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Homemade E-Gel

Posted: 7 months ago - Aug 09, 2023

100ml Aloe Vera

25ml Isopropyl Alcohol (acts as a dissolver for the E and a penetration enhancer)

15ml Orange Oil(Limonene, acts as a penetration enhancer as well)

5ml Lavender Essential Oil(For smell and possibel penetration enhancer)

5ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil(May act as a penetration enhancer)

150mg Raw 17B-Estradiol

I put the E in the Iso Alc and mixed till most, if not all the E powder was disolved, measured the rest of the ingredients except the Aloe Vera, and emulsified. Once that was done, i poured that mixture into the Aloe Vera and mixed that thoroughly using a basic electric milk frother until the ingredients were thoroughly emulsified as well. I poured that into a 150ml airless pump dispenser and boom, I had myself homemade E gel thatll last me 100 days give or take.

I bought my Raw estradiol powder from

Buy the B-Estradiol, NOT Estradiol Valerate!

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