mouth.


I kissed my way to his nipples and made love to them. His moans were real and it was clear that no one had ever engaged in oral nipple play with him before, so I took my time. With his right nipple still in my mouth, I moved back and unbuckled his pants, dropped his shorts and fished out his cock. It was a respectable 19cm long and 5cm inches thick. Just beautiful. I gave him the hand job of his life as I suckled his nipples, alternating between the right and left.  I used the oozing precum from his cock head to lubricate my fingers and started a full length cork screwing, twisting motion up and down stroking of his cock, still nibbling on his nipples. In just 2 minutes of this torture, his balls tensed and he squeaked out that he was cumming. I quickly dropped my mouth to his cock head, latched onto it and continued stroking the shaft, When he came, the guttural sound from deep within him was animalistic and arousing to me, I just sucked, sucked and sucked some more. Literally pulling the cum out of his shaft faster than he would have been able to pump it out himself.


“Oh baby, you are good, so good. Yes, stroke it. Milk me. Enjoy this fine bottle of wine.” More charm and it worked.


Never letting his cock head out of my mouth, I slipped down off his legs and got onto my knees on the pillow in front of the chair. I pulled his ass to the edge an finally released his cock head when I was sure that there was no more right now to suck down my throat. 


“I am not done with you yet, big boy. I did not even get to deep throat you yet.” I was looking into his cute face and gave him a wink. â€œAlso, there is something I want to try with you, if you are OK with it.”  He was speechless, just nodding his blanket approval of whatever I wanted to do. I was back in control and wanted to honor him with something I had been thinking about since this experimental session started.


I pulled his ass off the edge of the chair just a bit, lifted up his legs and spread them so his legs were over the sides of the arm rests. His ass was tilted up a bit and what a perfect grooming specimen he was. No hair anywhere, smooth skin, a musky scent of vanilla body lotion.  With my left hand still lazily stroking his cock which remained rock hard even after just cumming, I lowered my mouth. I kissed his balls, took one then the other, then both into my small mouth, and massaged them with my eager tongue. I loved how he moaned when I did this. I lifted his balls, and kissed lower, and lower, until my kisses were on the skin between his balls and anal star. I used more tongue and pushed against his prostrate from the outside with my wiggling tongue. This was driving him wild. I pulled back just for a second and he whimpered like a puppy dog in need of attention. It was now or never.


I leaned back down, kissed lower an finally made contact with his puckered anal star. My tongue made small circles around it, and then started poking at it. His involuntary anal muscle movements caused his start to contract and open like it was winking at me. I took this as a good side and pushed further, forming my tongue into a hard spear, and inserting it into his back door love tunnel. He gasped aloud with pleasure. 


“Oh yes, yes, more please, oh, fuck, more, you are going to make me cum again, oh fuck.”


I pushed forward, made full contact with my lips and gave him his first French kiss in his ass, wiggling my tongue as deep as I could, all the while still stroking his cock with up and down cork screw like twisting motions and massaging his prostrate from the outside. 


“Oh, fuck here it comes baby, oh fuck.”


Not wanting to waste anything, I quickly disengaged from my anal French kiss and pulled his cock down to my open, eager mouth. I was lucky. I just had closed my mouth around his cock head when the first spurt erupted from his pee hole. I hummed in appreciation for his load and again, sucked really hard, literally pulling the cum out of his shaft. My sucking was so hard that after 60 seconds, he said: “Easy, easy.”


I turned down the vacuum suction and started my usual milking technique of ringing my thumb an forefinger around the base of his cock, and squeezing the shaft all the way to my mouth, sucking more gently now, all the remaining cum. It was so yummy, a sweet and salty taste that I milked him for a full song, way longer than I milked any of the other boys. He finally started to soften, and I released his cock head from my small mouth with a pop sound.


“did you enjoy that big boy? Did I please you like a good girl should?” I was using my baby girl voice and he was just breathing heavily. 


More charm, “WOW, and I am not used to saying ‘WOW’. You can tell me what you think of my statement that you saved the best for last, but damn girl, after 9 others, you are so energetic, so youthful so fucking hot. You clearly are the best. Never, I mean never did I think you were going to give me a decent blow job being Number 10, but really, that was the best sexual experience of my life and we did not even fuck!”


Not sure why, but I blushed and suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable. I pulled my crop top back down to cover my tits and nipples, but the hard nipples were tenting the front of the skin tight garment, in obvious display of my continued arousal.


“You made me cum twice in a row. Never before has that happened to me. I mean, WOW.”


I looked back shyly and bit my lower lip in something of a girlish, flirty gesture. Did I want more, or start again with round 2 with them all. Then I remembered the camera was still rolling. â€œSo you liked my, uhm, therapy session?” I looked down and fidgeted with my fingers, still a bit damp with the saliva I used to lubricate his cock shaft as I was twisting and stroking it when I was French kissing his anal star . â€œWould you like me to tongue fuck your ass again to, how should I put this, relax you to enhance your athletic performance as I massage one of your most important physical attributes?”


He was smart, knew the game. â€œWell, fair is fair. Don’t you think it is my turn to, how did you put it, â€œtongue fuck’ your pussy, which if I am not mistaken, is quite wet and slippery right about now , in need of expert attention from one who knows their way around a volva and clit. But you are the therapist, so I defer to your expertise in these matters.” 


“Well, I think you are relaxed for the moment, but will need an additional follow on therapy session in Round 2.”


“Round 2?”


“For those select individuals who, in my opinion, need some additional, uhm, relaxing.” I again looked away like a shy little girl about to do something naughty.


“OK, but you must know. I could cum again right here, right now, that talented little tongue of yours orchestrating magic tricks with my cock.” His smile was genuine and I really just wanted to climb up on him, kiss him, pull off my gaff and let him fuck my T Girl Pussy until I felt him explode with a large load deep in my anal love tunnel. I bet he has not even had anal sex yet, but there was time for all that.


“”Well, big boy…., “


“YOU can call me Mr. 10 of 10, thank you very much.”


I giggled out loud. I really liked this boy. â€˜Well, Mr. 10 of 10, put your tools away as I think we are done here for now, but like I said, get ready for Round 2.” I slyly smiled and licked my lips in an obvious flirty gesture of what I wanted to do with my mouth.


He got up, helped me to my feet. Held my right hand by the finger tips, bowed like he was meeting the Princess, kissed the back of my hand, “I am at your service Mis Hot Pink. Great name, by the way. I shall await your summons to continue our , our, therapy session. And, thank you. Thank you so very much.”


With that, he straightened up his clothing, put everything back in place and threw me an air kiss. â€œJust because I know you do not kiss on the first date.” More charm.


I watched with lust filled eyes as he left the side room. I poured a sip of Crystal, slumped down on the couch and thought, “How am I going to top that.’  I must have sat on the couch, sipping my flute of amazing champagne for a minute too long. A knock on the door.


“Everything OK in there?” It was my Guardian Mistress .


I quickly composed myself. â€œI will be right there.” I scurried to the adjoining bathroom, freshened up, touched up my makeup, and rushed to open the door. 


“Everything alright Miss Hot Pink.”


I looked into her eyes and she saw what I was feeling. â€œYes, that last one is a charmer. Did he have a nice cock?” I just nodded, still looking into her eyes, a sly smile creeping onto my cute face.  â€œyes, yes, there are times when you will want to cross your boundaries for the right one. Maybe it could be him, maybe not. Good thing is that you get to choose. Things proceed on your terms, never there’s. Understand Baby girl?”  My eyes opened quickly with the ‘Baby Girl’ comment as it was not like her to break character.


“Yes, I understand Mistress, and, well, we have clients to serve.” I nodded out the open door She nodded back with a knowing gesture of “I know but you got this girl.”


“Promise me that our post event session will still happen, no matter what. I think I will need you, want you, to hold me.” My little girl coming out. 


Rather than a character breaking embrace, she just turned her head so no one else could see, brought her right hand up to her mouth, put her index and thumb fingers into an “O”, and then, slowly, salaciously, extended her long, glistening tongue and pushed all 11cm of it through the circle created with her fingers, wiggled the tip like it was going to be deep in my tight anal star, and then withdrew it into her mouth, licking her lips as she did so, following with, “Of course. The Post event debrief will be thorough. I will need to deeply explore your rear well of training techniques!”


“Timing? It is already 7:25 and we need to wrap things up by 8, is that correct? If so, then only 3 more sessions”


“yes. I will inform the boys and let’s see who gets the most excited.”


I was radiant when I left the side room. My hair was fluffed up, makeup flawless, high gloss pink lipstick and a spring in my step .  the boys had just been informed that there would be time for only 3 more sessions, and that â€˜Miss Hot Pink’ was to determine who was in need of additional therapy.


I slowly walked by each of them. Some were bouncing with excitement, some were trying to look cool. Some were shying away like Sissy Boy. Of course, there was only one choice for me.


I stopped in front of Number 5.  I held up my hand with the leash. He looked like he was going to cum in his pants right there.   â€œLeash me big boy!”


He was nervous, given our first encounter, and fumbled with the clasp on the ;leash to connect it to my collar. I just stood there staring into his light brown eyes. Finally, when I was all leashed up, “Thank you Master Right this way for your final therapy session.” I said this for the benefit of others so that the excitement would build for the final 2 selections.


Arm in arm, we walked over to the side room. Once inside, I closed the door.


“Now strip.”


He looked a bit stunned. â€œStrip. Take off all your clothes. I need to inspect you.”


Still no movement. â€œDo it now,” I said in a low, but very commanding voice, or as commanding as a young girl could be.


He quickly fumbled with his shirt. Then pants, then boxers and shoes an socks. All the while, I was circling him with a lustful led expression on my face.


He was gorgeous. Clearly the best looking of them all. His body was well defined and quite muscular. Once he was fully naked, I walked around behind him, pushed my hard little nipples poking through the fabric of my crop top into the skin of his back. I pushed my pelvis into his perfect ass, and humped twice before reaching around to his wrists. I brought his wrists behind his back and told him to clasp his fingers together behind his back. â€œDo not let go until I tell you to. Understand?”


“yes, Miss Hot Pink.”


“Call me your Mistress for this therapy session, do you understand?” I reached out and grabbed his hard cock pointing diagonally up at me, closed my small fist around it, making sure that my near razor sharp hot pink fingernails were pointed into the underside of his cock. I squeezed medium hard, and watched as he winced just a bit .


“Yes, Mistress. Of course Mistress.” I could feel his cock swell harder in my hand . He like this treatment. Another note to self: guys like to be ordered around by a sexy confident beautiful girl.


“Just beautiful.” I said as I traced a finger over his hairless chest, making sure to pause and fondle with his responsive nipples. Just sucking on them got him off last time. I wonder what I could do to get him to cum again without touching his cock.   


“You are by far the strongest, most muscularly developed of all, but you need focus. You came in your pants because you were not focused on the goal. “ I slapped his firm, muscularly dimpled ass 4 times. Twice on each ass cheek.  His, firm, soft skin began to heat up and turn pink.


“Goal, what is the goal Miss Hot Pink?”


“It is Mistress, and I will now need to punish you for your mistake, you bad boy.“


I went to the coat rack in the corner and found a jacket with a waist belt. I took the waist belt out of the jacket and weighed it in my hands. No way were my little hands going to make a dent on his muscular ass, but the buckle of this belt might .


With just one curling finger, I coaxed him over to the couch and got him to kneel on it, his face in a pillow, his hands still clasped behind his back. I pushed up his hands so that they would not prevent me from spanking him and pushed his lower back down so that he would arch his back, thrust his ass up in the air.


“Now, how many spanks do you think you deserve for disrespecting me?”  he said nothing.


Whoosh, smack. I landed a hard buckle blow to his right ass cheek. He grunted but did not cry out.


“Mistress, I, I , I do not know.“


‘Well, let’s see. It took you only 30 seconds to cum last time, so how about 30 spanks?”


“Uh, well, OK.”

“..on each cheek!”


He said nothing.


“and 10 more directly on your cock.”


I proceeded to whip his ass like he has never been whipped before. The psychological profiles I have read in my academic studies indicated to me that very muscular males never find any resistance in their lives, an that the placement of them in a submissive role is healthy to their overall life balance. Thirty strikes on each of his muscular ass cheeks and they were bright red, hot to the touch, but his cock was rock hard underneath him. I think he actually liked it. Another note to self: some guys like to be spanked by a beautiful girl.


I caressed his hot flesh. It was electric for me, having this power.


His moans of appreciation let me know that I was on the right track with him.


I got up on the couch behind him, snuggled my pelvis up against his beautiful ass, and started a slow hump motion. I took my leash and wrapped it around his neck so that we were now both connected, and then reached around under his belly to find his cock. I started stroking him as I dry humped his ass. 


10 more slaps of the soft part of the belt on his cock and it was oozing precum.


“You will cum for me as I pump into you. I want you to think that I have a large cock and am fucking your beautiful ass. If I had had another hand, I would have fist fucked his anal star, but I had to hold onto the leash and his cock. Another gamble with my thought that he might be Bisexual, another jackpot.


“Oh yes, Mistress, fuck me. Fuck me in the ass. I will be your good boy, fuck me.”


The tone in his voice was intense and I knew he was going to cum soon.  I grabbed a plate from the coffee table next to the couch and held it under his cock. I stopped stroking his cock as this was to be a hands free orgasm, again, and just held his cock at the base, pointing it right at the plate.


“Cum for me my beautiful boy, feel my cock in your ass, stretching you, pushing you to new limits.” I pulled on the leash around his neck and he erupted with a series of cum blasts onto the plate in a shuddering, quivering on all fours orgasm, just like he was being fucked by a pretty gay boy. â€œThat’s my good boy, such a good boy. You will lick up that cum in a moment, but we need more.”


Now I got off his back, let loose of the leash and it fell between my breasts. I sat back on my heels and just admired his beautiful ass. Totally bald, smooth and very muscular. If I had had a large clit, I would have taken off my gaff and fucked this pretty boy, but with a clit only 15cm long, it would not compare to the larger dildos I know he has used in his ass.


“Now be a good boy and spread your knees a little more for your Mistress.”


Without saying anything, he spread his knees as far as he could on the couch.


I dipped my fingers into his cum plate to get them slippery, and then thought of the possibilities.


I looped the loose end of my leash around his cock and balls, cinching it up very, very tight, like a cock ring. Then I pushed my right hand with slippery fingers between his firm ass cheeks to play with his anal star. My first 5cm entered his star with little to no resistance. Another boy with an anal dildo with which he played regularly.  Finger 3 and four also pushed in with relative ease. â€œbe a good boy and relax your anal star for me. I am going to fist fuck you, my boy, and you are going to cum with me not even touching your cock. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Mistress. Oh yes, Mistress. Fuck my ass with your fist. Fist fuck your good boy. I will be a good boy toy for you.”


‘Boy Toy’, I liked the sound of that.  I pressed my thumb into my palm as I had many times with my guardian Mistress, twisted my wrist to get it all lubed up, and then worked it slowly into his ever tightening anal star. His moans were part pain, part pleasure, and I knew a little about that. I pushed through his outer ring and quickly found his anal G Spot. With his cock ballooning up in the make shift cock ring, my small knuckles massaging his anal G Spot, he came in 15 seconds. I again pointed his cock tip at the plate and made sure that all 4 spurts of his cum hit the plate.


“We will do this until you stop coming, my pretty boy.” Not sure why I told him this, but realized that it was for the camera. Or was it because it turned me on?”



I just continued raking my knuckles around and over his anal G Spot, keeping a very tight grip on the chain squeezing his cock and balls. He liked it and in another 60 seconds came again on the plate. I did not stop. I got him to cum a total of 4 times in back to back orgasms with my fist in his ass, feeling each orgasm as his anal star clinched tightly around my small wrist. Somehow, I was able to direct each stream of cum onto the plate. After the fourth orgasm, I withdrew my wrist from his ass an silently thanked him for perfect anal grooming habits as his anal love tunnel was clean, very clean and sweet smelling.


I pushed his head down.


“Now lick up all this delicious cum and don’t stop until you have licked up every single yummy drop!” I pushed his head down until his lips were on the plate. He slowly, at first, extended his Tongue. Soon, however, he was eagerly lapping up the cum like a kitty with cream. 


“Good boy. Very good boy. You were such a good boy cumin for me 4 times and letting me fuck your ass with my fist. This session will for sure enhance your performance on the field as you watch all the other pretty boys, their firm asses, hoping that someday you will bend over for many of them to let them fuck that pretty ass of yours.” More for the camera.


“yes, Mistress. Yes. Oh Yes.”


After he cleaned the plate, I let him dress and leave the room. It took a while to clean up after that one. I didn’t even need a sip of champagne after that session. It took too long and there was not enough time for two additional full sessions.


“hmmm” I thought to my self. I need to keep my word, so who would the last two be?


I returned to the Great hall, targeted my Latino lover and whispered in his ear, I need one more throat fucking session. Are you up to the task?”


He shuddered involuntarily and just nodded, speechless. We dispensed with the leash and I just took his arm and led him to the side room The others were in a hushed conversation with who would be last.


When we entered the side room, I wanted to make this last moment with him special.  I slowly undressed him. I wanted him naked this time. He was beautiful. Brown, muscular, and perfectly groomed. His cock was immediately standing at attention and I slowly stroked it as I circled him.


“You will not fuck my pussy tonight, but you will fuck me in every other way.

“ My hot breath in his ear gave him goose bumps all over.


I lifted my left leg and straddled his cock, us face to face, allowing his cock to slide between my creamy soft, firm thighs under my cheerleader skirt. Facing him, and leaning in like I was going to kiss him, I whispered: â€œpush through, stroke my thighs like you would fuck my pussy.”


He needed no further instruction and started a slow, sensuous thrusting motion of his hips while I leaned down and sucked his right nipple into my mouth.


“I broke contact with his erect nipple. â€œNow, don’t cum until I tell you to. Understand?”


“yes Miss Hot Pink, Yes.”


“Such a good boy. Do you like fucking my tight, young cunt?”


He could not answer. He was struggling not to cum. After I thought he was going to breach his promise, I pulled back and spun around. I took his hands and put them on the skin of my tiny waist. I backed up and reached between my legs to grasp his cock. I pulled it through my legs and snuggled my ass into his crotch. 


“Now push forward and stroke my thighs like you are fucking my tight ass. Would you like to fuck my very tight, virgin anal star? You would be the first as I am an anal virgin!”


Again, he was speechless. My dirty talk was pushing him over the edge and it was all he could do not to cum. I could only imagine the math equations he was working in his head not to cum as I was such the cute, Yong petite girl begging him to fuck me in the ass if I were him, I would have cum already.


In this position, I could stroke his cock with my hand as he slowly pushed in and out of my thighs. He was close, very close to cumming and I needed to slow things down. I pulled away again and turned to looked at my beautiful laboratory animal.


“Hmm, there is another way you could fuck me without fucking my pussy.” I did not wait for him to respond. I just pushed him back in the chair in the middle of the room got on my knees and pulled up my crop top. I squeezed my breasts together and did my best to breast fuck his cock, capturing his 20cm between my soft, firm flesh. As the head popped out of the top of my cleavage each time, I would give the head a lick like a lollipop, pushing the tip of my tongue into his pee hole to torture him. Precum was oozing out of his pee hole now and I knew that he would not last much longer. 


“Now. Now you may fuck my throat with that big, beautiful brown cock of yours.”

I pulled his cock from between my breasts, took his hand and led him back to the scene of our first face fucking. I got into position, my hair flowing over the couch again. I reached back an pulled his cute ass to me. This time, it took only 4 strokes of his cock in my wet, warm, inviting mouth and tight young elastic throat before he came. The orgasmic blasts were strong. He was really turned on and I sucked for all I was worth to make sure that I did not spill any. I just kept sucking for what seemed like 5 minutes as he just would not get soft. The milking action of my hand was just too arousing for him.


I finally pushed him back and sat up. “And that is all the time we have today for your session. I hope you found it helpful, energizing, meaningful and memorable.” I winked when saying the word ‘memorable.’


“Are you kidding. This was, is, the best sex I have had, ever had, in my entire life and I have been around. Holy fuck, I need your contact information so we can fuck for real. Soon, I hope.“


“Maybe. I will contact the agency and let you know. Now get dressed and be sure to tell your friends how powerful the therapy session has been for you.”


“of course Miss Hot Pink. Of course.


I was savoring the remnants of cum in my mouth as he dressed. I pulled down my crop top and poured a sip of Crystal champagne as he exited the door. Just one left, I thought as I sipped the delicious nectar and mixed it with the sensation of the wiggling sperm on my tongue. I just love that combination of the champagne fizz and the squirming sperm on my tongue. Yum. 


There could be only the one left.


As I walked out of the side room, all the boys were squirming with excitement. I smiled to my self thinking of all their squirming sperm in their balls trying to find their way into my warm mouth.


I made my way to my Mistress. In a soft voice only she could hear, I whispered . I know I am not to allow any of them to fuck me in my T Girl pussy, but Mistress, may I cum with this last one? I promise I will not break any rules, will not take off any of my clothes, but I want to cum. Maybe in his mouth, maybe in his ass.”


She contemplated for a moment. That I would not violate any of her rules was puzzling her. I had stumped her as she had not thought I would want to fuck any of them. The role reversal was intriguing for her. 


“Very innovative Miss Hot pink. You have twisted the rules to be in your favor. Well, I will not change the rules mid-game. If you wish, you may fuck the last one, provided that your clothes do not come off and you give me a good show on the video!” She smiled and took another sip of her champagne.


I nodded, an appreciative smile and mouthed ‘thank you’ to her.


 â€œMr. 10 of 10, I presume!” It had to be him.


“At your service Miss Hot Pink. 


Gone were the needs to leash me. I just took his arm and he led me back to the side room. We heard all the groans of the boys who realized that it would not be them in the background. 


“Sounds like you will have some explaining to do with them all after this.”


“I never kiss and tell, Miss Hot Pink. What happens in our, how did you put it, our therapy sessions, stays in our therapy session.” He winked at me. More charm.


“You mean that? For real?”


“Of course Miss Hot Pink. I am a gentleman through and through.”


I had an idea which would not violate my Mistress’s rules but give me the opportunity to achieve the squirting orgasm I have been craving for the past 2 hours.


“Good. We are going to do something that you will remember for the rest of your life.”


“Again, I am at your service, Miss Hot Pink.”


‘yes, you will be at my service for this last session.” He looked at me with a little puzzlement. The door closed.


‘You were, are, so charming, so cute, so willing to please me. I want to give you the opportunity to do more.“


Yes. Of course. How may I please you?”


“In the best way possible. Now strip. Take off all your clothes!”


He kept eye contact as he took off his jacket, his shirt, pants, boxers, shoes and socks. He found the champagne bottle and raised an eyebrow to me. I nodded my acquiescence and he poured some of the Crystal into my flute. There was only one glass. As he sipped it, he let out a satisfying sigh. 


“Crystal, of course. The best for the best. Now how do you wish that I serve you?” As he turned around, he saw me in the chair in the middle of the room, my crop top up, exposing my full, round breasts, nipples erect and me pinching and pulling on them.


“You loved it when I sucked you off to an amazing orgasm, right?”


“It was the best, and your lively, pink tongue in my ass, even better.”


“Good. I am glad to know that you appreciate a good blow job. Now come here. Down on your knees lover boy.” I nodded my head to the pillow at the foot of the chair.


He was hard as a rock and did what he was told. After kneeling on the pillow I gave him his instructions. â€œI am going to put a blind fold on you and you will do exactly as you are told. Understand?”


“yes.” The excitement in his voice evident.


I produced a blind fold and put it over his eyes and around the back of his head. â€œyou may stroke your cock, but you are not to cum until I tell you to. If you think you are about to cum, you will stop and count to 10, regain control and then start stroking again, all the while staying focused on your main task. Got it?”


“Main task? What will be my main task?”


“You are a smart one. You will figure it out.”


I noticed that he had already started stroking his beautiful cock. Since I had just made him come twice before, I knew he would not bust his nut too soon.


With the blindfold in place, and his right hand lazily stroking his hard cock, I decided that the time was right. I reached down under my cheerleader skirt, pulled the tight skirt liner and thong gaff to the side and let my clit become untucked. “No peeking!” I whispered in a soft, kitten like voice.


“Never.” Was his immediate response.


I was hard as a rock in seconds. I reached around behind his head and twisted the fingers of my left hand in his soft hair, the fingers of my right hand cupping his chin. I took in a breath and then angled my clit to his mouth. I guided his chin to my hot flesh. I was sure he thought the next thing he would feel would be my wet pussy female pussy lips. What he actually felt was my right fingers pinch his left nipple. When he opened his mouth to protest, I pushed the head of my 15cm rock hard clit into his warm mouth. He tried to pull away, but my left hand kept his mouth on my clit. 


“Now be a good goy and service me properly. I want to cum in your mouth and then kiss it out of you. I know that you appreciate a good blow job. Well, now is your chance to give a good blow job.”


His momentary surprise was followed by him pulling his mouth off my clit and counting.


1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.   


“is my good boy excited. I knew you would love my clit in your wet, warm mouth. 


“Oh fuck yes. This is a fantasy of mine. Oh My god. Yes.” He was blindly searching with his mouth to find my clit. 


“Here you go lover boy. Nurse it, suck it, adore it, love it.” I pushed forward and made him gag. It was my first ever blow job by a boy and I was excited. All the sexual energy of the evening was coming to a head and the head of my clit was aching to spurt love juice in his mouth.


For a beginner, he did   a decent job of taking my entire 15cm into his mouth. I felt him try out all the things that he knew he loved to have done to his cock on my clit. Tongue fluttering. Tongue flicking. Teeth nibbling and nipping. Sucking hard, lip kissing, and deep throating, but he gag a lot as he was not used to controlling his gag reflex. He took each of my jewels into his mouth and suckled them with a adoring, loving tongue. He then went back to deep throating me when he pulled off my clit again. I was so close to cumming, but….


1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.   


“Such a good boy. Now control your orgasm. Edge it. I am really close to cumming in your mouth and after I do, I will let you cum in my wet, young, warm mouth. My dirty talk was setting him off.


1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.   


“Oh, so excited you are. Stop stroking your cock and just focus on your task!”


He needed no further explanation of what his task was and again, blindly searched with his mouth for my clit. I guided his chin to my clit which I was now holding down as it wanted to point to the ceiling. “Open wide lover!” he opened his mouth wide and I pushed all the way in until my jewels were resting on his chin. He was gagging but I held his head in place. I wanted to cum in his throat with my first spurts, and then into his mouth with the remainder of my cum shots. 


The scene was just so fucking sexy. This cute boy on his knees, my clit in his mouth, his tongue twirling and twisting all around my clit head. It was all just too much. I let out a l=slow moan and warned him, “Oh yes, yes lover boy, yes, I am cumming, I am going to cum in your mouth. Take it, suck hard now. Yes, suck hard now!”


I could feel the pressure of my cum flow through my shaft, up the head and out my pee hold right into his mouth. He had created a seal with his lips and I was deep in his throat for the first two spurts. This was a big one, one that had been building all night long.


“Oh fuck yes lover boy. Fuck yes.”


He sucked hard, very hard and I could feel him literally suck the next spurt of cum right out of my shaft as I had pulled back and only the tip of my clit was in his mouth now. It was glorious. I wanted to face fuck this beautiful boy, but resigned myself to just letting him suck the cum out of me. 4, 5, 6 spurts later, I started to calm down from my gut clinching orgasm in the chair.


“Now milk it like a good boy. Take it all, suck hard and milk me.” I was drunk with power.


He renewed his sucking power, and I was sure that my clit would have hicky marks all over it he was sucking that hard. With long, slow milking movements of his ringed fingers on my shaft, he milked me for three fulll songs on the music system.


Finally when he was sure that I had no more cum for him, I could feel him want to pull back. I released his head and patted him on the head like a good puppy.


“Your turn.” Was all I said, just like in the last session with him. My clit was still hard and I wanted more.


“Come onto the couch. Lay on your back. I want to 69 you.”


“with or without blindfold?”


I thought. “With.” I led him to the couch and laid him down, face up. I crawled on top of him and scooped up his cock in my hand. I wanted this, needed this evening to end with a cock spurting in my mouth and my clit spurting in his.


He was so ready. We got into position. I straddled his head with my knees and lowered my clit to his mouth. He leaned his head back and sucked it into his eager mouth. I pointed his cock at my mouth and pushed forward, keeping my lips tight so that it would feel like he was entering a girl pussy. I did not stop until my chin was on his pelvis and I massaged his cock with my tongue even when his cock was in my throat. His moans of pleasure were muffled with my clit in his mouth. I was excited and despite just cumming, I was building to another climax. His balls were already pulled up to his shaft and he was about to cum any second.


I pulled off for just enough time to get out: “yes, baby, cum in my mouth. Give it to mee, cum for me now!”


He wasted not even 2 seconds. I started to feel the flood of cum in my mouth and my trigger hit. I started cumming in his mouth and to my surprise, I started face fucking him with involuntary humping movements. It was all so glorious.


I sucked hard and he did too. For 3 or 4 full songs, we just drained each other of our cum, using every milking technique possible. Finally, I could take his tongue probing my pee hole no longer. 


“So good, so fucking good, but no, no more.” I pulled up and out of his mouth. Moved back and let his softening cock slide from my mouth.  I stood and quickly used a wash cloth to tidy things up around my clit. Fortunately, the double cum allowed my clit to soften to the point of me being able to tuck it deep and back in the crack of my ass, my jewels tucked high in front and my tight gaff pulled up to keep things precisely where they should be. I even straightened my gaff to give me that young, vaginal cleft look and tugged the garment to give me a camel tow look. I repositioned the skirt liner and smoothed out my cheerleader skirt, pulled down my crop top and just before I told him he could take off the blindfold, I pinched my nipples, sighing in bliss at the feeling.


“You can take off the blindfold now and get dressed. I just want you to know that you were my favorite tonight. It was close, but your charm, willingness to service and please me, your discretion, all of it. You are quite the package. “


He pulled off the blindfold and looked at the young, beautiful girl standing in front of him. 


“Just amazing. So beautiful. So full of surprises. I definitely would enjoy another, um, therapy session with you if possible, but I will leave that to you. I will leave my contact information with the hostess and hope for the best. One more thing.”


What’s that?”


You told me that you wanted to kiss the cum out of my mouth, but you have a no kissing rule. Can I get a variance on that rule, just once?”


In my best, sexy walk, I moved to him on the couch. I straddled his naked thighs, twisting my fingers in his hair, pulled his head back an brought my lips to his, but never touched. In this position, with me pulling his head back, his mouth opened naturally. I suctioned the remaining cum in my mouth and pursed my lips to let a dribble of cum slip from my mouth into his. He accepted it like a baby chick in the nest. Reaching out with his tongue, but me always staying just a millimeter away.


“Now you to me.” I commanded.


I rolled off him, sat on the couch and let him straddle me. No actual touching, my rules.”


He smiled and leaned in. he, too, suctioned up a mouth full of the remaining cum in his mouth and pursed his lips to let it dribble onto my lips and extended tongue. Sharing cum like this was so lovely, so intimate, so much more powerful than an actual kiss.  I loved it.


He moved back and just stared. â€œOh My Fucking God. You are so hot, so fucking hot.” He shook his head like it was all a dream and he would wake up any minute.


I walked over to the champagne cart, filled the baccarat flute with one last pour of the Crystal champagne and then noticed that the bottle was empty. I turned the bottle over in the ice bucket and sipped my final sip. I offered the final sip to him. 


I toasted to him as I handed him the glass: â€œto Mr. 10 of 10.” He graciously accepted the flute, sipped down the remaining champagne and without another word, put down the flute, got dressed and blew me a kiss as he turned to leave the side room.


My night was over, or was it just about to begin with a session with my guardian Mistress. 


End of the beginning of Mandy Love.



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