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Crossdressing Clothing Style

Posted: 7 months ago - Jul 30, 2023

Going from M to CD, or Tran, or Female is not easy, and there are lots of challenges. For example if you have a very wide chest, broad shoulders then finding the correct bra size is going to be difficult. When you have no hips certain looks dont look good on you, and finding the corect clothing to help with that is essential for a complete fem look. Or skinny jeans can fit nice on the bottom half but a strugle to button up on the top. This is why I feel we have to speak about these issues and make it easier for all of us to find your way to being the lovely lady you are.

So many young ladies, and I say this meaning that it is the begining of that journey for many, its not about age rather where you are durring this fem journey. The new young ladie needs help and has virutally no idea how to put themselves together properly. What we all know is the feeling of not being pretty enough or looking convincing enough does not go away and even as we get better our body will change and here we go starting all over again. So enjoy the journey and embrace the new daily you and then share with others!

So the first time we dress Fem we usually keep a very simple look. A nice pair of pantyhose, something soft silky. A frilly pair of panties, with lace, maybe silky not to mention a thong. Probably a pair of heels, not to tall or maybe a pair of very high heels, open toe. Then a little nail polish .. wow what a way to embrace that fem sifde that wants to get out and play.

Pantyhose or tights we learn very quickly can tear so easily, but they feel so good when you wear them and they have so many different versions and looks its so exciting. They go on like a piar of socks but not really and having them slide up onto your thighs, WOW. So back to tearing easily, this means we have to behave more lady like, otherwise we get runs and tears in them and that does not look good at all. While sliding them on them we wonder what does it feel like with no hair on our legs. Eventually we as I have shave just a little the upper thigh area and when a pair of hose/tights hits freshly shaved skin that WOW is now Super Wow. Eventually the razor will find its way from the bottom of your legs all the way to the top and this feeling of a bare skin rubbing each leg rubbing against the other, opens up another part of our Femininity.

This process of shaving legs takes some time and this alone opens up your thoughts how you think begins to change, because shaving makes you feel better. It really does as you take care of yourself you get in touch with the Lady in you, and she wants to come out. At first this will feel strange and so different but also exciting, especially the first time you feel a very cool breeze on your hairless legs. You begin to want to explore this feeling of beautiful legs not just in your private room but outside, with a night breeze or when the warm sun hits your legs. The normal things in life are different, what you feel is so much more just by exploring this Femininity that wants to come out.

Then as we explore just wearing pantyhose aka tights, we notice that our toes need some color, and we right away want red or something bright. This may be difficult for some on their way to being a lady, because we may not be so bendy and reaching our toes for painting is um difficult. Plus when we paint our toes we then need to get the paint off and this adds to the element of fun and excitement and fear. So you end up buying a color and lots of nail polish remover, arent we glad for self-checkout registers! Now when I painted my toe nails, and was at the store I noticed that thing that you use to spread your toes open and I purchased it also. Really had no idea what it was for but I had seen other girls using it and well Im gonna try it. This little thing came in very handy, I noticed how it help keep the paint on the nail versus all over my toes till the nail polish dried.

A Thought:

All of these feelings beging to grow, just over a simple panty, or tights, or painting your toe nails and now you begin to feel differnt and think different. Its amazing how you want more. More of the feelings that come with being the Lady, the Girl next door and it starts to feel natural. So the ? is do you allow yourself to feel this way or just put it off to a playful moment?

Back to your cute feet:

As it happened to me, well it may be on your mind also. Your feet now begin to become so important, how they look and how they feel. This mean I began to use more lotion on them, it does feel a bit strange but you realize that pretty nails need and want pretty feet. So here is a trick to help you feet get soft and help the skin heel and look nice. Soak your feet on and off in warm water and some epson salt you can even put perfume in the water. You can also put lotion on at night and wear a pair of socks over your feet, this will keep the lotion on them and soften those feet or shall we say make them look pretty. Eventually you can go in for a pedicure and a lot of men are going in anyways, so take the nail polish off and go get them feet cleaned up.

Back to Sexy Pantyhose:

Sliding on pantyhose over shaved legs with painted toe nails you will always remember the first time, it is like being born as a woman or a step in that direction. Eventually it becomes important to have clean feet, nice toe nails and the time you spend to accomplish this is preceious and valuable. Your tights / pantyhose also take on a bigger than life place in importance, here is why. There are so many different types of material, and colors plus the designs that you can wear and pick from. When I go shopping for a new pair, I spend time looking online before and it is like, I want this and this pair and this pair, even though they may look very similar they are not. So ladies on the transform path your thinknig changes somewhat. You find yourself imagining what you would look like with that pari of hoisery on, or how they would feel when you put them on, this becomes more real and a lower lip bitting moment, picture it! The feeliings of satisfying your desire to get the right pair of pantyhose on your body to go with the outfit you want to wear a mind explosion. Are you purchasing to keep your legs warm or to change the color of your legs so it can match your outfit. Maybe you want to have sexy legs so you go thigh highs, or maybe its you want a pair with control top function. Here is what you need to know about tights / pantyhose, go bigger than you would like otherwise you will tear them. Try different versions till you find something that is comfortable and anyways they dont cost much and are an easy and fun plus exciting way to enhance your fem look and draw closer to the iner girl you are!

Alright - Alright - Alright - What is being said? Well it is this, you begin to think differently and handle or see life and its events in a whole different way. You may find yourself noticing colors, or maybe the way things feel on your skin. For example a spoon has a ceretain type of handle but it feels a certain way in your hand and diffferently on your fingers and as you transition these little insignificant details are signifcant and important. So a simple pair of stocking / pantyhose take on more than just something to put on, they become part of you, part of your personality. Purchase all kinds, and wear them under your pants, its easier to wear thigh highs than full length stockings. You can wear thicker wool versions that fit in your work boots they go up to your knees and feel so nice on. There are also nice sock like hosiery, I really like these they come in solid colors and feel so nice on your toes so if you wear a nice shoe they look good, fit nicely and if your pants ride up not to noticable, but you know.

When you get into prints and colors there are so many to pick from, my best thougt is just start getting a few and trying them on. Eventually you learn the brands that are quality and the versions that you may get a few uses with them. Still having the printed version are really exciting to see yourself in them and they keep your legs kinda hidden, so if you are not into shaving your legs and you don't have much leg hair, still a great view. I did for a time use an electric razor set to a higher level to reduce the amount of hair on my legs and this was nice and I still played ball the next day with the guys. Eventually I really like the shaved look and feel, I have waxed my lets and now I am getting all the hair removed electronically. Onward and forward in my progress!

Panties formerly Underwear or the Boxer Brief:

I think most of us have had a pair of panties on and loved the way they feel, why do women's clothing especially panties feel so much better on than men's clothing. Even the plain cotton ladies panties feel so soft, its like maybe they use better quality cotton and that is just comparing cotton panties. Of coarse when I put on a pair of panties I'm trying to achieve a certain look with my body, and remember as a man you just put on underwear because that's what we wear, we do have our favorites but its all about some comfort and how we use them. Panties have more than just a use they have a look that can make a person wearing them feel a certain way. If you are looking at the person with a certain type of panty and you think they want you to see them with that panty on, oh my what a rush. It feels so good to have your significant other look at you in your panties and desire you, take a second look, slap your bottom or walk up to you and give you a kiss as they grab a lil ass.

So you choice of panty for whatever reason is yours to make. Wear them to feel sexy and drive yourself crazy, or to feel a little naughty and maybe just to know you can. Choose a thong with a high waist or a boy cut, or a low rise. Maybe you would like to wear a pair of panties that are silk, or something that helps with your shape, they call these shapewear. The thought and now being able to wear a thong is so thrilling. Thongs come in all kinds of shapes and styles and cuts, so plan on spending a little cash to find the best fit. Your body type will dictate what will look good or best on you, and also the type of look you are going for so dont give up keep trying them on. Just keep in mind that thong panties are not the olny type of sexy panty to wear, so enjoy trying all kinds of different versions of wonderful panties to wear. Explore, Explore, Explore!


This was such a strange experience to go from having a few pairs of shoes to needing so many shoes and more and more. It's almost a drug an addiction that grows stronger and changes your thinking. Now I need to have more sandles, peep toe, wedges, stilletos, high heels, short heels, boots with chuncky heels and boots with skinny heels, but even flats are fun to wear. Now I have more high heels to wear and feel as if they are not enough, I will see something at a store or online and find a reason or an outfit that they will go perfect with.

Walking in heels takes some practice, good ankles and the desire to look comfortable while walking. I practice a lot, this way when I am walking or running it looks natural and I want to stand up straight. Plus a lot of toe walking when the ground is soft or going up stairs, even running. Running is fun and tricky so be careful, I would suggest that you wear a long dress or a nice pair of leggins so if you fall you can protet your knees from getting hurt, a lady needs a great pair of legs.

Don't forget flats and wedges are great shoes to have, just because they are not very high doesn't mean they are not sexy. They can fit very well with an outfit and the entire look will be sexy or comfy so you can be sexy. Yes I am using the word sexy a lot, and it is true lets not kis ourselves, we dress nice to feel good and to feel sexy.


Bra's are so difficult to figure out, no wonder they are all so different and body type affects how each one fits, so many sizes to try on and figure out. I think it is a little harder for a CD to get the correct bra, as we grown our breast or get them placed we actually have no idea what bra to wear. We did not grow up with breast, and a training bra, plus all the other do's and dont's that come with the privelage of breast. My suggestion is to get as many differnt sizes and try them on, try different cup sizes but you can follow the charts to determine a starting point. And as you loose or gain weight that will make some rather strange adjustments to your bra size, the straps dig, or are to thin leaving an indent in your shoulder from wearing a bra all day. Yet I wouldn't change this for the world, being able to wear a bra and deal with all the do's and dont's is a grand right of every woman. So go after all your dreams from lacy and sexy to functional or when needed for the type of outfit, just go for it gurl

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