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The Essentials
Last Seen: Online
Joined: Oct 21, 2022
Age: 53
Gender: Crossdresser
Location: Dallas, TX, US
Interested In: Crossdresser ,Female ,Intersex ,Male,T(F2M),T(M2F)
HIV Status: Negative
Height: 5 ft. 10 in. /177.80 cm.
About Me
I want to have fun not just live. Hopefully I can surround myself with other like minded friends and new family, even a love or two or three. I do realy love to try new stuff, things,and have adventures. Plus I have short attention span, a bit of ADHD so I have to stay busy or I will loose my focus, lol. You would or should know I wont let you down if you are a man looking for love, or wanting to be and try something different, I am your perfect gurl. If you are a woman we still will enjoy each other, I will love to get together for more lady like fun, slumber party, makeup days or even a girls night out.
So please, message me, send a picture, feel free to be who you are! Express yourself right from the beggining, we already have to walk on eggshells lets not do that here, it is safe to be who you want to be or need to be.
Favorite Quotes: Control the results with what you have, and your circumstance, goals will be achieved because of the great respect you have for yourself!
Favortie Sports: I like football and more recently cycling, will ride for 40 to 50 miles love the feel of the wind in my hair.
Activites & Interests
Interests: I actually like to cook, but not the normal stuff - well depends.
Love the ocean, the beach the waves all that comes with the open sea.
Activities: Really love to cycle, go for hours at a time.

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