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WARNING to all who read this..

Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 14, 2023

In to better judgement to members here who insist of posting fake profile photos claiming to be themselves, where is the common decency?

Where are the sense of being honest? There are good members here who been imposters of fake photos of themselves. And they have the nerve npt fit to be t. be upfront and honest going forward.

Honestly, to take advantage and tarnish the lives of others takes a person to new lower than low!

If you feel victimized, speak out!

In fact, if ranted interview with a forner commander in chief...

I have a few question to that former president.

1)How are you today? 2) My next question is do you think if your daughters were single, would you consider me nice gentleman worthy of them? Yes ? Why thank you sir,

now qustion 3) let me see ..I am not being cold or callous, after all you did say that in joking fashion, and got away with it. I want to touch your daughters in a private area? Why can't I t, I am most pleased you see it is inpatriate to think let alone say, now let me days corrupt society from a former president of the USA being a stick in the mud, sexist, money/celebrity wanna be, lack of human bein? And you consider yourself an example why will make Adhere and the powers to be will make the sadistic ones suffer for their actions!

In fact, I have given names to the proper powers to be here, and confronted to imposters too and they show no remorse! None what so ever!

If you been victimized here, respond to this post to me in an email and I willl file a report(s)

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